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FMS mixed filter bag for acid resistance

FMS mixed filter bag for acid resistance

High temperature resistant FMS mixed filter media is developed by DWD group in 1997, a new high temperature resistant filter bag. It is composed 2 or more kinds of fibers and layered composite to achieve higher and more updated physical and chemical properties. The compound named FMS resistant aculeus filtering felt goods (FMS). The production technology and manufacturing technology of FMS have been patented by the state.

FMS needle punched felt are characterized by high temperature resistance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance and folding resistance. After kinds of surface chemical treatment and finishes, it has characteristics of easy cake release, water repellent, oil proof and anti static. It can be used at temperature 200degree.

Compared with glass fiber filter material, FMS filter media has obvious improvement in wear resistance, flexural strength and peel strength, and can bear high filtration load. The filtration speed is more than 1.0m/min but the running resistance. Compared with synthetic high-temperature fiber filter material, it overcomes the weakness of chemical fiber filter material, such as high elongation, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance. It improved the filter bags stability and strength, but save in the cost.

FMS filter media bag is a new product developed according to the national conditions of our country. It is widely used in iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, carbon black, building materials, electricity and many other departments.

FMS mixed filter bag-- strong acid resistant type parameter table

Product name

FMS(strong acid resistant)


High performance composite fiber

Weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Ventilation rate(m3/m2/min)


Fracture strength (N/5*20cm)





Elongation at break(%)





Working temperature(℃)


Instantaneous working temperature (℃)


Filter wind speed (m/min)


Acid resistance


Alkali resistance


Wear resistance


Hydrolytic stability



heat set, PTFE membrane,dipping

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