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These are the big takeaways from the latest Space Force press conference - We Are The Mighty

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A group of veterinarians who hoped for a whole day started wishful thinking and later became the gunners of the space shuttle gate. As the next step of establishing the space force proceeded, this idea began to take shape.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Vice President Mike Pence met at the Pentagon on August 9 to discuss the latest plans and latest news about the creation of the US Space Force. In order to clear some of the surrounding fog, this is not to send armed forces into space, nor is it the most important plan to fight aliens.

Using space to resolve conflicts on the Earth through satellite operations and missile defense has current and current strategic advantages, and both of these will fall within the scope of the new space force.

Vice President Mike Pence championed our current space command within the Air Force and Navy.

(A group photo of Dennis Hoffman, a senior U.S. Air Force pilot)

Secretary of State Mattis opens to the outside world

It also announced that the Pentagon will release its latest space report to Congress to strengthen the details of its direction. He then welcomed Vice President Pence to the podium.

Vice President Pence reiterated his desire to push mankind back to space exploration and use space to promote rapid technological development. He compared the establishment of the space force to the air force when it was first created.

Once you realize how many American satellites are in space, they are rarely protected, and how dependent our society is for their safety... You will stop treating the space force as a branch of a joke.

(Air Force Illustration)

In fact, our current military does have a space command, and it has been for decades. The expansion of the Space Command to a complete branch will enable the tens of thousands of troops and civilian contractors currently performing space missions to obtain greater expenditures to continue and expand their responsibilities in this area.

The establishment of a space force will firmly establish the leading position of the United States in space. In President Trump’s own words,

One of the first technologies announced is the deployment of a new generation of anti-jamming GPS and communications satellites. The new missile defense satellite also has the characteristics of being "smaller, stronger and more maneuverable than ever before."

The dominance of space is growing day by day. China launched missiles that track and destroy test satellites

. Russia has been designing an airborne laser, which is said to destroy satellites and claims to be making possible

Destroy the satellite. Both parties claim to have the ability to move their satellites closer to our own location, which may bring unprecedented new dangers.

More details about the establishment of the new branch will appear soon, as we are moving in the direction of its final creation, with a possible date set at 2020.

Toni Craig, Larisa Roderick and Paul LaRue. These are the names of people who obtained tombstones or markers from the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) in Virginia with enough effort to preserve the heritage of veterans buried in unmarked graves.

Unmarked cemeteries have no permanent tombstones, and there is no way to identify the dead buried in the graves.

For Craig, a world education special education teacher in Martinsville, Virginia, her task is to get a mark for her cousin, Pfc. Harry Pemberton Martin (Harry Pemberton Martin), Marine Corps and Purple Heart Medal winner of the Vietnam War. He lay in an unmarked tomb for 52 years.

Craig started her research in November 2019 with a notice from her mother. The search included working at the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs in Danville, which allowed her to obtain all the necessary supporting documents in order to obtain a flat mark. Martin is now lying in the Meadow Christian Church Cemetery in Martinsville.

"Harry is the hero of my family because he doesn't have to go to Vietnam. He served in the Navy, but then decided to join the Marine Corps." She said. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his service, but for us, his heart was and is still golden. "

This action (designed to protect the legacy of veterans lying in unmarked cemeteries) spreads across the country. A story on clickorlando.com in June 2019 showed how the resident Larisa Roderick (Larisa Roderick) was buried in the mountains of the Union Civil War, the Hispanic War, the First World War and the Second World War. Veterans of World War II received 61 tombstones. Peace Cemetery in St. Cloud, Florida.

Since 2002, Paul LaRue, a retired Ohio high school teacher, has participated in the work of his students to fix and install more than 70 tombstones in five cemeteries. More than half of them were targeted at African American civil war veterans. These include Cincinnati's historic African-American Cemetery Beach Grove (Beach Grove), used by veterans of the First World War. The other is the Washington Cemetery in the Washington Courthouse in Ohio, where African-American civil war veterans are located.

"This unique conservation project started in our local urban cemetery after a student asked,'Should these people not be better protected?'" Larou said.

Researchers only need proper documentation to prove the service of veterans in order to obtain tombstones or marks through NCA. Each of them worked with local officials, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the state and federal veterans departments.

If the service of a veteran ends before April 6, 1917, anyone can request tombstones or tombstones to be buried. Veterans who died before November 1, 1990 and whose graves are marked with privately purchased tombstones or tombstones in a private cemetery are not eligible to obtain a second tombstone or marker from the NCA. However, the medal can be used for all such deceased persons who served on or after April 6, 1917. The medal can be pasted onto an existing tombstone to show the service branch of the veteran.

In 2019, NCA provided 161,939 tombstones and markers and 13,168 medals to veterans who practiced in private cemeteries around the world. For more information on the NCA Tombstone, Mark and Medal Program, please visit


The United States and other countries along the Pacific coast remain vigilant about this

In the past 20 years, a modern and flexible force has been established,

American submarines are still much better than Chinese submarines, but in a conflict, the number and geographic location may help China mitigate certain advantages of the United States and its partners.

The U.S. Department of Defense stated in its annual report that the modernization of the navy is part of Beijing’s “increasing emphasis on maritime areas”.

About China's military power.

As the combat demand for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy increases, submarines have become a top priority, which may offset the US Navy’s control of the oceans.

According to the Pentagon's data, the force currently has 56 submarines-4 nuclear-powered missile submarines, 5 nuclear-powered attack submarines and 47 diesel-powered attack submarines-which may increase to 69 to 78 submarines by 2020.

In the past 15 years, China has built 10 nuclear-powered submarines. The Pentagon report stated that its four "Jin"-class guided missile boats "represent China's first credible sea-based nuclear deterrent."

Brian Clark, a senior researcher at the Center for Budget and Strategic Evaluation, said that nuclear-powered submarines have limited utility in situations where conflicts are most likely to occur.

Clark said: "They are louder and easy to track. They don't actually have any important capabilities except for launching ground attack cruise missiles, and they don't have many." "They are more like the Chinese people might use to... A threat to attack more distant targets (such as Guam or Hawaii)."

According to the Pentagon, the location and composition of China's main naval units.

(U.S. Department of Defense)

Clark said that conventionally-powered submarines are "a more important part of submarine power", especially those that can launch anti-ship missiles, and those that use air-independent propulsion or AIP, which allows nuclear-free submarines.

The diesel power system can be replaced or added without touching the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Since the mid-1990s, China has built 13 Song-class diesel-electric attack submarines and purchased 12 Russian-made Kilo-class submarines, 8 of which can launch anti-ship cruise missiles.

Kilograms are conventional diesel submarines, which means they need to surface regularly.

Clark said: "Nevertheless, they are a good, sturdy, and reliable submarine that can carry long-range anti-ship missiles." In a shorter operation, the Kilo-class submarine "can avoid snorkeling, it can... Lurking by your side through long-range attacks, so this is what the United States cares about."

According to the Pentagon's data, in the past two decades, China has also built 17 yuan-class diesel-powered attack submarines that are independent of the air. It is expected that the total will increase to 20 by 2020.

Ray Mabus, then Minister of the Navy, left the Chinese Yuan-class submarine Hai Jun Chang in Ningbo on November 29, 2012.

(Sam Schafers, chief communications expert of the US Marine Corps, took a group photo)

Clark, a former US Navy submarine officer and strategist, said: "The RMB AIP submarine is very good."

"It can stay in the AIP plant without snorkeling during the two to three weeks that may normally be required for deployment. They are very good," Clark added. "I think this is a big problem for policymakers in the United States and Japan."

Yuan-class ships can use torpedoes and anti-ship missiles to threaten surface forces.

For U.S. anti-submarine warfare practitioners in the Western Pacific, Clark said: "They usually take the renminbi as their focus, because the renminbi does provide the ability to attack American ships and is difficult to track. There may be few opportunities to participate in it. ."

Although worried about China’s current diesel-electric submarines being encouraged, they still bear responsibilities.

Chinese Yuan class attack submarine.

(Congressional Research Office)

Although they are so quiet, they are still not as quiet as the nuclear-powered submarines operated by the United States in its quietest mode. Their endurance is different from that of American submarines, and they need to surface regularly. Chinese submarine personnel also lack the experience of their American counterparts.

Clark said: "So far, Chinese submarines are not as good as American submarines."

Chinese submarines have traveled to the Indian Ocean and conducted anti-piracy operations in East African waters, but most of them are active near the first island chain, which refers to the main islands west of the East Asian continent and covers the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Clark said that Chinese submarines also ventured into the Philippine Sea, where they might attack American ships.

Most of the first island chain is within the range of Chinese land-based aircraft and missiles. This is the key to Beijing’s rejection of the restricted area.

. In this region, the United States and its partners can see their own advantages frustrated.

The approximate boundary of the first and second island chains in the Western Pacific.

Clark said: "The Chinese now have a quantitative advantage because they have a large number of submarines that can be operated, and they only have a small area to operate."

China can "submerge the area" with enough submarines to "perhaps overwhelm the [anti-submarine warfare] capabilities of the United States and Japan."

The anti-submarine warfare capabilities of the United States and its partners may also be restricted.

American submarines may undertake a series of tasks, such as ground attack or surveillance, instead of focusing on attacking Chinese submarines, but leaving most of the submarine hunting to the surface and air force, exposing them to Chinese aircraft and missiles.

"What we use for anti-submarine warfare is the thing most vulnerable to Chinese anti-access methods, and you are approaching China, so you may be stuck and unable to contact them before the submarine is dispatched," Clark said.

The crew demonstrated the P-8A Poseidon to Gen. Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, Chief of the Malaysian Defence Forces, April 21, 2016.

(Photo by Jay M. Chu, a first-class expert in the U.S. Navy)

The number and location also make it possible for China to halt the potential advantage of confrontation in the "grey zone" conflict or in the absence of open fighting. The U.S. Navy leadership is fighting for this.

Services need to be prepared.

Chinese submarines posed a "[U.S. official] challenge, "What if we are caught in these gray areas of confrontation with China? China decided to start sorting the submarines through the first island chain, and then dive them into the ocean. A little bit, so they are more difficult to control." Clark said.

"If we are in a gray area, we can’t just shoot them, and we don’t necessarily have the ability to track all of them, so now that you have roamed these unlocated elements in the Philippine Sea, then you may end up in such a situation, If you decide to try an upgrade, you will worry about these elements and their ability to launch cruise missiles on your ship," Clark added.

He said: "As the home team, China basically has the ability to control the rhythm and intensity."

The United States and its partners have already encountered this tactic.


Its coast guard executes its extensive maritime claims in the South China Sea (which the International Court of Justice has rejected), and builds artificial islands containing military posts to consolidate its position.

When those Coast Guard ships encountered US Navy ships, China accused the United States of being an aggressor.

Clark said that in the waters around China’s coast and these man-made islands, “they do this because they are on their turf and protected by land-based missiles and sensors.” “So they can improve as needed. [Intensity] Or reduce the intensity..."

Potential conflict situations may give Chinese submarines an advantage, but they will not change their technical capabilities, and their shortcomings may be exposed in protracted battles.

"Can Chinese submarines do something like Yuanjun, who has invested a limited time in the AIP factory, before it starts to run out of propellant and oxygen and start snorkeling?" Clark said.

He added: “So, it has a time dimension.” “If the United States and Japan can wait for the Chinese, then their yuan must start snorkeling or enter the port... This may make them more vulnerable.”

Maintaining adequate diets in the army is an important part of the way the army works, and August Dannehl, a Navy veteran and pop-up menu chef, knows this better than most. In the WATM series "Thank you for your service", Augie cooked a four-course meal for his veterinarians, each of which was inspired by a senior story when he or she was wearing a uniform.

In this episode, David Burnell remembers the time when he was in the Marine Corps. He learned to use MRE's jalapeno cheese bag and spaghetti wrapper to enjoy a homemade Mac and cheese mixture. This is the recipe prepared by Chef August for David:

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 stick unsalted butter

1/4 cup AP flour

2 cups whole milk

1 cup half and half

1 teaspoon bell pepper

1 pound Conchiglie (or pasta in the shell)

1 cup shredded Gruyere cheese

1 cup shredded English white cheddar cheese (the sharpest)

1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese

2 teaspoons candied truffle puree (or oil)

1 large leek

1 Greater Havanese

2 tablespoons. Shallots (for decoration)

"There is no horror catalog to save people from war. Before the war, you always thought that death was not you. But if you walk long enough, you will die, brother."-Hemingway

Jocko Willink (Jocko Willink) is a retired Navy SEAL patrol officer. He led the Navy SEAL Task Force 3 Bruiser's operations in Iraq during the Ramadi Battle in 2006. He said that the war is The ultimate human test. "When people on both sides of a conflict try to kill each other, that's life and death." Not every military service station has this intensity, but some people need it. In some jobs, the choices you make illustrate the difference between going home safely or not going home at all. These ten jobs are the most risky jobs in the U.S. military.

These military bomb squad technicians have immortalized in popular culture with "Hurt Locker" and raised people's awareness of the local situation in Iraq. They cleared landmines and inspected malfunctioning ammunition. In our current conflict, the proliferation of improvised explosive devices (improvised explosive devices) has made the careers of these fighters extremely unstable. 

An elite outpatient medical team of the U.S. Air Force not only works in the war zone, but also under severe conditions due to weather and natural disasters, and even provides support for NASA missions. They are called PJs (parachuting jumpers) and their mission is to fly, climb and parade into high-risk areas to save those who are isolated or injured due to war or disaster.

Special operations forces soldiers are selected after a rigorous training and selection process, including Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and Green Berets, and Marines including various units. Compared with conventional infantry, they are usually equipped with better equipment and additional training when working on various terrains, but they also face a more challenging situation that may cause greater casualties.

During the "eternal war" in the Middle East, the increased use of improvised explosive devices put truck drivers and other vehicles at great risk. Although compared with 15 years ago, in Afghanistan and Iraq, the army has a larger supply of armored vehicles, but it is still unavoidable that many drivers face bomb attacks.

Because airplanes provide tremendous support to the battlefield, their pilots and crew are valuable targets for the enemy in battle. In particular, helicopter crews often have to enter and exit hostile territory when they are hit by fires to transport personnel and ordnance.

The job of medical staff is to fight alongside friendly forces to assist the wounded and dying in the fire. Although medical staff are protected by the Geneva Convention, they are still as vulnerable to mortars, artillery and air strikes like infantry support. 

Or the joint terminal offensive controller is responsible for directing offensive air operations. Basically, they are responsible for controlling the chaos of air combat. They are responsible for directing attacks, which is a complex and dangerous task. Although joint terminal attack controllers usually observe and direct operations rather than act in person, they are still very close to artillery fire, bomb explosions, and many other life-threatening hazards.

These units have received much attention from the enemy because their heavy-duty rifle missions are beyond the scope of typical infantry. Not only were they required to destroy fortifications and larger goals, but they were also required to destroy enemy formations. Sometimes they are required to move to infantry or cavalry positions, where they receive less training and are therefore more vulnerable to dangerous injuries.

You don't have to play a combat role to avoid injury. Aircraft carriers are inherently dangerous. The plane landed on them while in motion; this is equivalent to landing the plane on top of a skyscraper in an earthquake. The ground crew of the aircraft carrier faces multiple dangers​​. Combining thousands of gallons of fuel, jet engines, and deliberate crash landings, your job is quite risky even without bullets or bombs.

As the main force in the occupation and occupation of enemy territory in conflict, it is not surprising that infantry men or women are as high-risk occupations as ever. They performed all the most common combat operations and caused a large number of casualties.

The price paid by many of our soldiers is the highest, and we should all strive to treat them with grace and respect. For more information about seeking support after the death of a loved one,

Just one of many available resources. 

The final trailer

Debuting on August 28, 2019, it provided viewers with more information about the plot, introduced several new characters (including talk show host Robert De Niro), and played in Arthur Fleck ) When he transformed into a nominal villain, he learned more about his thoughts. This trailer has plucked up the courage for Joaquin Phoenix and has received wide acclaim. But fans have one more thing to ask after watching: Where is Batman?

Since the film’s first release, people have always wondered whether the film will be connected to the world of "Batman", or will function as an independent film focusing only on the clown. According to the final trailer, it initially looks

It may be the latter, because there is no sign of a hooded crusade.

However, although Bruce Wayne may not be found, we do encounter a character who has a clear connection with the crime-fighting billionaire: Bruce's father Thomas (played by Edward Cullen). He only stayed for a moment in the trailer, but his screening time was unforgettable.

"Is this your joke?" Thomas asked a laughing Fleck before punching him.

Making it possible for the Joker to exist before Batman is an interesting choice, because in comics and movies, the Joker is often described as a direct reaction to Batman. A destructive chaotic force fighting Bruce Wayne's never-ending battle for order and justice. Instead, the trailer suggests that the appearance of this character version is a response to a painful, cruel world that mocks his tragic existence.

Perhaps the real turning point is that when Fleck finally reaches the point of irreversibility, his first act as a clown will kill Thomas and Martha Wayne, unknowingly creating his future enemies. This will be a clever callback from Tim Burton

Movies, and a great way to build a potentially larger movie world.

Kurdish women militia

An official from the Islamic State Group stated on October 19 that it will continue its struggle to free women from the brutal rule of extremists.

Nisreen Abdullah of the Women's Protection Organization (YPJ) made this statement in a highly symbolic gesture on Paradise Square in Raqqa.

She said that this is an all-beauty force, part of the Syrian Democratic Forces supported by the United States fighting the Islamic State of Iraq, and lost 30 fighter jets in the four-month battle to liberate Raqqa.

Under the rule of the Islamic State group, women are forced to wear an all-encompassing veil and may be executed for adultery. Hundreds of women and girls from the Yazidi minority in Iraq were arrested and forced to become sex slaves.

Raqqa (Raqqa) is the center stage of ISIS barbarism, which is actually the capital of militants who call themselves the "Caliph".

Abdullah said: "We have achieved our goal of fighting terrorism in the capital, liberating women, and restoring the honor of Yazidi women by releasing dozens of slaves."

On October 17, the Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of several factions, including YPJ, stated that the military operations in Raqqa had ended and their fighters had completely controlled the city.

Colonel Ryan Dillon, a spokesperson for the US-led coalition, tweeted on October 19 that the Self-Defense Forces had cleaned up 98% of the city, adding that some militants were still hiding in a small place east of the stadium. Dillon added that he is inspecting buildings and tunnels for obstructions.

Even though the guns are quiet, reconstruction work is still in progress.

A state-linked news website said in Saudi Arabia that senior Saudi officials discussed Saudi Arabia’s “important role in reconstruction” efforts in Raqqa. The Okaz website quoted an unnamed Saudi source as saying that Thamer al-Sabhan met with members of the citizens of Raqqa. The website says the United Arab Emirates will also play a role in reconstruction.

The report includes a photo of Al-Sabhan, apparently fighting with Brett McGurk in Raqqa, who was the highest coalition envoy of the United States fighting ISIS at the time. Saudi Arabia is a member of the alliance. Al-Sabhan was formerly the Iraqi ambassador, but left Iraq under the threat of Iranian-backed militias.

The Self-Defense Forces are expected to hold a press conference in Raqqa on October 20. During this period, the city will be declared free of extremists, for the first time in nearly four years.

The fall of Raqqa marked a major failure for IS, and its territory has steadily shrunk since last year. ISIS took over Raqqa on the Euphrates River in January 2014 and turned it into the epicenter of its brutal rule.

At the same time, the Syrian National News Agency (SANA) said that Syrian President Bashar Assad (Bashar Assad) met with visiting Iranian army commanders on October 19 to discuss bilateral relations. The Iranian general also conveyed a message from Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

SANA said that Major Generals Assad and Mohammad Bagheri focused on military cooperation and "were witnessed the qualitative development of the war in the terrorist war launched by Syria and its allies (mainly Iran)."

Since the outbreak of the crisis for more than six years, Iran has been one of Assad's strongest supporters and has sent thousands of Iranian-backed militias to the opposition.

SANA quoted Bagheri as saying that the purpose of his visit was "to formulate a joint strategy for continued coordination and cooperation at the military level." He also emphasized Iran’s commitment to helping Syria’s reconstruction process.

Bagheri met with several Syrian officials on October 18, including Defense Minister Fahd Jasem al-Freij and the commander of the Syrian Army, Major General Ali Ayyoub .

At the same time, the Levant Liberation Committee, which is linked to Al-Qaida, released a rare videotape of its leader Abu Mohamed Gorani, showing him his speeches with combatants. The release came two weeks after Russia said it had seriously injured him in an air strike.

The videotape appears to have been taken before Al Qaeda’s attack on villages controlled by the central government on October 6. Two days before the attack, the Russian military claimed that al-Golani was injured in an air strike and fell into a coma. The military did not provide any evidence of the condition of al-Golani.

The group linked to al-Qaeda subsequently denied that Gorani was injured and insisted that he was in good health.

The Daytona 500 is known as the great American race.

Well, a driver from the "American Grand Prix" has just entered the "American Grand Entrance".

The U.S. Air Force has established a cooperative relationship with Richard Petty Motorsports for many years. As part of the partnership, they decided that they will be impressed in Daytona (Newtona) this weekend.

One way is

The other is one of the best paintings that a racing car has ever had.

Bubba Wallace is the favorite of NASCAR fans. He finished second in the 2018 Daytona 500 race and third in the 2019 Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Despite the ups and downs in his short career, he is very talented and many people are cheering for his success. He is young, personable, and just a good person. He also did some cool things.

The Blue Wings Air Force Demonstration Team decided to help him make a big splash on this legendary circuit a few days before the start of the game. Wallace jumped from the C-17 Globemaster and landed about 50 yards from the 2.5-mile start/finish line.

Behind the thigh, Wallace

"I think I can now say that this is the coolest thing I have ever done. I have been able to fly a F-15 F-16 fighter jet with the U.S. Air Force a few times, but I think this is unbeatable. I still Trying to determine if skydiving can beat that, but jumping with "Blue Wings" is incredible."

He continued: “I’m not nervous at all. It’s surprising because I’m about to jump out of a perfect C-17 plane. By the way, it’s cool. That thing is awesome. I’m not nervous. When we were just When I walked off the back of the plane, I became scared. I wanted to quit immediately and then don’t. At that moment, my adrenaline surged. I don’t know another feeling that can describe that moment. Excellent. Me. I really can’t see it. I had to hold the goggles. Once I did it, it was incredible. Pull the slide and ride super quietly. (Instructor) Randy did a great job and gave me a lifetime journey."

Wallace then posted a video about jumping off the building on Twitter.

Talk about the entrance! Just enter on your usual Thursday

. thank



Take this out of my bucket list!

Now, let's take a look at the beautiful machine that Wallace drove.

Rain postponed the race to Monday after the 20th lap on Sunday, but the weather was not the only reason that prevented the race.

Dale Earnhardt owns the black #3, Jeff Gordon owns his #24 rainbow car, and Richard Petty owns his iconic paint job , Ranked 43rd STP.

Wallace will also participate in the #43 competition, but the Air Force will face serious challenges.

Do you know the A-10 Warthog? Make that


The paint job on Wallace #43 made the plane very respected.

Although the picture looks great, watching it in motion can show the true beauty of this magnificent racing machine.

Wallace added some personal touches to honor the recently deceased pilot John Andretti (John Andretti) and the victims of the recent helicopter crash in Los Angeles, including one of his heroes, Kobe Bryant ( Kobe Bryant).

Excellent work by the Air Force, Richard Petty Racing and Bubba!

In the modern world, many of us understand more than ever how the media shapes our perception of reality. Although most of the debate about "perception management" is now on the stage of political chaos, the truth is that the media has been working together to shape how we view the world in the form of advertising. And, as many governments learned early on, the same media infrastructure used to sell products to us can also be used to sell products to us


If you are looking for a good example of how government initiatives have shaped our perception of reality, then you only need to look at the air combat of World War II, because if you are one of the millions who think they eat carrots Can help improve your vision, you have

Through half a century of wartime propaganda.

Isn't it the wartime propaganda poster you expected?

(World Carrot Museum)

The British (and ultimately American) pilots who defended Britain from Nazi bombers were one of the first pilots in history to conduct night operations at night. Less than forty years after the first appearance of the Wright Brothers, Allied pilots fought for their lives in the darkness of the European battlefield.

At the time, pilots had to rely on their senses instead of the entire set of technical tools we used for interception in modern fighter jets, but soon after the advent of airborne airborne interception radar (AI) brought the British need to cross the border Nazi The advantage of the bomber. The British also knew that announcing their new technological advantages would make the Nazis work hard to find a way to deal with it, so they chose a very different path.

Although the night sky is difficult to manage, as the Allied fighters began to shut down with the Nazi bombers and the number of extinctions continued to increase, the British Department of Information launched a propaganda campaign to persuade people

Thanks to a steady diet-you guessed it-carrots, their pilots have impeccable Nazi hunting night vision.

Technically, they are not wrong. A severe vitamin A deficiency can make you blind.

(United States National Archives)

Like any good misinformation propaganda, they actually need to find a foundation to use as the cornerstone of their propaganda, and carrots are considered a good source of vitamin A. Technically speaking, diet

Vitamin A does not have any effect on the vision of an otherwise healthy person, but the intake of vitamin A is insufficient

Cause vision problems. Therefore, it is easy for the British to change the story from not eating carrots to avoiding vitamin A deficiency, and instead

Eating enough carrots can actually make you think better at night.

The country's sugar content limits the British people's snack choices, which also determines the decision to use carrots. Carrots are snacks that elementary school students can eat. The country has a lot of leisure time, so carrots are sold to the public, because eating more carrots can turn your children into eagle-eyed fighter pilots, which benefits the war work a lot. German perspective.

Soon after, the idea of ​​carrots to improve people's night vision completely turned into carrots, thereby completely improving eyesight. Soon, no one remembered that they first heard about the importance of carrots for eye health, and they were just beginning to accept it as a fact.

What a few posters can do is surprising.

(Bryan Ledgard on WikiMedia Commons)

Even today, parents all over the world continue to tell children to eat carrots because they are good for the eyes. This is not because there are a large number of vitamin A deficiencies in the modern world, but because we are still relying on the familiar wisdom collected from propaganda posters during Hitler's Paris tour to carry out our work.

It’s worth remembering that publicity is nothing more than advertising paid for by the government, not the company. We all know and accept the idea of ​​effective advertising (reaching 3 billion in the US

Alone). Whether we like it or not, publicity seems to be the same.

The Marine Corps wants to buy some second-hand tigers. No, they are not going to replace Sigfried and Roy; they want to buy some F-5E/F Tiger fighters.

According to a report

, The Marine Corps is seeking to increase the power of its aggressors. The F-5E/F has long been regarded as an attack aircraft. In fact, the F-5E/F aggressor portrayed a fictitious MiG-28 in "High Aspiration."

So why did the Marine Corps expand the invaders? One of the reasons is the age of the fighters. The state of the Marine Corps F/A-18C is a bit terrible-too bad, last year, the Marine Corps had to

At Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Currently, the Marine Corps owns VMFAT-101 at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. The goal is to deploy F-5 detachments at three other Marine Corps air bases. This will help meet the needs of the Marine Corps.

Ironically, one of the reasons related to the new capabilities of the Marine Corps AV-8B rier defense force is the ability to shoot AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles. The AMRAAM function requires training to help pilots use it.

So, why not ask about other services? Well, the Navy and Air Force have similar problems with airframe life.

The special forces also pointed out that the Air Force has used the T-38 Tyrone trainer to provide high-speed targets for the F-22. This is mainly because the F-22 has a very small force and expensive operation. If the F-35B is used as an attack aircraft, the Marine Corps will face the same problem of operating costs.

The Marine Corps is also seeking to increase light attack capabilities, possibly using one of two propeller-driven counterinsurgency aircraft, namely the AT-6C Coyote and the AT-29 Super Tucano. If such a unit is to be established, it is likely to be assigned to the 4th Naval Aviation Wing of the Marine Corps Reserve.

The U.S. Army continues to test a light tracked vehicle called Ripsaw, which is now being introduced to the consumer market as a "luxury super tank."

A small number of Ripsaw Extreme Vehicle 2 or EV2 products produced by Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. in Waterboro, Maine are being evaluated in Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey to evaluate how they can be used in future combat operations. Indeed, on Tuesday, Major General Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins, Commander of the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins), took a demonstration in one of the vehicles with a driver.

The company describes this 750-horsepower, optionally manned vehicle as a "hand-made, limited-edition, high-end, luxurious super tank developed for the public and the public," which can reach a speed of nearly 100 miles per hour at a cost. About $250,000. Extreme off-road entertainment."

First of all, it is too light. The EV2 weighs 9,000 pounds, which is closer to the Hummer than the fuel tank. For example, the Army’s M1A2 Abrams main battle tank weighs more than 70 tons. Indeed, the Ripsaw does not even reach the same weight class as the M1126 Stryker combat vehicle or the M2/M3 Bradley infantry combat vehicle.

Moreover, it does not have the same firepower. The EV2 is designed to accommodate a universal remote weapon station that can install any number of weapons-including M2 .50 caliber machine guns, Mk19 40mm automatic grenade machine guns, M240B 7.62mm machine guns and M249 squad automatic weapons. In contrast, the main equipment of the M1A2 tank is the 120mm L/44 M256A1 smoothbore tank gun.

Finally, it has no armor at all, only an aluminum frame with gull-wing doors. Therefore, it is actually more like a tracked DeLorean than a tank (see image below).

Even so, the manufacturer stated that the Ripsaw is "the fastest dual-track vehicle ever."

This may be why the Army is still interested in how to integrate the EV2 into its combat formation several years after the vehicle was selected by Popular Science magazine in 2009. The service has been testing the technology for at least a year-a press release at the time stated that in 2016, a soldier operated a see-saw from an M113 armored personnel carrier one kilometer away.

On Military.com, we are obsessed with technology and contact the Army to learn more about how officials evaluate this slick ride. It’s almost certain that this slick ride will be in the coming months and years. Zhonghui is becoming more and more popular.

set objectives 

Norway’s latest rotation is to strengthen partnerships with European allies and improve the department’s combat capabilities in cold weather.

However, during a brief visit to the 300-member unit before Christmas, both the commander and sergeant of the Marine Corps described the strategic role of the small unit-the truth is that if the situation changes, the mission in peacetime can be As a preface to the battle.

The Norwegian Home Guard base near Trondheim is home to the Marine Corps and is the first stop of General Robert Neller’s annual Christmas trip.

This station is the new station of this trip. Norway’s first round, from the first battalion, the second marines, 

 In January, it was replaced by a new unit from the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Marine Corps in late August.

Neller emphasized to the Marines that they should always be prepared for battle, predicting that the "big butt" battle is coming.

Nayler said: "I hope I was wrong, but war is coming." "...you are here, you are here is a battle, an information war, a political war."

Neller later told the Marine Corps that he wanted the Pacific and Russia to become the force’s 

 With the country’s struggle to transcend the Middle East, this struggle has stretched for most of the two decades.

The U.S. position that Russia poses a major threat is 

 Released on December 25. The document discusses Russia’s “use of information tools” to interfere in other countries’ democracy and armed aggression across borders.

The strategy stated: “Russia’s invasion of Georgia and Ukraine demonstrated its willingness to infringe upon the sovereignty of countries in the region.”

Marine Corps Master Sergeant Ronald Green (Ronald Green) attaches great importance to the role of the Marine Corps.

"Just remember why you are here," he said. "They are watching. Just like you are watching them, they are watching you. We have 300 Marines here. It can rise from 300 to 3,000 overnight. We can raise the bar."

The rotating force itself is more cautious about its effect in the area. When visiting the unit in May, Military.com found that the troops assigned to the unit had even 

 In an interview with the media.

To a large extent, this is due to regional sensitivity.

The rotation of the troops was held in Norway at the invitation of the Norwegian government. The Norwegian government maintains economic relations with Russia and has a 120-mile border on the border with Russia’s northeastern edge.

Although the Norwegian’s feedback on the Marines’ presence was generally positive, the then Norwegian Defense Minister Ia Eriksen Søreide announced in June that the rotation had been extended by one year. Until 2018, others expressed concern.

In October, the leader of the Norwegian opposition 

 To explain exactly what the U.S. forces are doing in the country.

As far as Russian officials are concerned, they are outspoken 

 Warns of diplomatic influence in Norway.

Although Green did not name Russia, he mentioned that Russia is dissatisfied with the Marine Corps presence nearby.

Green said: "They don't like the fact that we are against them. We like the fact that they don't like the fact that we are against them." "Three hundred of us, surrounded by them, we have placed them where we want, right. Did we do it before."

A World War II veteran who served in several battles in the US 1st Infantry Division, including Normandy, landed on Omaha Beach with the second wave of troops on D-Day and was awarded the French Legion of Honor.

Edward H. "Ed" Morrissette (Edward H. "Ed" Morrissette), who was awarded the prize by the French Consul General in Chicago, Guillaume Lacroix, died at the age of 96 on October 30, 2019. At a special ceremony held at the Omaha Army Reserve Center, dozens of family members, veterans and distinguished guests were surrounded.

Lacroix said: "75 years after you landed on Omaha Beach, it is of great significance to be with you in Omaha, Nebraska." "Sir, our gratitude is forever, because you have changed the fate of France forever. And the fate of Europe."

After her husband Guillaume Lacroix, the French Consul General in Chicago, presented the French Medal of Honor to World War II veteran Edward Morrissette at the Omaha Army Reserve Center on October 30, 2019, he and He shook hands.

The medal was nailed to his jacket, and Morrissette walked slowly to the podium, thanking everyone, and saying that he had accepted the award for other people who served in the service and many people who had never returned to China.

Morissette said: "I don't know what I deserve, but I know what the men and women of the first division that landed in Europe deserve, especially those who are not with us now." "I have not left the shore. My friend, I miss them very much. But I want to say one thing: I’m glad we helped France... drove them out of the Nazi boots."

World War II veteran Edward Morrissette shared his thoughts with the audience after receiving the French Legion of Honor at a special ceremony held at the Omaha Army Reserve Center on October 30, 2019.

On June 6, 1944, Morrissette was the captain of the 16th Infantry Regiment Headquarters, in charge of machine gun personnel. This is the third time he has landed on the beach. He has already landed and fought in North Africa and Sicily.

After the award ceremony, he talked to reporters and shared a story about the incident in which he and his soldiers jumped from the landing craft near French soil.

A photo of Edward Morrissette was displayed at the award ceremony, where he was awarded the French Legion of Honor at the Omaha Army Reserve Center on October 30, 2019.

(U.S. Army photo)

Morissette said: "Our ship is very difficult to get ashore. When it arrived, we jumped into the water and flowed to our chest." In addition to the rifle, he and another soldier made a phone call on top of their heads. Line, when they realized that this coil of line was attracting the target of enemy gunners, they decided to give up the extra burden.

Morrisette said: "If they need to communicate, I think they just need to speak up," Morrisett raised his arms over his head and re-enacted the fight to land.

Edward Morrissette, a veteran of World War II, told a story. He took a rifle and a roll of phone cord and jumped out of the chest deep water near Omaha Beach from above his head, and made it on October 30, 2019. Speaking to reporters at the Omaha Army Reserve Center on Japan.

On the beach, he found a cover behind a block of cement, and eventually climbed the rest of the road to a higher ground.

By the time Germany surrendered in May 1945, Morrissette and Big Red One traveled through the Ardennes in northern France to Prague.

He said: "This country should be proud of our soldiers." "They are outstanding people and they can do outstanding things."

After receiving the French Legion of Honor at the Omaha Army Special Ceremony, the Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers from the main command post of the 1st Infantry Division and the Second World War veteran Edward Group photo of Edward Morrissette. Backup center.

Morrissette was nominated by his family as the French Legion of Honor. Although the number of medals awarded each year is limited, most American veterans of World War I and World War II can be recruited. Past American winners include General Dwight Eisenhower, General Douglas MacArthur, and General Michael Mullen.

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