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Where is the need for desulfurization and dust removal? How to remove sulfur and dust?

We all know that sulfur-containing substances will cause secondary pollution to the environment, which may lead to the formation of acid rain and acid soil, and cause great damage to the environment.

Therefore, the boiler desulfurization dust collector can be used to remove dust and desulfurize the sulfur-containing substances in industrial production, which can effectively alleviate the industrial production environment. Boiler dust removal and desulfurization has the advantages of small size, light weight, small footprint, small resistance, water and electricity saving, and low operating cost. The boiler dust removal and desulfurization cannot be left behind during the daily maintenance work, because when the desulfurization dust collector is running, The airflow in the body will form a vortex. Once the vortex is formed, it is almost impossible to eliminate it. Especially when the temperature and speed of the dusty gas change, and the condensation that may form on the pipe wall, dust will be deposited in the dust collector.

The ammonia desulfurization of the boiler desulfurization dust collector is a technology to control the emission of sulfur dioxide. The dust collector can not only remove the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, but also produce high value-added ammonia fertilizer products. The boiler dust removal equipment uses ammonia water with a certain concentration (28% as an example here) as a desulfurizer, and the generated ammonia slurry is transported to the treatment system of the fertilizer plant. The required amount of ammonia used in ammonia desulfurization is automatically adjusted by a preset PH control valve and measured by a flow meter. Ammonia crystals are crystallized by the saturated ammonia slurry in the desulfurizer and produce suspended particles with a weight ratio of about 35%. These slurry quilts are pumped to the treatment site, undergo primary and secondary dehydration, and then sent to the fertilizer plant for further dehydration, drying, condensation and storage.

The boiler flue gas enters the wet desulfurization system. The wet desulfurization and dust removal equipment is equipped with a stainless steel two-layer PS type dewatering flap and a layer of vortex flue. The flue gas first passes through the imported venturi humidification section to complete the cooling and cooling of the flue gas. Humidify, and then break the line into the impulse desulfurization system. When passing through the S-shaped curved plate in the main cylinder, the flue gas is accelerated and dispersed to form a good atomization absorption zone. The flue gas and the alkaline desulfurization agent in the desulfurization liquid are fully contacted and reacted in the atomization zone. Most of the SO2 and soot are removed, and the flue gas is purified. The flue gas after desulfurization passes upwards through the PS-type dewatering flap and a layer of vortex flue. Using the rotating effect of the flue gas itself and the guiding effect of the swirling defogging flue, a powerful centrifugal effect is generated to remove the liquid in the flue gas. The droplets are thrown towards the tower wall, thereby effectively removing the droplets in the flue gas. The flue gas after desulfurization and water mist removal can directly enter the flue and be drawn by the fan and discharged from the chimney. The desulfurization liquid adopts external circulation absorption method. After the desulfurization liquid that has absorbed SO2 exits the desulfurization system, it is concentrated and discharged in the sedimentation tank. The upper desulfurization liquid enters the circulating pool for continued use. When the PH value is lower than 7, it will be pumped to the regeneration pool by the regeneration cycle and transported with the desulfurization agent preparation system The lime slurry is fully mixed and regenerated. The regenerated slurry enters the regeneration tank for precipitation, and the supernatant liquid flows to the circulation tank by itself, and then is pumped back into the desulfurization and dust removal tower by the circulation pump to complete a cycle.

Zhejiang Deweide Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. produces the dust collection bag in the bag filter, and provides customers with exclusive customized service of the dust collector bag to meet the needs of customers for different working conditions, and has been fully recognized by the majority of users. Okay selects high-quality large chemical fibers and is made by using international new technology. Each square meter of filter material has undergone high temperature heat setting treatment, which greatly guarantees the dimensional stability of the filter material. According to the requirements of different working conditions, the filter material can be treated with singeing, calendering, coating, dipping, coating, waterproof and oil proof. According to the requirements of the customer's dust removal equipment, the dust collector cloth bag is made exclusively to ensure that the filter bag and the flower plate are closely attached to avoid dust leakage from the flower plate hole.

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