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Pulse dust collector requires familiar operating procedures

Basic maintenance method
(1) During the operation of the equipment, a special person should be assigned to manage it, and the operation record should be kept.
(2) Managers should be familiar with the principle, performance, and operating conditions of the dust collector, and master the adjustment of operating parameters and equipment maintenance methods.
(3) Regularly add lubricating oil to the parts that need to be lubricated on the equipment.
(4) Frequently check whether the pulse dust removal system of the dust collector is normally sprayed. If it is abnormal, check whether the pulse valve diaphragm and solenoid valve are malfunctioning or damaged, and should be repaired or replaced in time.
(5) If the pulse valve fails, it should be eliminated in time. If there are foreign objects such as impurities and moisture inside, it should be cleaned in time, and the diaphragm should be replaced in time.
(6) Regularly check the condition of the cylinder and each flange surface. If air leakage is found, the sealing ring should be replaced in time.
(7) The sealing strip on the inspection door should be replaced in time if it is aging.
(8) Regularly measure process parameters, such as gas volume, temperature, concentration, etc. If abnormalities are found, the cause should be found and dealt with in time.
(9) Regularly check whether the equipment is operating normally according to the fluctuation of the equipment operating resistance.
(10) The filter bag is a vulnerable part, and the user should check the working condition of the filter bag regularly and consider replacing it in time according to the degree of damage to the filter bag.
(11) Regularly check the air system and the working condition of the ash discharge system, and promptly remove any abnormalities.
(12) According to the water accumulation in the water separator in the compressed air system, discharge the accumulated water regularly.
(13) When shutting down, after the process system stops, the dust collector and exhaust fan should be kept working for a period of time to remove moisture and dust in the equipment. At the same time, the dust removal and unloading operations must be repeated before the dust collector stops working.

   Possible troubleshooting methods for the machine
(1) Large running resistance
The reasons may be: ① the filter bag is compacted; ② the pulse valve is not working or damaged; ③ the compressed air pressure is too low; ④ the poppet valve is not closed tightly when the pulse valve is working; ⑤ one or more poppet valves are in the closed state.
Remedy: ①Clean the filter bag and strengthen ventilation; ②Maintain or replace the pulse valve; ③Check the air circuit and air compressor; ④Check the ash cleaning controller.
(2) Low running resistance
The reasons may be: ① short circuit of flue gas; ② damaged filter bag;
Remedy: ①Check the pipeline and repair the damaged part; ②Check and replace the filter bag;
(3) The pulse valve does not work
The reasons may be: ① power failure or failure of the ash cleaning controller; ② there is debris in the pulse valve, which has been leaking; ③ the pulse valve coil is burned out; ④ the compressed air pressure is too low.
Remedy: ①Restore the power supply or repair the ash cleaning controller; ②Clean the pulse valve carefully; ③Replace the pulse valve coil; ④Check the air system and compressor.
(4) Cleaning and replacement of the filter bag. During use, the filter bag may become hardened due to the high dust viscosity, which will increase the resistance of the dust collector and affect the dust removal effect. After the above conditions occur, the filter bag must be removed from the dust collector. Then rinse the surface of the filter cloth with clean water, and you can continue to use it after rinsing and drying. The cleaning cycle of the filter bag is determined by the user according to the nature of the dust of the unit and the frequency of use of the dust collector. Under normal circumstances, the filter bag will gradually be damaged after one year of use, mainly due to the deterioration of the filter material caused by dust abrasion, high temperature and high humidity. The dust collector cannot use the damaged filter bag to work, otherwise it will affect the dust removal effect. The user should replace the new filter bag in time.

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