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The Long and Short of Human Hair Fertilizer

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hair. Long, beautiful, sparkling, sparkling... fertilize it? Human hair fertilizer is not as crazy as it sounds. Researchers from Mississippi State University found that sweet hair locks and beards have much higher nitrogen content than fertilizers, and can be a good and natural replacement for traditional fertilizers and herbicides.

The use of human hair as fertilizer does have its disadvantages. Hair breaks down very slowly, and it takes one to two years to break down completely. Some gardeners worry about using hair on edible plants because there may still be chemicals in the hair, such as washing, styling and coloring.

You can prevent shearing and shaving, and ask for trimming at the barber shop, and then add it to the backyard compost. This will cause the hair to decompose before being used as fertilizer. However, be careful when using composted glasses, as the hair does not seem to be completely piled in it. You can also mix small strands of hair directly with the soil. Using unmodified hair can help improve soil quality by slowly releasing nutrients and nitrogen into the soil. Hair can also provide structural support for the roots and help break down thick or clay.

If you are not used to using your own hair tress, you can choose a Florida company

Sells biodegradable cushions made of human hair. The mat is easy to place on the bottom of potted plants, but it can also be used as top soil. SmartGrow claims that by using the mat as topsoil, it can help prevent weeds, which is a good substitute for traditional herbicides. They say that the mat can grow bigger and greener, plants grow faster, and flowers bloom. More. They also said that their mats are composed of 15% nitrogen and retain four times as much water as standard soils.

What do you think about using hair as fertilizer or compost? Have you tried it? Have you used SmartGrow mats? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Every year I spread 6 yards of compost, wood ash and men's hair (usually shorter) into my garden. I also only add epson salt and charcoal powder to the line.

Not to mention the additional benefits of protein-rich hair! You can cut it into small pieces for better decomposition. good stuff! !

Hair is also a good deterrent to rabbits. I put it around my plants and they seem to be far away. Maybe they don't like the smell of my shampoo!

I use a tank vacuum cleaner to clean the wooden floor. There are two dogs in the house. You can imagine how much hair I can free up every week. They are all poured into compost.

I compost with my own hair. I cut it into small pieces, and it seems to me that my garden adds more personal touch. I try to take in more vitamins and eat healthier, so that my hair will become better, and it is non-toxic to the environment...no hair color, no hair eruption, etc. Moreover, I heard that human hair will deter pests. It can be said that whether this is a good idea, it does make me feel "part of the land".

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