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The mountain bike tire you choose deserves more consideration than you think. Inexpensive models are prone to cracks at the seams or valve seats, causing irreparable damage and a long journey. The ability of the tube to maintain a constant pressure also has a significant impact on handling and braking performance.

Our concise guide shows you what you are looking for, and in the end we have selected a few of the best guides. Our favorite

, Is an excellent all-rounder, known for its durability and reliability on the toughest terrain.

Mountain bike inner tubes are made of butyl rubber or latex. The former is cheaper and the material is thicker. They have stronger puncture resistance, but are much heavier than alternatives. Latex tubes are often used for competitive mountain bikes because they can reduce weight. Although the difference is small, the steering response is faster. However, latex mountain bike tires are almost impossible to repair, so if a puncture change occurs, it is the only option.

As far as the actual structure is concerned, the pipe is either welded or seamless. Seam failure is not common, but it can happen, so some people prefer seamless pipes.

Valve type is another consideration. Usually, it is the choice of Schrader valve or Presta valve. Schrader is the same tire you find in car or truck tires, so you can use a variety of different pumps to inflate them. The Presta valve is thinner and lighter, so it is more likely to be found again on competition equipment. But they are more fragile. You may also encounter Dunlop valves, although they are not common. Similar to Schrader, they are sometimes found on imported mountain bikes.

Two methods can be used to try to increase the durability of the pipe. First of all, you may find a rim strip (also called a tire bushing), the purpose of which is to prevent the rim from wearing on the inner tube. The second is a tube pre-filled with some kind of sealant. Despite the obvious benefits, there are still some disadvantages that limit their popularity. They are usually more expensive, they can make installation more difficult and add weight. For most riders who use bicycles on the road and occasionally cross-country trips on weekends, this is not a problem, but for enthusiastic riders and professionals who don't want extra weight, it may be a problem.

The pipe diameter may cause confusion. Although the diameter is fixed, the inner tube can fit a variety of different tire widths. For example, an inner tube might be labeled 26 x 1.95-2.125, which means it will fit a wheel with a diameter of 26 inches and a tire width between 1.95 and 2.125 mm. A mix of imperial and metric sizes will not help.

Wheel size can also cause confusion. This is the case for 26-inch wheels, but 27.5-inch wheels can also be called 650B, and 29-inch wheels can be called 700c. If you are unsure of the inner tube needed, the relevant information should be on the sidewall of the existing tire. If this is not the case, please use the steering wheel to enter your local bicycle dealer and they will be able to tell you.

The cheapest mountain bike inner tubes may only cost a few dollars, but they are often poorly made. High-quality tubes start at about $5 or $6, and even the most expensive tubes rarely exceed $10, so trying to save a dollar or two doesn't seem worth it.

Depends on tire size. You should find suggestions on the side walls. They may provide maximum and minimum pressure-higher pressure in road use and lower in off-road use to provide greater traction.

It depends on your rim. Some can be with or without a tube, but most can be one or the other. However, you can put the inner tube in a tubeless tire to take you home in the event of a puncture, and some drivers will carry a spare tire just in case.

A pair of high-quality tubes, rated as the best by industry insiders.

The famous off-road performance puts pressure on tough conditions. The rim strip helps protect the tube from wear. Easy to install or change. Schrader valve. An established sole proprietorship in the United States.

Problems are rare, but the seams have already occurred.

Economical electron tubes from well-known high-quality brands.

Wide range of sizes. Durable vulcanized rubber achieves a seamless structure. The detachable valve core allows the addition of tire sealant. Presta valve.

A small percentage of them have valve failures.

The test tube is pre-filled with the popular quick-acting "slime" tube sealant.

In case of a puncture, the slime quickly filled the hole. Normally, re-inflation may not be necessary. The sealant can last for two years. Schrader valve.

Occasionally there are pipe cracks. Mucus treats the tread area, not the sidewall.

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