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Product Problem

When to replace the filter bag?

There are two ways in practical application to determine when to replace the filter bag:
1.1 Fully follow the experience to roughly determine the replacement time.
1.2 Pressure gauges are installed on both the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter, and determine the time to replace the filter bag through the pressure difference displayed on the pressure gauges. Pressure difference general filter bags can withstand is around 0.5~1kg/cm2, so when the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced promptly to avoid bag cracking, which shall affect the filter effect. Be sure not try to save a little but lose a lot.

Step-by-step Filtering

Installation in series of bag filters can achieve step-by-step filtering.
If the filter bag is installed in the front end of the filter for high-precision filtration, it can significantly reduce the cost of filtration. Similarly, the sand filtration and other filtration methods can also be combined with bag filtration, so as to further improve the filtration quality and reduce the consumption cost of the filter bag.
Combine automatic cleaning machine, centrifugal and bag filters, we can use them alone and can use them together with other filters made with other principles in series to achieve the desired results.

How to achieve uninterrupted filtration?

A bag filter can be installed in parallel to ensure the continuity of filtration, or increase the flow, as shown in the parallel installation. Replace the filter bag alternatively, you can maintain continuous filtration.

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