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Yogamatters Eco Rise Yoga Mat review: sustainable, durable and beautiful | T3

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This alternative to natural yoga mats is one of the most gripping and completely environmentally friendly mats in its price range

The Yogamatters Eco Rise yoga mat has a unique cotton blend mesh, giving this natural, sustainable rubber mat a strong grip from day one. This natural choice can easily compete with certain high-end plastic pads.

Fully biodegradable

Wonderful grip

Sustainable production

Exudes a strange smell

Since it is rubber, the grip will decrease over time

May irritate eyes


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The Yogamatters Eco Rise yoga mat is an excellent natural rubber mat that has incredible grip from the first use. Completely environmentally friendly, this cushion is ideal for people who want to ensure that the products they buy will not harm the earth while ensuring protection.

For their money. It is made of sustainably harvested gums, no dyes are used in the production of these mats, and once the life span of their yoga mats is reached, they are completely biodegradable. Sounds expensive, doesn't it? Be prepared to be surprised because this cushion actually has a very reasonable price tag. 

Yogamatters says it is suitable for any style of yoga, including

,we agree. From production to performance, this cushion has a lot to go for.

The Eco Rise yoga mat has a slightly textured surface and is made of cotton blended mesh to help prevent slippage. Since it is made of natural rubber, the texture is both rubbery and grainy. If you look closely, you will see small holes on the surface between the grids. It sounds like this would be a bad thing, but in fact, I really like it. It's great to have a high-quality non-slip surface and texture! Therefore, there is often no texture on the non-slip mat nowadays. I like the feel of this cushion on my hands and feet because it keeps me ground and presence. I am very grateful for the anti-slip properties of this mat.

Most yoga mats are advertised as having non-slip properties, but they do not always meet this requirement, especially certain natural rubber mats. I find that sometimes these mats have lower than average grip. The Eco Rise yoga mat is not one of them. From the first time I used it, it gripped my hands and feet tightly, and it has been the case today. It even pulled my hair or T-shirt in a certain slanted position! 

But let's start with the grip of natural rubber pads. You are actually practicing on giant rubbers, so yes, their grip does decrease over time. Every time you use it, your hands and feet will continue to rub the friction force to avoid friction. If the grip disappears after a few months, don’t be too disappointed. Literally! Nevertheless, the mat can still provide a firm grip for several months, so it should not be overlooked. It will do its part, and it does well.

One thing to keep in mind when using this mat is to wash your hands after practice before touching your face or eyes. I found that if you don't do this, it does cause eye irritation-nothing serious, just a slight tingling sensation in the eyes. After each practice, it is also recommended to wash the mat with soapy water and a cloth to reduce the recurrence of this situation. 

The Eco Rise yoga mat is only 3mm thick. We think this can provide good cushioning for most people, but people with particularly sensitive knees or other joints may want to consider using a thicker yoga mat. Although the cushion is relatively thin, its nature is very strong. I find it helpful when practicing on hard floors. It will not yield under your hands or feet, so their rigid and compact structure provide support. Therefore, it actually provides more padding than the 3mm description suggests.

As far as comfort is concerned, the only downside of the cushion is that it does have a rather pungent rubbery smell, but it hasn't diminished over time. This may distract you at the beginning of each exercise, but eventually you will get used to it and forget about it until the next time you roll out the mat.

Yogamatters uses Eco Rise yoga mats to keep the color selection simple. It has three colors. Grey ice, eucalyptus and natural. These are pastel shades without design. They are simple and simple cushions that I like. It feels as if you have used this mat to restore everything to basic content. There was no argument within hours, which color you should buy or which design you like. The three options are just that. The lack of complicated designs or a long list of color choices seems to symbolize the meaning of yoga-finding satisfaction in small things and living a simple life.

The Yogamatters Eco Rise yoga mat has many offers; it is eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured, chemical-free, and one of the most catchable and completely environmentally friendly mats in its price range. I like the simple, soft shadows and the unique cotton blend mesh, which helps provide a long-lasting grip (even if you are actually practicing on a large eraser). For yogis who are looking for eco-friendly mats from start to finish, there is nothing more. This cushion can meet all your needs and can also help save the planet.

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