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The main reason for the damage of dust bag

1. Operating temperature
The key to the filter bag is to select the dust cloth bag that is suitable for the corresponding dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust filter bag exceeds the normal use temperature, the filter bag will shorten the service life, and the serious will be burned in a short time. Therefore, when selecting a filter bag, the inlet temperature of the dust collector must be measured and calculated, and the corresponding dust bag should be selected.

Two, filter wind speed
The filter wind speed of the bag filter is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust bag. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing a bag filter, the filter wind speed has been increased. There is no obvious response from the user in a short time, but the service life of the filter bag has been greatly shortened. In this way, instead of saving money for customers, it has brought a very large economic burden and wasted time.

Third, the performance of the dust bag
The performance of the dust collection bag is directly related to the operation of the dust collector. The current problem is that the resistance of the dust collector is large, the air volume is small, and the life of the dust bag is short, etc., which not only affects the dust removal effect, but even affects the normal production.

Fourth, product quality
The processing of cloth bags is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers have adopted small sewing machines as processing equipment, and used low-quality thread as raw materials during processing. It will cause the phenomenon of cracking, cracking and bottom falling of the dust bag after the use time is not long. Although the bag size is smaller, it can be used, but after the dust with a larger specific gravity is absorbed, the bag will fall off after a period of use.
Therefore, when the dust test is higher, you should choose a bag filter that can handle higher depth dust. The dust bag can make the filtering wind speed lower. The filter material Baidu should not be less than 550g/m2. When the flue gas temperature is relatively high, When it is high, high temperature resistant filter material should be selected.

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