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How to improve the dust removal efficiency of dust bag

When using a dust collector, the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag is an important factor that affects the performance of the dust collector, and it also affects people's choice of dust collector. Therefore, the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag should be improved from different aspects.

The first is to strengthen the sealing of the dust bag. The dust removal system mainly includes the bag filter body and other equipment of the dust collection system, such as star unloader, inlet and outlet valves, conveying equipment and pipelines, inspection doors, etc. Strengthen the sealing of each inspection hole and door. The inspection door is best to use a double door, and the sealing around the door should be made of heat-resistant silicon rubber. The sealing of conveying equipment should also be maintained to reduce and eliminate air leakage. All connections of the shell must be welded continuously, and there should be no leaks or openings (the door holes and the cleaning and unloading parts are the most likely to leak). Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and spot inspection of the dust collection system, check the integrity and tightness of the dust collector air duct, shell, upper flower plate, etc., and repair the worn parts in time.

The second is to strengthen dust management and reduce flue gas dust concentration. There are certain technical requirements for the inlet concentration, temperature and wind speed of the dust collector when designing and supporting. When the production system undergoes transformation, it may be necessary to increase the wind speed and increase the amount of dust. At this time, the capacity and possible consequences of the dust collector must be considered, and try to match each other.

The last is to reduce the damage of the dust bag. The air outlet end of the dust filter bag is easy to be damaged. When installing, repairing and replacing the cloth bag, be sure to keep the center line of the nozzle and the center line of the filter bag coincident, otherwise it will cause damage to the air outlet of the filter bag.

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