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How to maintain the dust bag?

Daily operation and maintenance of dust filter bag

1 Always check the operation of control valves, pulse valves, and timers.
The failure of the impulse valve rubber diaphragm is a common fault, which directly affects the cleaning effect. The equipment belongs to the external filter type, and the bag is equipped with a skeleton. It is necessary to check whether the parts of the fixed dust filter bag are loose and whether the tension of the dust filter bag is appropriate. Whether the supporting frame is smooth to prevent abrasion of the dust filter bag. Compressed air is used for dust removal. Therefore, it is required to remove oil mist and water droplets, and the oil-water separator must be cleaned frequently to prevent malfunction of the movement mechanism and blockage of the dust removal filter bag.
1. Operation log
Each ventilation and dust removal system must be installed and equipped with necessary test instruments, which must be measured regularly during daily operation and accurately recorded. This can be based on the pressure difference of the system, the voltage of the main motor, the temperature of the inlet and outlet gases, Judge the value and change of current, etc., and eliminate the fault in time to ensure its normal operation.
The problems found through the records include: the working conditions of the dust removal mechanism, the working conditions of the dust filter bag (breakage, bagging, clogging, etc.), and changes in the air volume of the system.

2. Fluid resistance
The U-type differential pressure gauge can be used to judge the operation: if the pressure difference increases, it means that the dust filter bag is clogged, there is water vapor condensation on the dust filter bag, the ash cleaning mechanism is invalid, and the ash hopper has too much dust to block the dust filter bag, gas Increasing traffic, etc. The drop in pressure difference means that the dust filter bag is damaged or loose, the air inlet pipe is blocked or the valve is closed. There is a leakage phenomenon between the cabinet or each sub-chamber, the fan speed slows down, etc.

3. Security
Special attention should be paid to prevent combustion, explosion and fire accidents in dust filter bags. When dealing with combustion gas or high-temperature gas, incomplete combustion dust, sparks, combustible and explosive gases, etc. often enter the system. Some dusts have spontaneous combustion or chargeability. At the same time, most filter materials are made of They are flammable and easy to accumulate static electricity due to friction. Under such operating conditions, there are hazards of combustion and explosion accidents. The consequences of such accidents are often very serious. The fire and explosion-proof measures should be well considered.

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