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Carbon / PANOF Felt

Carbon / PANOF Felt

Carbon / PANOF felt is manufactured by carbonisation of natural and synthetic fibres. It hasexcellent thermal and chemical properties, also known as preoxidized acrylic felt. Carbon fiber felt is widely used in various fields of military and civilian industry. From space, aviation, automobile, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, light textile and other civilian industries to sports equipment and leisure products. Carbon fiber reinforced composite material can be used in aircraft manufacturing, and other areas of the military, and industrial area, such as wind power blades, electromagnetic shielding, in addition to the body, such as electric materials, artificial ligament substitute material and used in the manufacture of rocket shell, powerboat, industrial robots, automobile plate spring and the drive shaft, etc. Sports such as baseball bats. Carbon fiber is a new type of industrial material in the high-tech fields. Performance: Low thermal conductivity is 0.13 W/mk(at 1500℃ ) Greater efficiency in heating and cooling Temperature resistance of 1800° F (982℃ ) Easy to cutting and installing non-flammable / non-damageable For hot and/or corrosive gases and liquids Will not de-grade or shrink. Won't shed or melt like fiberglass Wire and cable protection: Fire proof barriers for hazardous liquids Insulation for small heaters Protection from high heat sources Thermal insulation for fumes manifolds Heat containment in kilns Used for welding blanket or vertical shield to protect from sparks, spatter and slag Used for accumulators and fuel cells benefit by porous electrodes property Reduces heat transfer making it ideal for auto body and other thin sheet metal surfaces Thermal insulation material, used as filters, catalyst support, heat insulation for fuel or steam l lines Used as liner fabric/pad for the fireproof products ( firebox stove, ash catcher, wind block or hot pad)
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