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It’s no exaggeration to say that some of the most formative outdoor experiences in my adult life occurred in

 In California. This is my first backpacking trip (where I learned that, in fact, you don't need to drag a full-size pillow and about 10 pounds of Swedish fish to survive). Here, I completed my first multi-pitch climb, saw my first bear, and dug my first cat litter (required after viewing my first bear). I even completed my first long hike and spent two months at the gas station.

Tuolumne Meadows winding through the park,

Gave me a wave from one person

When he walked into the woods. 

Superstars aside, Yosemite is one of them-if not

Most iconic national parks in the United States. For good reason, this is a permanent bucket leaderboard. Yosemite has the highest granite walls in the world, thunderous waterfalls, huge domes and mountain peaks, partly carved by the mighty power of ancient glaciers and volcanoes. From vague little pickups to majestic (endangered) Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, there are wild animals everywhere. And it played an extreme role, the lowest point stayed at about 1,800 feet, and the highest point rose to more than 13,000 feet, this is the glacier-covered Mount Lyell (Mount Lyell).

However, despite all the magic, Yosemite has also received bad rap due to the excessive number of tourists. (Fact check: Unless you live there, you will

The fact is that although the popular Yosemite Valley attracts large numbers of people all year round, it is difficult to find solitude in the park. After all, the valley only occupies a small part of the nearly 760,000 acres in Yosemite, accounting for almost 95%. Designated as a wilderness. 

Although the framework of the park was established in 1864,

When President Abraham Lincoln signed the "Yosemite Grants Act," these vast lands had a long history of humanity.

Before setting off for an adventure. The same act of preserving the park to the public also drove out its original residents, including the people of Ahwahneechee, Me-Wuk, Mono and Paiute. Their ancestors still maintain deep ties with the region. Consider reading Mark David Spence's

Some of the more unpleasant history behind the formation of Yosemite and the important background of several other national parks.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the park issued a temporary restriction in February 2021, requiring all visitors to comply with the following regulations:

. The only exceptions are those who have confirmed accommodation in the park or in a specific gateway city, those who hold a wilderness permit or an approved group tour, or those who enter the park by public transportation.

 The natural wonders of Yosemite are incredible and powerful. Trails, guardrails, and warning signs are in place, especially because many functions of the park require crossing water or granite or driving near them. Even in dry conditions, granite is often polished to a super smooth luster. Despite this, you will still be surprised how many people slip into the drink (or the abyss) every year. Let common sense-not the strong desire to pose for "Gram"-surround the steep drop and water feature. 

I will say frankly: During the prime time of summer, the winding road on the floor of the valley around the valley is like the longest parking lot in the world. Given that approximately 4.5 million people passed in 2019, this is not surprising. If possible, please drive as early as possible and park your car until you exit. Avoid going to the valley during peak season, or park outside Yosemite and use public transportation to complete the trip. After entering the park, the park will have a powerful shuttle system, which includes two free routes for sailing around the valley. 

Yes, yes, this is an iconic place, with iconic attractions everywhere. But this shrinks the rest of the park, where there are (always) special places without crowds. Want a legendary alternative

? Follow south to Wawona and follow Chilnualna Falls along the granite steps. In the west, the surrounding area

You can only see a small part of the trekking flow in the valley, but you can still enjoy numerous lakes and mountain peaks. To the north, lush

Acting as a gatekeeper in the remote areas of Yosemite, where the trails (and opportunities for solitude) branch out.

Yosemite is located in central California, a few hours east of San Francisco. Although there are several regional airports around, the nearest major hub is 



It also provides services to the park, replacing the train with a regional bus operated by the company

(Paste the name of YARTS) when you are near its border. 

If you’re driving north from Fresno and taking a scenic cruise along State Route 41, you will first be stored in Wawona, then in the Valley. ). You can also get there from Interstate 140, which crosses Merced to the northeast of the state, or Interstate 120, which crosses Groveland along the coast of the state, and connects to the park’s Big Oak Flat Road. SR 120 is called Tioga Road in the park, which divides Yosemite into two, and is haunted at its northernmost entrance, Tioga Pass. Shortly thereafter, it encounters the picturesque U.S. Highway 395, which leads to the south Lake and Owens Valley, north to Bridgeport.

Summer is full of love, but if you can handle the temperature, winter is an amazing time in the park. At various altitudes, the night is usually below freezing. Keep in mind that, with the exception of areas that are inaccessible to mountain countries, anyone who is not proficient in winter mountain travel will have some valley routes closed, usually part of the foggy trail.

(Also called NüümüPoyo), and

-Once they become snow-covered.

Snow park roads are required, although not all roads are open year-round-Tioga Road usually closes in November and reopens sometime between May and June, depending on the snow. Prepare the right equipment, skills and mindset, and you will have your place to a large extent.

Convene all waterfall lovers: this is your time to shine! Although the higher altitudes are still buried by white matter, as the snow begins to melt (which usually peaks in May), the lower altitudes and waterfalls come back to life. On the other hand, flooding and high water levels are real problems, not only in remote areas, but also in valleys. The Merced River sometimes overflows into grasslands, roads and even campgrounds. This is a real problem. When in remote areas, be extra careful when crossing the river; the relaxing rock music in late summer will come in spring and become a deadly torrent.

This is a golden holiday. Traffic and crowds have surged to the highest point, and the shuttle bus is just a standing room, and any accommodation option within a radius of 100 miles that feels like it has been booked. Although I avoided the valley in this crazy environment, now is the perfect time to escape to the highlands near Tuolumne Meadows, where the temperature is low and the crowds are sparse. Long days can allow you to extend your backpacking time, and cool rock surfaces (thus making the grip stronger) can provide more favorable climbing conditions for high altitude areas.

This is my favorite time to go to Silicon Valley. The only reason is that I can enjoy the scenery without having to fight. When the mercury drops, the number of visitors gradually decreases, but the waterfall almost stagnates until the winter precipitation is replenished. The good thing is that this is a good time to look for a backpack permit, although you need to prepare lighter gear than summer. 

Scoring campsites in Yosemite (from $6), especially if you want to sleep in the valley, is a very competitive sport. About half of the 13 campgrounds in the park are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive as soon as possible for the stakeout. White Wolf and Yosemite Creek Campgrounds are both beautiful, quiet places, off the beaten track near Tioga Road.

The rest of the campsites, including the coveted Pines trio in the valley, require reservations, which can be booked in the following ways:

. A 30-day website was published at 7 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) on the 30th of the month.

Time I strongly recommend recruiting some friends to work together, because summer bookings usually disappear within a few minutes. The only exception is Camp 4, which is a walk-in camp that has long been a base for hard-core climbers. In summer, it passes every day

Many campsites in the park provide at least some barrier-free venues. The upper pine trees and Tuolumne meadows in the valley have the largest area. Many are open year-round, although high-altitude campgrounds are closed during the winter months when mountain roads are close. 

If you just want

Roughly planned in the valley

 (From $108) or

(Prices start at US$90), both offer rustic canvas and wooden structures and communal shower facilities. Like the park hotels listed below, these are


In addition, Yosemite has enough campsites on all sides of Inyo, Stanislaus and Humboldt-Toyabe National Forests. If you

Don't mind sniffing in your car, a quick online search for "free camping" or "mountain top" near Yosemite will also produce results. Just know that you cannot spend the night in a vehicle anywhere in the park.

In Silicon Valley, the most affordable options are cottages and motels in Curry Village, followed by

(Starting at US$249). But if you want to splurge, please

(Starting at US$426), this is an absolutely gorgeous craftsman style resort, and it is listed as a National Historic Site. Professional advice for people on a smaller budget: Have a drink in the hotel bar and relax with a good book (or laptop, if needed) by the large fireplace in the amazing Great Lounge.

Elsewhere in the park,

(Prices start at $153) were closed for a while to update the wiring (since it was built in 1856, the price was fair), but the Victorian statue (National Historic Landmark) was open again. Further north, constitute seasonal tent huts

(From $137) and

(Starting from $141) Appointment is simpler, but can put you in the heart of country magic. 

Outside the park, there is no shortage of cabin rentals listed on websites such as Airbnb and VRBO, even though their rents are almost as competitive as accommodation in the park. Most gateway towns have at least some basic roadside motels and some slightly more upscale hotels. Fish camp

(Prices start at US$150) Stand out with its Ascent Spa, where you can drag your tired bones after a full day of adventure. For something older, this 100-year-old man

(Prices start at $130) There is a series of country cottages near Hetch Hetchy Valley, or you can sign up for an all-inclusive camping package, which provides equipment and sets up equipment for you. 

you do not

You have to sweat a lot to enjoy the magic of Yosemite, especially its southern part. If you enter via State Highway 41, the first opportunity will appear in the "tunnel landscape," which is some of the biggest icons in the park.


, And the bridal veil fall down-magically appear when you exit the darkness of the tube of the same name. Sorry, but you must stop here for a while, it is very necessary. Expert tip: Ascend the rock stairs next to the parking lot and take a small path, which will reward your sweat fairness with a clear sight when you climb.

Go further south and head towards Glacier Point Road (Glacier Point Road), pay attention

For a full year in 2022, you will be immersed in the distant view of the same name, which is often attracted by photographers with various stripes before sunset. To get the same fascinating view, but not so scrambling for space, park your car on the trail a few miles south of the road for a 2.2-mile round trip hike to Taft Cape. Save time to visit Mariposa Grove near Wawona, where you will tighten your neck (and a sense of awe) while admiring the ancient giant redwood clusters, including the 3000-year-old Grizzly Giant.

If you’re reading this article, you’ll most likely have to lift up the half-dome along the world-famous three-mile Mist Trail, which is caused by the spray provided by Merced down to the valley floor. Get its name through a series of waterfalls. Except when the metal cable is dropped (usually from mid-October to mid-May), the rate hike requires permission every day of the week. Whenever you try, take this hike very seriously; people slip and fall to death on the polished granite that forms the steep and bare final climb. Know and follow your own restrictions, and avoid traveling in wet weather or weather forecasts.

In addition, the park is also dotted with superstar hikes, some of which are more popular than others. In the east of the valley, an unobstructed paved trail takes you to seasonal and unexpectedly quiet

, Created by the waves of Tenaya Creek. When approaching the action, it’s worth taking the time to drive up the steep (and sometimes slippery) route two miles up

, A small waterfall composed of three parts, known as the highest waterfall in North America. The criminal is underestimated

It provides an astonishing sense of loneliness for nearly 12 miles in the hustle and bustle. 

In the north, Tuolumne Meadows is the starting point for a stroll in the countryside

Especially in the early summer, the beauty of the sub-mountain

The meadow definitely emits the light of chlorophyll, and wild flowers abound. For higher mountain environments, please start early to avoid crowds and take a 7-mile round trip

, Which provides a front view of its toothy peak of the same name. 

The trail is also dotted with the length of Tioga Road, making it easy for you to enter (las, for you and everyone else). If you can’t get a half-dome permit, but still want a healthy dose of vertigo, consider a sturdy 14-mile hike back and forth.

Starting from Sunrise Lakes Trailhead near Tenaya Lake, if you return early, there is a great swimming beach at the northeast end of it. Further afield, the trail near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir goes further, except that it is still worth the short trip near the waterfront to catch the waves of neighboring Tueeulala and Wapama Falls. If you have a full day of free time, consider the 13.5-mile round trip to the summit of Smith Peak, from where you can get a bird’s eye view of this remote part of the park.


(PCT) and

(JMT) teamed up to complete most of the park’s journey, but the former headed north from Tuolumne Meadows, while the latter dived south into the valley. In addition to these long-distance travel icons, my favorite short-distance route is the off-travel 13-mile one-way

, A one-night stay, which can be traced back to the high cliffs south of the valley, and you can see breathtaking scenery every few miles.

For a more immersive experience, please take your backpack through the deep chisel marks, the Grand Canyon called Tuolumne, which spans approximately 33 between its eponymous meadow and the White Wolf region to the west. mile. If you are more interested in smiling than in miles, you can spend a few cents on it

Find a spot on the famous High Sierra Camps Loop, which is a summer cabin to cabin where you (and your backpack) are stored every night in a series of fully equipped tent cabins, and meals are provided.

Do all the backpacking trips in the park. Most trails will retain a 60/40 reserved sidewalk quota. You can apply for a reserved license online starting 24 weeks before the start date. Expect fierce competition, especially for Half Dome and JMT permits, the latter must be applied for during the special draw period from December to March. It’s worth putting the Yosemite Reserve’s

, Subdivided by each area of ​​the park. 

Yosemite (Yosemite) is one of the world’s most important rock climbing destinations throughout the year. A series of adrenaline immersion documentaries have recently taken place, such as

, with

. However, you don’t need to live in Camp 4, and you don’t need to spend months planning a route on El Cap to admire the park’s granite. Its main climbing projects are the valley and Tuolumne Meadows area, which is full of bouldering, fixing bolts and equipment placement opportunities at all stages of the competition. 

For more advanced climbers, remote areas in high mountains provide unlimited opportunities for hikes and peak bags. Of course, the Great Wall in the valley provides the longest and most iconic traditional route in the world. Beginners can pass

. If you don't like dangling on the edge of a cliff at all, you can still start to act by wandering around El Capitan Meadow with binoculars.

No one in Yosemite will rest on the crown of summer, but enter the winter game mode immediately after the film begins to fly. While sculpting figure eights around the Curry Village ice rink, wander in the valley where the creatures are comfortable (for example, hot chocolate from the Ahwahnee bar). Or go to Glacier Point Road

, This is the oldest downhill resort in California, where skiing and tubing skiing opportunities are provided throughout the winter. Bring your equipment and skills, or rent something from an affiliated ski school. 

There is also a (mainly) world of horizontal snow travel to explore. Put on snow boots or cross-country skis and drive along the refurbished section of Glacier Point Road, or head to the Crane Flat area and drive along a relatively short trail into the giant redwoods of Tuolumne Grove and Merced Grove. Just remember that even if the trail is downhill with a breeze, you must lean backwards at the same slope.


Sleep on Glacier Point Ski Hut (approximately ten miles of ski slopes or snow boots on the Badger Pass). Experienced winter travelers can

Take an arduous trek and spend the night at Snow Creek Cabin. This is a nearly 100-year-old outpost hidden in the forest under Mount.

Watkins. Requires good snow sailing skills, self-reliance and endurance-there can be an altitude gain of 4,000 feet during inbound travel. 

One of my most memorable nights in Yosemite was a rare night camping in the valley. I wandered just before going to bed, found a log on the edge of the Stoneman meadow, and looked up. It was too late and the traffic almost stopped, so it was easy to spread the vast darkness and silence like a blanket. Of course, this is not the only attraction with such an airy view, because almost any lakeside or hilltop perch (or portal on the side of El Cap) will provide you with the same million-dollar celestial show. 

The mighty Merced winds along the valley, its power is weakened, making it a perfect natural inert river. Take a dip (for safety, enter the water only on designated beaches) or swim the buoy (bring your own raft or rent one at the activity pavilion in Curry and Yosemite Village, Ahwahnee Hotel or Yosemite Valley Lodge). Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the infinite lakes of the park, all of which are open to rowers except for the Hetch Hetch Reservoir. Don't forget your personal flotation equipment.

Anglers are ecstatic: You can fish in almost any waters in Yosemite, most of which contain (non-local) trout. If I had a choice, I would always aim at one of the deep glacial carving lakes in remote areas, but I would not succumb to any opportunity to devote myself to any section of the Tolomne River, especially the dreamy Lehrfalk ( Lyell Fork). Although the lake is open year-round, bait is only allowed on streams and rivers from late April to mid-November; California fishing permits are required.

If others think they are spending money and want to treat, my first choice for dining in the park is the high-end Ahwahnee Dining Room, although dining here does mean improving the attire, because there are dress codes (no shorts, T-shirts, or trigger). The atmosphere of the Wawona Hotel Dining Room is slightly different, but the atmosphere is the same. In summer, it hosts a more stuffy self-service barbecue every Saturday night.

When it comes to more casual things, you will see a very standard franchise, with some notable exceptions. I can't remember the time I have been to the valley

You can grab a small slice from Pizza Patio and have a beer in a nearby open-air bar. The Meadow Grill in the same area offers an amazing variety of goods, including breakfast burritos and rice bowls. My friend who loves meat swears to cook the barbecue here

In Yosemite Village. When stopping at Tuolumne Meadows, stop at the seasonal summer barbecue restaurant, taste the burgers and fries after the hike, and then wash them off with a fluffy soft whirlpool.

Delicious food proliferates the boundaries of the park. The small town of Lee Tvining is near the entrance of Tioga Pass and is famous for its reputation.

, It is hidden in a humble Mobil station. Trust me: Have some fish tacos for lunch, then order a pizza and have dinner. 

Only 15 minutes south of Wawona, Xiaoyuying has a rustic style

, You can buy groceries as thick as thighs, outdoor gear, small swing chairs and sandwiches here. Drive southwest from the valley for 15 minutes, then arrive at the gateway town of El Portal, grab a piece of pie from Parkside Pizza, which can make a crust that you don’t want to leave on your plate. Continue to drive south for half an hour to Midpines, 

, A rustic gem that provides comfort and high-quality food, most of which come from the local area. Not far away is Mariposa, which is a larger burger with many choices, including delicious noodles located in Hamburg

Spend at least a day or two to admire the natural wonders located within a short drive from the north entrance of Tioga Pass Park. Start visit

, Is a water body with such complex chemical properties that a limestone-like stalagmite-like limestone tower rises from its bed. Its beauty haunts people at any time of the day, but the scenery at dusk or dawn is absolutely surreal. From there, head south and follow the scenic landscape

In the event of an earthquake, aspen trees will burn bright yellow, which is particularly amazing in autumn. In summer, take a seasonal shuttle bus from the ski resort Mammoth Lakes to the tour

 As well as a large number of perfectly geometric basalt columns, it is reminiscent of the ancient volcanic history of the area. 

If you want to wander around Yosemite’s Southern Passage,

Just half an hour south of Wawona, it offers many recreational activities, including quality warm-water fishing. Further afield, spend some time on the 160-mile highway

Stand among the largest trees in the world and experience the happiness of the High Sierra twice. 

Finally, if you want to drive west on Highway 120, take an hour-long pit stop outside the Groveland valley, Groveland is a historic town. Has a leisurely groove. I will make a straight line every time I pass by

, Which doubles as an art gallery and nursery coffee shop. Hire local people from the local area to make the most of caffeine

In addition to other functions, they can also introduce you to the world-class rafting opportunities that exist outside the park. 

Every spring, the steep cliffs of Yosemite provide a safe refuge for the fastest animal tour in the world. Falcons can bomb their prey at a speed of nearly 200 miles per hour while hunting. But while building a nest with chicks, these fast birds of prey need a little peace and quiet, so 

Starting in March every year, several months of activities are carried out near the nest.

Hounds should also be familiar

. These banned the use of electric drills and the removal of branches and leaves when establishing new routes. They required people to drag all equipment and garbage (including human feces) to the wall climbers who had spent the night on the route after finishing the work on the rock.

Speaking of rock stars, the whole Yosemite is a giant

-In other words, black bears are definitely everywhere. In the old days, visitors were allowed to feed in the ranger program, but fortunately, the managers wisely realized that, as the saying goes, the bears that were fed were dead bears. Ensure the safety of our Ursine friends by

Regarding the storage of food and other scented items. Also, be sure to pay attention to the published speed limits; every year, cars on park roads hit more than a dozen bears. 

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