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Stainless Steel Fiber Felt

Stainless Steel Fiber Felt

DWD stainless steel fiber felt made of extremely fine metal fiber (the diameter is to micron), world-class non woven fabric, superimposed and sintered technical. The sintered stainless steel felt is formed by the formation of the pore gradient from the different pore layers, which can control the high filtration precision and amount of pollution. It has advantages such as three dimensional mesh, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area etc. It can keep filtering effect of filter screen continuously.Stainless steel metal filter material is excellent in heat-resistant, corrosion resistance and high precision

Stainless steel felt properties:

1. Large capacity, high efficient precision of filtration, slowly pressure rising, long lifetime.
2. High porosity and excellent permeability, small pressure loss,huge flow rate.
3. Good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistant to acid, alkali, organic solvents, drugs and other corrosion, long lifetime withstand in environment of 480degree
4. Easy to processing and molding
5.Can be customized according to the requirements of the applications


Stainless steel felt has excellent filtration properties, it is an ideal filtration mediums outstanding in high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high precision, and widely used in polymer filtration, petrochemical, electronic dust, oil refining process of high temperature gas filtration, ultra filtration viscose per filtering, vacuum pump protection filter, membrane support, catalyst carrier, automobile airbag, ships and planes such as fuel filter, hydraulic filter system.
The dimensions can be made according to the requirements of user.

Stainless steel fiber felt parameter table

Code Name




Roll Width

Roll Length

Thermal conductivitycoefficient


Limit Oxygen Index


















Remark: We always provided the products customization service.
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