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Volunteers come to the rescue of goats stranded by floods in Australia

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On the occasion of the devastating floods in Australia, volunteers from the emergency department of New South Wales rescued two stranded goats in a rubber dinghy and took them to a safe place.

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In Australia's devastating flood, animals including cattle, snakes and spiders were driven away.

"It works in a large percentage of people, but not everyone works. This is an important message."

You were born in a masked world. In fact, when the doctor put you on my chest, the first time you looked at my face, I was wearing a mask.

Police said that in a recent mass shooting in western Colorado, ten people, including a policeman, were killed by gunmen at a supermarket in the United States. After the incident, Boulder Police Chief Yamaguchi Carey told reporters that a "interested person" was injured and detained. Ms. Yamaguchi said: "We have many people killed in this incident. I am sorry to have to report that one of them is the Boulder police." The police said that the killed officer was the first person to respond to the shooting. The police confirmed that the suspect who was arrested by the police at the scene was injured in the incident. An eyewitness told the Associated Press that he heard gunshots and saw three people lying down, two in the parking lot and one at the door. He said he "cannot tell them if they are breathing."

From the State Capitol to Washington, the struggle around who can vote and how to vote (often referred to as "voting integrity") inspired the Republican Party's mission of unity in the post-Trump era.

Floods that lasted for several days caused flooding in coastal areas of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales.

New photos of the temporary overflow facility of the Donna Customs and Border Protection Agency in Texas show that the temporary shelter is overcrowded as the Biden administration strives to deal with the growing crisis at the border. Representative Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) shared photos of the soft-side facility with Axios and told the outlet that although each of the eight "pods" has 260 people, One pod was unaccompanied by more than 400 male minors as of Sunday. Cuellar recently visited a children's shelter, but did not personally visit the specific facility or take photos in person, thus calling them "terrible conditions for children." He called for these children to be transferred to the care of the Ministry of Health and Human Services more quickly. He said that border patrol officers "will do their best in this situation", but "do not have the ability to take care of children" and "need the help of the government." Because the Biden administration has restricted media coverage of immigrant housing facilities, these photos rarely show the deteriorating borders. As of Saturday, CBP has 10,000 immigrants detained. Unaccompanied minors account for nearly half of the detainees. According to the report, thousands of immigrants waited more than three days in border patrol facilities. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Majorcas, called the border situation "difficult" last week and said the government is "at the pace of encountering more people on the southwest border than in the past 20 years." Cuelar said that the United States must "stop children and families from making the dangerous trek through Mexico to come to the United States." He said: "We must work with Mexico and Central American countries to get them to apply for asylum in their own countries." Mayorcas emphasized on Sunday that the Biden government’s message to immigrants is that the southern border has been closed, although he pointed out that it will not expel "vulnerable children." He said: "Our message is very simple and clear. It's a fact: the border is closed." "We expelled families, expelled single adults, and we have decided not to expel vulnerable children." Majorcas said, even though the government has already Immigrants are warned not to seek to enter the United States, but border officials "will not expel the Mexican desert, for example, three orphans." He also told CNN on Sunday that "the border patrol station is a place without children" and the government is " Work around the clock to transfer these children from border patrol facilities to the care and custody of the Ministry of Health and Human Affairs. Provide them with asylum services."

On Monday, Krispy Kreme announced that it would launch a one-year promotion to give away free donuts to anyone receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Why it matters: Although most people don’t change their mind about vaccines just because of donuts, promotions like this one might help boost people’s overall enthusiasm for vaccines. Get market news worth your time with Axios Markets. Free subscription. KrispyKreme is not the only company trying to increase immunity of customers. Overview: According to a CNN report, in Michigan, the Greenhouse of Walled Lake is providing free cannabis joints to all people who are vaccinated against COVID-19. The Oak & Reel restaurant in Detroit will offer a 50% discount to vaccinated dining customers. MassLive noted that Rumbleseat Bar & Grille in Massachusetts has offered a 20% discount to vaccinated customers on Monday. According to ABC 7, Chicago’s Village Tap Bar will give a $10 gift card to the top 1,000 people who show to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Other companies also provide free gifts to help you make appointments for vaccinations. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lyft and Uber will provide free transportation to the vaccination center. WTXL-ABC News pointed out that the StarMetro bus in Tallahassee, Florida provides free vaccination sites for seniors. The National Association of Counties writes that rural counties across the United States are working hard to provide free transportation to residents who may not be able to use public vaccination sites. Do you like this article? Get more information from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.

The hope of future space travel is rapidly becoming a reality that can be invested. The former "Last Frontier" will soon become an astronaut and...

Thousands of people have been evacuated, but heavy rain is coming and will reach its peak on Tuesday.

The CBS investigation into Sharon Osbourne's racist discussions seemed to take longer than expected: the interruption of the "talk" was once again prolonged.

Trump stated that he will make a ``later decision'' in the 2024 race, adding that the Republican Party is ``stacked together'' with many candidates.

Dr. Mehmet Oz has a history of making false or misleading claims and is out of danger! Fans were angry that he was invited to be the guest host.

In the worst flooding in decades, the entire coast of New South Wales received severe warnings.

"Biden can never get close to them now!"

For decades, my family has used this simple habit to adhere to popular diets, such as holding fruit in hand and using a lot of vinegar.

On Sunday, as the Syrian army artillery hit a hospital in the area, witnesses and rebel sources killed 7 civilians and wounded 14 military doctors with artillery from the Syrian army. Russian jets attacked a natural gas facility and a cement plant. Talk to multiple towns in northwestern Syria. According to sources, a Russian surface-to-surface missile also hit the town, while the Russian airstrike approached the densely populated refugee camp bordering Turkey. A natural gas facility was attacked near the city of Sarmaada in Idlib province. Dozens of trailers carrying cargo were set on fire in a parking lot near the Bab al Hawa border crossing. This is the latest attack on a fuel facility . Over four million people

"Lauren, open the news"

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that Washington has rejected President Putin’s proposal for a quick public conference call with US President Biden to ease the tension caused by Biden’s recent remarks that the Russian leader is the killer. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “I missed a further opportunity to get rid of the impasse in Russia-US relations caused by the fault in Washington,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that “this is entirely up to the United States. Responsible." When asked if he thought Putin was a "killer," Biden replied "I do" in an interview broadcast last Wednesday.

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