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Business Problem

What kind of filtration solution you can suggest within a reasonable price?

Since every filter has its own characteristics and parameters, we have to know the following parameters:
(1) Working temperature
(2) Humidity
(3) Dust diameter
(4) Gas’ chemical properties
(5) Dust abrasiveness
(6) Filter's mechanical parameters

Are you a manufacturer or Trade Company?

We are one of the professionally leading industrial filter manufacturers in China.

How do we trust you?

Once installed, our bags remain reliable, providing unconstrained operations while keeping plants comfortably and continuously compliant. In addition, DWD’s system approach to filtration process optimization includes our technical support for the lifetime of the filter bags.

Order Lead time?

7days for trial order, while 15-30 days for 20' or 40'' FCL (according to your order quantity and our schedule, we will supply you an satisfied solution).

How to assure the product quality?

We are partners and need to support common development. Emissions control is a hot topic in all kinds of industry. Plants are driven by throughput, but if they fail to comply with the new NESHAP regulations, production could be stopped immediately, introducing a slew of cost factors that affect plants’ bottom line, We know well and keep it in mind.

Do you have any innovative products?

Though each of our standard filter bags is proven to capture up to 99.99% of emissions, we have a new product especially effective at helping plants comply with strict regulations like NESHAP in the cement industry, just email or call us for further information.

How many times can I clean and reuse a filter bag?

Filter bags are designed for one time use. Attempting to clean a bag will stretch the material. Maybe some holes will get bigger and allow dust to get through. In our company, most of the fiber is import , we use the best raw material to ensure the quality of filter bags. Normally we can offer 2 years, 3years, 4years bags life time and even longer by your requirements.

What shipments are available?

Normally, we ship goods by sea, air or express. Special requirement can also be acceptable.
(1) By sea: to your nearest sea port
(2) By air: to your nearest air port
(3) By express: (UPS, DHL.FEDEX,TNT...) to your door.

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