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WEATHER: Colder Weather To Stick Around For a Bit Longer

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After the average temperature in the past week is above average, the Hudson Valley will see more weather similar to March for most of the following week. By the middle of this week, the temperature will rise slightly, giving the area a short break, although the weather will return to cold as it approaches this weekend. According to forecasts, there will even be a chance of snowfall by Thursday night.

The high point on Tuesday will stay at the high point in the 1930s. As the data develops, the dark clouds will continue to increase. Under a cloudy sky, the overnight temperature will stay around 30. One factor in our favor is that the strong wind finally disappeared, giving us a break in the cold wind. Wednesday will be the best day of the week, mainly with clear skies and a high of about 50.

As the high point will remain at 40 degrees Celsius and sporadic showers, the chance of rain will resume before Thursday. Rain may snow overnight, and the low point is less than 30 seconds. As of now, the Hudson Valley weather has not released any preliminary estimates of snowfall.

The temperature will remain cold on Friday, with the highest temperature being in the mid-1930s and mainly clear skies. By Friday night, the low will be very cold, and the low will be in the 20s. However, we expect some recovery over the weekend, as the highs will rebound to the 1950s on Saturday.

Needless to say, the residents of the Hudson Valley may not be excited about the threat of snowfall after the gorgeous weather seen later this week. But could this be the pattern for the rest of the month? Hudson Valley 

Said that it may take a while to really warm up. AccuWeather called on the below-average temperature in the Northeast to continue until late March, at least until early April.

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