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Zhejiang Dewede established "Deweide Education Award Fund"

Mr. Wu Yifeng, chairman of Zhejiang Deweide Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., used to be a teacher in Pingqiao Town. He graduated from Linhai Normal College in 1988 and taught in several schools in Pingqiao Town. In the 1990s, he responded to the country's call for reform and opening up, invigorating the market economy, and resigned to do business. After more than two decades of hard work, we have become a leading company in the industry. In the busy work, Mr. Wu Yifeng, the chairman of Weide Company, has always "concerned with education, supported education, cared for teachers and students, rewarded the poor, and assisted in teaching and learning". We hope that through our meager efforts to care for education, we will help the education of Pingqiao Town Middle School to be better and better. This is the sincere wish of our chairman, Mr. Wu Yifeng! In the process of enterprise development, especially when the scale of the enterprise becomes larger and larger, I feel the importance of knowledge and talents even more. Therefore, the chairman of Dewede Technology really wants to do something for the education of Pingqiao Town Middle School. I hope that the students can learn more knowledge and skills in school, so that they can contribute more to the family and the country in the future. Therefore, in 2018, the "De Weide Education Reward Fund" was established in Pingqiao Town Middle School, hoping to "reward the poor, assist teachers and help students", and give encouragement and rewards to teachers and students!

A hundred-year plan, education is the foundation". The hope of our nation's revitalization lies in education, and the hope of revitalizing education lies in teachers. And the country's prosperity and development lies in our batches of students. “Teachers are engineers of the human soul”, your dedication bears With the dreams and hopes of thousands of families! Your contributions have brought the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland! I once again express my lofty respect and congratulations to the teachers of the school!

Upright school spirit, strict teaching style, and strong learning style are the glorious traditions of Pingqiao Town Middle School! The executive vice president of Zhejiang Deweide Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. presents awards to the outstanding teachers who have won the Deweide Education Award! Express the most sincere greetings from the chairman of the company to Teacher's Day!

Classmates: You are the future of the motherland! You should cherish your time, study hard, and work hard. Efforts to accumulate a strong knowledge base of each person, continuously improve their comprehensive quality, and become a useful talent for the country and society in the future, and realize their ideals and life values!

Message: "Supporting education, caring for teachers and students, rewarding good fortune, helping teachers and students" is the sincere heart of the chairman of our DeWeide Environmental Technology! I hope that the kind deeds and love of our "De Weide Education Award Fund" will arouse everyone's positive passion and motivation, and produce a heart of reverence and gratitude! Use a grateful heart to thank parents, teachers, and the country.

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