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What are the types of dust bag

Dust removal bag is one of the indispensable parts of dust removal equipment. It is generally called: dust removal filter bag, dust removal bag, filter bag, filter bag, dust collection bag, dust collection bag, dust removal filter bag, dust collector bag, dust removal bag It is a key part in the operation of the bag filter. Generally, the cylindrical filter bag is hung vertically in the dust collector.

The material of the dust collector bag is cloth or felt woven from synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber. According to the customer's use, cloth bags or felt are sewn into cylindrical, flat, or special-shaped filter bags. According to the nature of the flue gas, the filter material of the corresponding application conditions is selected.

Classification of dust collector bag:
1. Normal temperature cloth bag: The normal temperature cloth bag is mainly made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and other fibers through non-woven and textile technology. It has good air permeability, smooth surface, good dimensional stability, easy to peel off dust and other excellent properties. Mainly used for dust removal and normal temperature flue gas treatment in general industrial enterprises with dust pollution;

2. Medium temperature cloth bags: As the country pays more attention to environmental protection, especially the rapid development of the bag dust removal technology industry in recent years, China has begun to use imported synthetic fibers to develop products that can adapt to harsher working conditions and can be used for long periods of time. Long-life high-performance filter material. At present, the more common medium-temperature filter materials are aramid fiber and PPS series fiber through dipping, water-proof, oil-proof and anti-corrosion process treatment, so as to achieve the desired effect;

3. High-temperature cloth bags: High-temperature cloth bags are mainly made of P84, expanded glass fiber, ultra-fine glass fiber and other high-temperature resistant fibers processed by weaving and non-woven technology. They have the characteristics of good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency and long service life. Mainly used for dust removal under various high temperature flue gas conditions.

Application range of dust collector bag

1. Dust removal and environmental protection equipment plants, steel, cement, ironmaking, ferroalloys (ferrosilicon, silicon manganese, silicon calcium, silicon aluminum, ferrochrome, magnesium metal) calcium carbide, ceramics, carbon black, power plants, kaolin, etc. (used in such industries Is a high temperature dust bag)
2. Aluminum, cigarettes, coking plants, gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, pharmaceuticals, zinc, barium, chemical plants, bauxite, carbon and other units with smoke and dust (normal temperature cloth bags are used in such industries)< br> 3. All units that produce ash and smoke need to use dust filter bags.

The specific use of dust collector bag

1. Fluormes is used in iron plants, steel plants, cement plants, aluminum alloys, clay, ceramics, and ironmaking industries;
2. Metas is used in power plants, cement, aluminum alloy, calcium carbide, kaolin, cigarettes, pharmaceutical factories, lead vanadium, carbon industries;
3. Glass fiber needle felt is used in (sintering in steel plants) cement, ferroalloy, ironmaking, ferrosilicon, silicon manganese, silicon calcium, silicon aluminum, carbon black, and power plant industries;
4. Polyester needle felt can be used in various industries;
5. Glass fiber cloth can be used in various industries as long as it is high temperature.

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