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We added a compressible packaging cube option,




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Whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, traveling is one of the greatest joys in life. But what does it mean to travel well? Avoid trouble, pack a bag and bring only the essentials. Wirecutter founder Brian Lam said: "Traveling well is a good balance between finding inspiration in the unknown and rooting in something." "Sometimes, it is a memory of family, family, important other people, friends, etc. Sometimes it’s just the familiar and reliable stuff in your bag."

In the past three years, we have spent more than 200 hours researching and testing dozens of products to find the most reliable items to help you travel happily. Most importantly, we sought the advice and wisdom of OneBag author Doug Dyment. In the past few decades, he has recorded millions of miles of travel as a traveling businessman and public speaker. We also selected Eytan Levy, a travel gear reviewer,

Moreover, we rely heavily on the experience of the Wirecutter employees. They are a particularly mobile team that has carried out remote work on all continents except Antarctica-among us, five frequent flyers travel about 500,000 in any given year mile.

A well-packed bag contains less things than you think, but it actually needs a lot. Former Wirecutter editor-in-chief Jacqui Cheng described her packaging method as "sane and efficient-carry the right amount of things and transport them at the right quality to prevent yourself from going crazy during the trip." If possible, pack everything into a portable Carrying personal items will give you more freedom than one or two luggages. If things (on time) do not go according to plan, you will feel very happy. Consider this example from OneBag’s Doug Dyment: “I encountered a situation where I landed in Chicago on the way to New York, everything was snowing, and there were no flights anywhere, but I was able to rent a car or take a train. The train, and all the people held hostage by the airline are stuck.” Although it’s not feasible (or recommended) for every trip just to carry it with you, especially for long business trips or weddings, and you need multiple outfits In order to maintain the appearance, it is best to cut it out. As Wirecutter Strategy Editor Ganda Suthivarakom said: "I always pack tightly and I never regret it. Whenever I arrive, I think, "Oh, my luggage is too little," but it will always be fine.

For dedicated single-bag travelers, this waterproof and durable bag is easy to pack, easy to travel, and comfortable enough to wander endlessly.

After studying 30 suitcases, testing 7 suitcases and flying across the country with two suitcases, we think

This is the best carry-on bag for travelers who are determined not to check their luggage anymore. It is easy to pack and cleverly organized, and thanks to its height-adjustable padded shoulder strap and waist belt, it has become one of the most comfortable bags we have ever traveled. It has the ease of packaging of suitcases and the comfort and support of backpacks, while avoiding most of the inherent shortcomings of these two types of suitcases.

On the outside, Outbreaker’s tear-resistant canvas exterior and sealed zipper provide adequate protection for sharp objects and components. Inside, the main spongy compartment with flip-open openings can be easily cleaned. And, there are many organizational functions right where you need it—the front panel is particularly eye-catching and is perfect for tracking electronics and chargers. Equally important, the adjustable shoulder straps, torso length and waist belt system (borrowed from hiking backpacks) make the Outbreaker the most comfortable bag we have tested, despite its weight at 5.1 pounds. It has the largest carry-on configuration of 45 liters in the United States and a smaller version of 35 liters, which meets the carrying needs of Europe and is also very suitable for weekend or simple travelers. If the strap could be better protected, we would prefer it, but overall, Outbreaker's excellent manufacturing quality and ergonomics proved its high price.

If the weight or cost of the explosive is an issue, or it is unavailable, please check our other options 

If you need a small duffel bag that can be placed in the suitcase, then we can choose this packable bag. It also maintains its shape-even if it is almost empty-better than most bags of this type.

Over the years, we have dragged a bunch of awkward equipment, clothes and random BRICs in nine top packable luggage bags to see which of them can handle the last moment gifts you shouldn’t wait for. Buy at the airport. Unlike many packable or ultra-light bags, unless they are filled with knife handles, they behave like unruly sacks.

Whether it is empty, partially packaged or stuffed with sausage, it can maintain its shape. It is as durable as the updated version we previously selected 

Osprey is not the smallest or lightest bag we have tested. This

, For example, compressed to the size of a deck of cards. But the Osprey is still small in size, you can put it down and put it in your hand, and its portability is better than any other bag we have tested.

The many belts and adjustments of the LLBean luggage can easily switch between light and heavy loads. But because Osprey's structure is more structured, no matter how much it carries, the bag can better support its load. The bottom of the Osprey handbag is thicker than the sides and more resistant to tearing. This design means that you can put it down in most places without being too careful, and it also has a larger shape than other packable bags when empty or only partially full. In contrast, we found that matadors tend to sag unevenly when half-packed.

This fine-tuner carry-on piece can achieve the best balance between size, value, reliability and durability, and high-end details. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.

*At the time of publication, the price was


In the past five years, we have researched dozens of suitcases and approached 47 of the most promising candidates in various tests, including providing us with fake aircraft fuselages in training institutions Effective Virgin America flight attendant test package. We are sure


 For most aviators who record less than 25,000 miles per year, the best balance can be achieved between functionality, durability and price.

It is relatively light-7.8 pounds empty, and the Elite is about half a pound lighter than the previous model Magna 2-the wheels are durable and large enough to easily hold five days' worth of clothes. Although Elite is similar to Magna 2, it has a smaller retractable handle, a second zippered outer pocket, and a USB pass-through extension that allows you to plug in your own battery pack to charge your phone. Compared to other handbags in this price range, you will also get surprisingly high-end components and enjoy any guarantee (even airline damage) for the life of the handbag.

If you fly more than 25,000 miles a year, you should buy a leather bag with unique features, excellent details, and enough room for expansion. The manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction.

If you fly more than 25,000 miles per year and are willing to invest in higher quality products, we recommend you

Thanks to its sponge-like internal structure and smart expansion and compression system, it can be adjusted to a variable height beyond opening and closing, so it can hold more clothes than any bag we have tested. So far, Brian Lam, the founder of Wirecutter, has completed more than 75,000 miles for him, and it is very important. His only complaint is that the longer pants require additional folding or rolling. In a tall bag, the pants only need to be folded once.

If you need to pack more things than your carry-on and personal items can hold, then our first suggestion is to reconsider whether you need additional equipment, just in case. But sometimes you will need to wear several pairs of shoes, formal wear, winter clothes, special equipment (such as diving or camping equipment) or all of the above items for travel. In this case, checked baggage cannot be avoided.

The thick padding and height-adjustable strap make it the most comfortable and easy to install backpack for people with longer torso.

The thick padding and adjustable belt make it the most comfortable and easy to install backpack for people with a short torso.

If you need to walk a lot (or have muddy or cobblestone roads) where you are going, we recommend that you use a travel backpack. Specifically,

For men (and tall women)

For those with short torso. Ruckpack's thickened retractable belt can be fully adjusted in height. The bag is made of sturdy, tear-resistant nylon and has a lifespan of up to one year. It has a capacity of approximately 63 liters (despite the number in the name), which gives you much more space than our other options, while still maintaining the manageability of the overall size. You can read all about why we like Ruckpack in our book

The bag provides a luxurious feel at a reasonable price, and its capacity, warranty, and reliability are suitable for most travelers. The 25-inch model should provide enough space for most people without exceeding the airline's weight limit.

If you don’t plan to take everything with you, 

is ours

For all the same reasons, we like the size that we carry with us: it has excellent organizational features, is particularly durable, and has a better warranty than any product in its price range. —MZ

The sturdy silicone and metal cables mean that this tag (two in a pack) may greatly exceed the life of your luggage. The brightly colored case shows the owner’s name, but other personal information is not visible.

A good luggage tag should be durable, easy to use and discreet. Ultimately, the tag should allow someone to get the luggage back to you quickly and easily, and should withstand the wear and tear of being thrown on the conveyor belt again and again. After researching the most acclaimed and best-selling models, read the existing luggage tag reviews and compared the four tags, we recommend

For most travelers, because this is the only life we ​​can survive, it is smashed by other luggage, stuck on the wall, and is often abused by baggage handlers. It is the most durable label we have tested and is available in a variety of colors to help any bag stand out.

The silicone body of the Ovener label looks almost indestructible and is available in four bright colors (two labels per pack). Other tags also have metal cables, and this tag has a metal gasket to prevent the cable from eventually passing through the silicone sleeve. at the same time,

When we pulled it, it broke, and the cheap hard plastic

Fold it in half easily.

If you lose your leather bag, the oven can make it easy for the good Samaritans to find your contact information. To fully access the information card, you must unscrew and remove the metal strap. This will slide the card out of the box. Most of the luggage tags we tested protect their information cards in this way. This is not a difficult or time-consuming process, but it is an extra step compared to using tags that publicly display all the information. Still, for anyone who wants to keep their contact information invisible, the extra step is worth it.

Another way to increase privacy is to hide information in a QR code, for example

 Confirm or provide the user ID number, for example

 do. But for problems that don't seem to exist, these solutions seem to be too complicated. Dynotag requires the use of a scanner app that many phone owners don't want to disturb, while Okoban requires going online and entering a code, which may discourage those who do.

Compression bags were originally designed to reduce tall sleeping bags. They are filled bags modified with other nylon end caps. They can be pulled together with a string or belt to remove air, thus forming a smaller and denser package. To facilitate packaging. Most travelers use compression sacks to compress socks, underwear, and other items that you don’t mind crimping into a full half-volume package. For example, a sack of 8 to 12 liters can compress a woolen jacket and a weekend's socks and underwear into something that fits one hand. They also made a decent pillow in a pinch.

There is almost no tactile feel, such as a fabric flap that holds the fasteners in place and a fastex buckle (which can be opened easily), separating this bag from almost the same competitors.

After testing nine top competitors, we think

For most travelers, this is the best compression bag. Outdoor Research Ultralight stands out with its lightweight and sturdy construction (2½ ounces for an 8-liter small size) and thoughtful finishing effects, making it stand out from other competitions that are almost identical. This is the only sack we tested that can be tied tightly with one hand, because the rope buckle is held in place by the fabric flap. It's also easy to open the package, because two of the four compression straps are fastex buckles, which means you can unzip the bag completely by unzipping them. For comparison,

It has neither a buckle nor a cable lock retainer, but it is very similar and would be a good choice if outdoor research is not possible.

It has a full-length zipper on the side that can take out all the contents of the bag. However, it is not as tightly compressed as traditional designs.

Most compressed sacks require you to empty the things on the top to reach the things below them, but the design is compressed on the side

Allow access to the entire contents of the bag at once. Compression straps are connected laterally, and like most compression bags with longitudinal straps, there is less possibility of entanglement and twisting. It can also sit up on its own, and the handle design allows you to carry it with you at the last minute, avoiding excess baggage fees. However, the degree of compression is not as compact as the traditional designs we tested, so if compression is your top priority, then it is not the best choice.

A different approach is used to solve the same access problem: it has four internal dividers that extend along the length of the bag to separate your socks from underwear, winter accessories, towels, etc. This means you don't have to take off your T-shirt to put on socks. Unlike Osprey, the degree of compression of Osprey is the same as that of ordinary compression bags, but due to poor versatility, it cannot handle large items such as down jackets or sleeping bags, and therefore loses its versatility. Jack Chance

The compact size, simplicity and ergonomics of this scale make it the first choice among competitors.

Digital luggage scales allow you to better plan your packaging and avoid placing items between your luggage between check-in counters to avoid heavy objects

. After four hours of research and testing and fighting side by side with five top competitors, we found

It is the best luggage scale. Although most of the scales we tested can read accurately, Balanza's ergonomic design, compact size and ease of operation make it stand out from the competition. And it charges the battery via a Micro-USB cable, which is something that many travelers already have, and not like other batteries we tested that let you track AAA or CR2032 batteries on the go.

Using Balanzza is easy: press the power button, buckle the fastex buckle on the handle of the bag, lift the bag from the handle of the scale, and then wait for a few seconds for the beep, then you can put it back Bit. Like all scales we have tested, the backlit LED keeps your reading for 15 seconds, or until you press any button (it will automatically turn off the power after one minute). It is easy to read under any lighting conditions, and

The display goes out. When finished, short press the power button to reset the tare weight. Its default reading is kilograms, but the unit can be switched to pounds by pressing the dedicated button. (Unfortunately, this setting will not be saved after closing it, which is the same as

. ) The Balanza scale provides consistent and accurate readings in various suitcases (including roller skating bags, backpacks, and ski bags) weighing 100 pounds or 45 kilograms, and the weight does not exceed 50 grams. It has bright colors instead of the typical analog steel or gray, which can be easily found in the bag. —JC

May change your life. (Okay, maybe it's just your travel life.) The packing cube is basically a bag for storing your clothes. Although seemingly redundant, they are excellent in operation. If you think of the suitcase as a dressing table, you can think of these cubes as separate drawers. Put all underwear and socks in one container, put all shirts in another container, and another container for sportswear. Pull only the required cubes. They make packaging and repacking very easy.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Original cube set has a simple and sturdy structure, which can keep your luggage organized when you travel.


Three-piece suit

Organize your clothes for the week and easily transfer them from the suitcase to the hotel dressing table. The full-size cube is perfect for shirts, shorts and insulation. The half-cube and quarter-cube are very suitable for underwear, socks and other thin fabrics such as stockings or pajamas. These cubes are made of 300 denier polyester fiber (sturdy fabric) and stay upright when empty, so they are easy to pack. The window of the Pack-It cube is made of the tightest mesh links we have tested, which can better resist barbs, and the smooth zipper can easily close at all corners even when the cube is full . We also like that these cubes are always open, so if you put them in a drawer, you can easily access everything in them. Pack-It cubes are available in black, blue, red and some limited edition print editions.

Since we started evaluating packaging cubes, a change made by Eagle Creek affects zippers. The company no longer uses YKK zippers,

. In other words, even with a magnifying glass, we cannot distinguish the difference between Eagle Creek zippers and YKK zippers of other brands, and their performance is difficult to distinguish. (In terms of its value, the Eagle Creek product manager assured us that the percentage of warranty claims related to zippers has not changed since the company switched from YKK to Zipper.)

The Eagle Creek cube can be fully decompressed so that its contents can be fully accessed while sitting in the dresser drawer. This means that your clean clothes can be protected from some potential motel dressing tables. However, if you value portability first, the price will be higher

It is about 50% lighter than competing products (the medium cube is 1.8 ounces, while the Eagle Creek classic weighs about 4 ounces). Although the thin sides (which do not allow the cubes to stand on their own) make their packaging more challenging, the kit is tear-resistant and waterproof, and can be well supported over time.

If you often find yourself running out of space when traveling home, consider using compressible packaging cubes. This

(Including three cubes: large, full-size and half-size) can hold more items than our other options, but when fully compressed, it occupies the least amount of luggage space. Like Eagle Creek Pack-It Spectre Tech cubes, these cubes are made of lightweight, tear-resistant, ripstop nylon. They are lighter than Pack-It Original cubes, but not as light as Spectre Tech sets.

Purchasing the right equipment can help you organize your existing suitcases, but if your goal is better portability, it will be a red herring. "It's mainly clothing, which allows you to reduce the things you need to carry," explained Eytan Levy, an experienced traveler.

. This is because a large number of clothes make up most of your handbag. He recommends that you travel in basic-looking clothes, because you can always buy or rent good things in a pinch, and go shopping with formal clothes just in case, which is always painful. It will also help if you can avoid cotton and stick to merino and synthetic fabrics that dry faster. This allows you to wash your clothes by hand in the sink as needed to reduce the amount of clothes you need to carry.

High-quality travel underwear can keep you fresh and clean, even if your destination is uneven. 

, We researched a series of underwear designed for men and women, and found 34 underwear that meets our standards: moisture wicking, breathable, quick-drying, deodorant, elastic, fashionable, and tailored to various body types.

Then, we conducted a rigorous pre-test (wearing underwear for two days at a time, machine-washing them repeatedly, and tracking their drying speed when hanging them on the clothesline) before bringing them into the real world . Our testers backpacked 215 miles in Portland, Oregon; hiked in the Canadian Rockies, including hikes from the lowest point to the highest point in the continental United States; and road trips to Western National Parks . The tester who flew to the destination also wore the underwear on the plane.

Afterwards, we check for signs of wear, such as broken seams and pilling on the fabric. As we continued to test the finalists, we repeatedly checked for durability issues. In addition to comfort and fit, we also pointed out whether each pair of shoes is lightweight and packable.

This soft fabric version of ExOfficio's tried and tested Give-N-Go shorts is durable, quick-drying and relatively inexpensive, and can do many years of work.


It is the best men's underwear for travel because it is better than any other products we have tested in terms of fit, comfort, deodorization and value. Sport Mesh fabric performs well in terms of breathing and perspiration, and has better odor resistance than other fabrics. It feels soft on the inside and smooth on the outside, so it slides on the pants without friction, which reduces the possibility of abrasions. It also has a carved area area, which provides a lot of support for the wearer without feeling suffocated. These boxer briefs are quick-drying, compact, and lighter in weight, and are better than almost all other boxer briefs we have tried-basically, this is all you need for a great pair of travel underwear you want.

Whether you are walking, flying or hanging upside down, these lightweight, stylish, and quick-drying hipsters can stay in place.

At first glance, it doesn't seem special. Only after trying all other methods and passing through our unbearable failure, did we remember the true meaning of "special" in a pair of underwear: it felt like wearing nothing. Of all the panties we tested, Patagonians had the best fit, comfort and style. Nylon material wicks sweat faster and has better deodorant effect than most synthetic materials, making it very suitable for sports. Lightweight and packable, Active Hipster is the fastest-drying underwear we have tested-making it perfect for minimalists, they only wear one or two pairs at a time and can wear them for a few weeks. However, these same characteristics make them ideal for travelers who want comfortable, packable underwear, no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

These super soft, non-adjustable boxer briefs are carefully designed and comfortable, and are a high-priced enjoyment.

If you are willing to pay a high price for better fit and elasticity, softer fabrics, then

Very suitable for men who want to upgrade. Our testers said that they “fit like a well-made piece of clothing, but perform well in strenuous exercise.” The fabric moves with the body and requires no adjustments throughout the day. The underwear did not dig, sag, or ride a bike. These boxer briefs scored higher than any pair we tested, and scored almost perfect in all categories. However, at twice the price of our choice and more than four times the price of our budget choice, these are good choices for lucky underwear.

These wool underwears have a lower odor than synthetic fibers, but are expensive and dry more slowly.


Ibex, our previous runner-up,

Announced the closure, we chose

As our new runner-up. They are of similar quality and are made of the same wool as the recommended Balance Brief because of its natural antibacterial properties. The materials used in these underwear can reduce the chance of infection, or at least reduce the odor. That being said, Merino wool has its shortcomings as a travel underwear: it dries slower than synthetic fibers, cannot be packed tightly, is easily bundled, and is more expensive.

Comfortable, compact, and quick-drying, these are all valuable, but they don’t fit well and don’t support the same.

The fabrics similar to men's Airism can be cut by women at will. These underwears are the cheapest and best performing underwear we have tested.

If you want to spend as little money as possible without sacrificing performance, then Uniqlo Airism series products are your ideal choice


People who can wear small to medium size. In the next update, we will look for budget options with more size options. However, if these are appropriate, as long as you can cope with its slightly strange effect and poor deodorizing treatment, you can replace the entire underwear drawer under a tight budget. Liz Thomas

If you have never traveled with merino wool socks, you will definitely miss them. These are not the scratchy wool socks your grandpa wore in the army; they are soft and elastic, with natural perspiration and deodorant properties, and keep your toes comfortable even in wet conditions. The combination of smell, moisture and temperature regulations make them ideal for travel. "Due to its natural antibacterial properties, it is not absolutely necessary to wash Merino wool every day," he explained.

"After letting it air dry overnight, it looks like brand new." The only major drawback is that the price of merino sheep is often higher than the synthetic price, but this is a choice worth weighing. Because you can wear longer pairs in less time.

The multifunctional socks are the same as the ladies' models, but with different color options and larger sizes.

The best combination of versatility, comfort, durability and cushioning.

In the past few years, after traveling all over the country and the world, after trying out socks from several leading manufacturers,

Won my loyalty. Darn Tough is famous for its quality assurance: "If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best-fitting socks you have ever owned, please return them to another pair or refund your money. No strings. No conditions. For life."

Direct hikers (hardcore backpackers, continuous travel from Mexico to Canada)

It is durable, comfortable and anti-foaming. When you are in a pair of Smartwools (with only one

), the difference is obvious. Darn Toughs has tighter weaves, finer yarns, stronger stitches, and tighter stitches-Jim McDannald also mentioned this in his 2000 book.

Although I have not owned Darn Toughs for life, my oldest pair is three years old, and it is difficult for me to tell them other than the latest pair I bought last month. During those three years, I wore two pairs of Smartwool hiker's and runner's heels, three pairs of icebreaker ankle socks began to untie, and six pairs of Stoic socks had holes in the heels and toes. At the same time, Darn Toughs looks very new. Unlike the cheap socks that can be bought from Costco or military surplus stores, their socks are not so thick that you can't wear them in warm climates.

Not as durable, but lighter and dry faster. The double layer design prevents blisters better than any other synthetic socks.


If you prefer vegan products, are sensitive to wool, or want something cool and are willing to sacrifice some durability,

Made from synthetic Coolmesh (at that link, both men and women have the same size) is a good choice (we are more suffocating than Dann Tough's synthetic choices, we like them better). Like most synthetic socks, they are lighter and dry faster, but WrightSocks is unique in its double-layer design, which can disperse the friction between the lining and the socks to the inner layer of the socks (instead of the socks). ) To prevent blistering. Your skin. The combination of anti-foaming and light weight makes them especially popular with the following people

Except for travelers. Popular women’s travel gear review site

Call them "the ideal socks for active travelers who walk for hours or days at a time." Since he started traveling three years ago, Wirecutter A/V editor and part-time travel writer Geoff Morrison has removed all the sock drawers because he has not looked back since he started traveling three years ago. "Even after walking 30 miles a day during Le Mans in 2014, I never soaked in blisters," Morrison wrote in an email interview.

But with WrightSocks, the weight you lose loses durability. After only three trips in the washing machine, the women and men versions we tested had a lot of pilling in multiple locations. Morrison pointed out that after about six months, his skin began to look old and changed about once a year. Also, avoid using the dryer if you can, as multiple user reviewers have pointed out that they will shrink in the dryer over time. (They dry fast enough without a dryer, which is not a big problem.) And since they are not merino skins, they do start to smell after a whole day of walking around. Bring extra. —MZ

Strong and durable, moist and non-squeaky.

Same pair of shoes in women's size.


A good pair of travel triggers should be light, cheap and flat. This way, they are easy to carry around, and it doesn't matter if you lose them. After testing the super popular Havaianas, Ipanemas, Crocs and Old Navy flip flops, we chose Havaiana Top (

). These high-density PVC Brazilian classics are world-renowned for their durability, moderate price, and reliable traction even when wet. Compared with 220 grams of Ipanemas, they weigh only 150 grams. Unlike the big and rafting crocodiles, they carry almost nothing. Although other cheap flip-flops can squeak when wet, Havaianas are basically silent, which is why they are so popular in beach towns around the world. In the end, this is why they won our previous picks

But if you don’t mind squeaking and want something much cheaper, then the classic

The price of slippers is not more than half, which is a good budget choice. Compared to Havaianas, they are lighter (148 grams), softer and have shorter straps, which makes them more comfortable overall. But over time, the squeaking does bother us, especially when using them as shower shoes. This is why we now think that in most cases, Havaianas is worth the extra cost. —MZ

Although washing clothes at home may be a big activity once a week,

Author Doug Dyment recommends that you make travel laundry as part of your daily work, especially if you minimize your baggage: "Laundry should be more like cleaning your teeth. This is what you do every day. It only takes about five minutes to complete. Every night, I wash my socks and underwear, and I will have clean socks and underwear every day."

The Flexo-Line can be easily connected to a door handle or a faucet, and firmly grips clothing between its loops.

Look at OneBag

If you want to know the specific operation method and the required skills, but this is a very simple setup: all you need is a bottle of detergent powder, a towel to help speed up drying, and a travel clothes line Rope to complete the process of drying at night while sleeping.

Specifically, what you want is a braided rather than twisted surgical latex clothesline with looped ends, which means you need

. Flexo-Line can stretch up to 7 feet long, enough to cover most hotel bathtubs, and has a ring that can be easily connected to a door handle, bathtub faucet or faucet. The woven structure is superior to twisted designs made of other materials, because latex does a better job of clamping the clothes firmly between the loops, which means you don't need any other clothespins.

Dyment tried all the methods, but Flexo-Line was the method he came back to. As he explained to me in an interview: “It’s nice to have other people, but there are more undesirable places.” More specifically, Dyment said to avoid

, Because the clothes will inevitably slip off the clothes. He also said, never trust suction cups: “They don’t work over time.” If Flexo-Line is not available, Dyment will say

The brand also makes a beautiful braided thread, which is slightly more expensive. If you are allergic to latex, Dyment recommends using a certain length of rope (

Very good, because it is durable, you can also use it for other purposes) and

, Because they take up much less space than clothespins and will not rust. In fact, even if you can use the latex production line, it is worth getting these items because they are perfect for luggage repairs and urgently performing other MacGyver-like tasks. To hang the clothesline, we recommend that you use

Knot at one end, one

In another. These knots work well together because the bowling ball can form a simple, non-slip loop to secure one end, and the taut rope hook allows you to adjust the tension and lock it firmly in place. If you can keep any two knots permanently in memory, these are the knots to learn.

Ideal for travel, because you don’t even need to rinse off.

When you wash your underwear in the sink of the hotel, you want a quick and convenient experience. For this, we recommend using no-rinse detergent

. Yes we said

. All you need to do is drop a drop of water on the sink, add water, and soak the clothes. Then press the water out and hang it. complete.


After soaking, it is almost as clean as our top laundry detergent Tide; besides, it comes in

 Very suitable for travel as well 

. In addition to being odorless, it can also be used in a variety of odors, although Fig, Lacey, Celebration and Yuzu are not the most descriptive odor names (we have

). They smell very good, not overwhelming. Soaking

If you want to test drive one or two before buying, please bring two disposable packages for each scent. In this mini size, you can currently get 8 packs for only $11, but you actually only need to squeeze, not the entire pack, to wash several pairs of socks and underwear.

One of the disadvantages of Soak is that you won't find it in grocery stores or large stores. But it can be obtained online from the following website


. And, if you really want to walk into the store and put gloves on the bottle, you can find them in most local yarn stores.

Find the nearest location (if you want to visit any type of city, you can find one in it).

Don't want to buy Soak or bring some of your own detergent? Shampoo can also clean clothes well in a critical moment, so please use the free bottled water provided by the hotel. But it should be noted that neither soaking nor shampoo does

, Is a biomolecule in washing powder, which can decompose certain stains. If your clothes are particularly smelly or soiled, you may need to

Getting on the road is not an excuse for hasty. It is always easier to make a good first impression (especially if it is a business trip or attend an event such as a wedding) than to repair a bad impression. It is possible to build a travel hygiene kit using the same products that you use at home, but before rushing to buy a cosmetic kit and small bottle, consider the goals of the trip and whether you need all of them. If you are traveling for business, please make sure you have everything new and keep it in top condition. However, when you feel that you need to take a lot of things for a leisure trip, problems arise. What makes us sad is that many travelers have made a mistake with all the comforts they want to take home on vacation-the towels provided by the hotel may not be your favorite, but it is enough. He said: "If you just want to feel like you are at home, what's the point of leaving?" So next time you are going on vacation, consider leaving fancy (and heavy) liquid hair products and beauty tools. at home.

We have studied dozens of

In the past few years, we tested 23 top competitors in the latest round of testing. After packing and unpacking the one-week-old travel goods, we conducted a leak test and took the lead during the journey. We stand out for its style, packability and structural quality.

This lightweight, well-organized travel bag can fit into a week’s travel-sized toiletries, in a compact package. It could have been suspended, which is very useful for narrow spaces, but the internal structure does not have too many restrictions.

Compact and durable. It is small enough to be hidden in a backpack or laptop bag, but it can hold travel-sized toiletries, enough to keep us for a week. You can open it and hang it on the shower curtain or towel rail to easily view and take your belongings. It is equipped with a shatter-resistant mirror, two micro-mesh zipper pockets and an open pocket for toothbrushes, lip balm and tweezers, and a large compartment for large-volume lotion and hair care items.

If "The Sea of ​​Climbing" does not feel suitable for you, then we have several other options

This cosmetic bag has a capacity of 6.4 liters, has more than a dozen compartments, can hold all items, and will not put anything during transportation. It can also accommodate bottles of non-stroke size.

(Middle) is ideal for people traveling long distances and travelling with standard bottles. The 6.4 liters of storage space is distributed in multiple compartments, which means you can find almost any dedicated place you want to take away during the journey, and there is even a removable mesh shower room that can be used for shampoo and shower gel . This level of organization is crucial for larger wash bags, because as we discovered after years of picking with picks, items that are not firmly secured will move around during transportation, which increases the chance of spilling. The disadvantage of all these organizations is that LLBean weighs 14 ounces in empty time, so it is not ideal for travel.

Read our full review of

Learn more about our choices and everything we tested.

These six TSA-friendly bottles are sturdy, durable and cleverly designed. Compared with other bottles we have tested, they can dispense liquid more accurately.

May be out of stock

in order to

, This

Setting is your best choice. All six bottles meet the TSA size restrictions; three of them can hold 3 ounces of liquid, and three can hold 1.5 ounces of liquid, for a total of 13.5 ounces. Despite the name of the suit, the bottle itself is not made of thermoplastic polyurethane. "TPU" refers to a zipper bag, but a high-density polyethylene material, like you see in most plastic milk jugs Like that. -Smooth, translucent surface, texture just enough to make it not slippery when wet; plastic is also flexible enough that you can get shampoo or hand sanitizer or anything else without squeezing hard. Each bottle helps to regulate the flow rate, and the screw cap prevents the liquid from leaking during transportation. —Geoffrey Morrison

The three widely spaced blades of this classic shaver achieve the best balance of speed, smoothness and safety. Its handle is comfortable and well-designed, and replacement blades can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Eight yuan

We researched and tested 100 manual shavers for us

,The conclusion is

It is our first choice manual razor. Although it takes some extra time for the three blades to shave at close range, their performance is comparable to the latest and greatest products, while the price is only half of the latter.

Gillette Mach3 provides the best balance of speed, smoothness and safety. The simple round handle of Mach3 is easy to hold and manipulate, and its three blades can shave without excessive skin irritation or clogging with hair. Moreover, the price of Mach3 blade servers ($2 or less per box, whether purchased online or in stores) is close to or even higher than the price of Shaving Club competitors, and the price of Mach3 blades is better than those of competitors. .

Five of our eight testers named Mach3 as two of the top three razors and rated it as their favorite.

This classic Venus razor is one of the easiest to grasp and manipulate, and its three-blade design makes the blade visibly hairless.

Disposable razors (fully replaceable and replaceable blade razors) can be used

Where we like

the best. After conducting razor tests on 21 top razors and panel tests on 5 of them, we chose a powerful three-blade cutter head and easy-to-operate handle, which outperformed the competition. In addition, like any Venus, the body of the original is compatible with any other Venus head and many heads of Gillette facial razors, making it extremely versatile.

The head of the original has three blades and is separated by a considerable gap, which makes it much easier to clean the head between two strokes. It contains simple strips of aloe vera above and below the blade, allowing the lubricant to shave easily without turning the razor into a swamp. With the corrugated herringbone rubber-shaped contour handle, the original can be held and fixed intuitively. Although our tester has a wide range of hand rulers, no one finds it difficult to master the original. Despite the obvious ribs, it did not feel too large. Gillette claimed that its shaver has been in use for five weeks. We think that a whole week of travel with a razor should be fine.

The PackTowl personal towel is lightweight, soft, highly absorbent, quick-drying and deodorant.


We put the 20 best towels through

These include regular showers, trips to the beach, camping, and 48 hours in a ziplock bag in the hot Hawaiian sun. After all,

For most people, it is still the best all-around travel towel. In addition to being the softest lightweight towel we have tested, it is also more absorbent than competitors made of similar materials. It has the best odor resistance and is equipped with a convenient mesh carrying bag. We also offer other options for ultra-light and all-natural towels below.

The suede-like material of personal towels is the softest of the thinner towels. REI MultiTowel’s waffle material is softer, but also heavier and slower to dry. Compared with other similarly constructed towels (such as Eagle Creek TravelLite, Sea to Summit DryLite and Shandali UltraSport), personal towels also have better absorbency-in our tests, it absorbs 2.8 times its weight. The other absorption is 2.3 times and 2.7 times.

We tested only one of the two additional anti-bacterial treatments. The Personal Towel smelled only a little musty after 24 hours in a sealed ziplock bag, and remained unchanged for 48 hours.

If our top pick happens to be sold out, our second choice is

, This is a slightly more expensive option, and it works well in all categories. It has the same size and weight as PackTowl Personal, so it is large enough to wrap the body and can be reduced to the same size as PackTowl. In addition to keeping it clean and drying quickly during the test, it also has a modern design and snap-on carrying, making travel more convenient.

If you are looking for a budget option, please consider

, A little smaller than our other products, and made of seemingly lighter fabric. Unlike most budget options, it has an antibacterial coating and still manages to emit a pleasant smell after testing in different environments. -Mm

No matter how you reach your final destination, you may be trapped in an undesirable seat. Travel products that claim to relieve this pain, such as compression socks, are very popular. However, when they take up valuable luggage space during the journey, not only by plane or train, they need to take up every cubic inch of space. The less you do, the better your life will be.

The tall memory foam wall allows it to provide more support than any other pillow we have tested. Its shape can also be flush with the headrest and compressed to a manageable size.

Unique tilt angle

Out of the ordinary

Because it can lie flat on the backrest, most other pillows have rounded backs, which will remove your head from the headrest. Travelrest also has rubber grip points to prevent slipping while sleeping. The sponge-like memory foam of this pillow cushions the entire circumference of the neck, preventing your head from tilting in any direction, and its adjustable Velcro strap ensures that it fits most necks. The comfortable velvet look of the pillow is removable and machine washable. Although the travel bag does not lie flat, the Travelrest weighs less than a pound, and when rolled into a velcro strapped suitcase, it compresses to a quarter of its size. Our only complaint is that despite the support of the Travelrest’s high walls, it can still push the earphones away from the ears of people with short necks. -Sabrina Imbler

Bose 700 earphones bring excellent noise cancellation effects to travelers with a comfortable and lightweight design, but they are cheap for travelers.

Save $60 (17%)

The price is reflected in the shopping cart

Over-ear headphones have the most versatile active noise reduction feature we have tested. There are 10 noise reduction levels to choose from, and everyone should be able to find a setting that meets their needs. We also like the lightweight and comfortable design and easy-to-use controls. What makes the ANC of Bose 700 unique is the adjustability it provides you: most noise-canceling headphones only provide on/off or maybe high/low/off control, but when using Bose 700 pairing, you can change The ANC level is set from 0 to 10, so you have more flexibility to dial in the ideal setting to improve comfort. The 20-hour battery life is not the best we have seen, but it is enough to take you to most destinations.

These blocked the noise to the greatest extent in our controlled test and got the most votes from our subjective sleep group.

When you travel, it is difficult to fall asleep to strange sounds. Therefore, we spent several hours researching new competitors and tested four top models while sleeping in a house near the airport to determine

It is the best earplug for most travelers.

The 37.1 dB noise reduction level of Mack is the highest among the models we tested. according to

, Which is enough to reduce the volume of the lawnmower to the volume of a normal conversation. What makes Mack's earplugs so effective is that we can insert them and safely leave them overnight. Meanwhile, Howard Wright

Probably a favorite on crowdsourced sleep aid review sites

, But they will inevitably fall out in the middle of the night. Therefore, although the MAX1's noise reduction level is 33 dB, they still can't stop the noise of the plane landing all night. Howard Leights sometimes make our ears feel pain, and Mack's tapered shape makes people feel comfortable all night.

If you buy at the price of 50 pairs, each pair will cost about 34 cents. They are packed in a plastic box, about the size of a large coffee cup, small enough to be thrown into a large bag or suitcase. Many other earplugs, such as our runner-up,

It can only be ordered on an industrial scale. Although it may appeal to those who travel (or run hotels) frequently, they hate storage and often lack any reusable containers. Our previous choice

, 42 packages must be ordered, divided into three separate disposable cardboard packages. (Also, Hearos changed Xtreme's presentation so that they are no longer as comfortable as when we first viewed them.)

If you use earplugs every day and are willing to spend some money for great comfort, you should consider custom styles. Custom earplugs will not block more noise like well-sealed foam earplugs, but they are much more comfortable, especially due to their lower profile, which is especially suitable for side sleepers. The wire cutter writer Dan Frakes uses

They still performed well every night for more than five years. They are very good value for money, with a price of approximately $150-including the audiologist appointment required to accept custom molds. After wearing it a few times, he now hardly noticed when they entered, except for the audible reduction of noise. It is worth noting that ACS recommends that you make a new impression every five years and change to a new model, because your ears continue to grow until you reach adulthood, but Dan has been developing and growing in the past five years. —Erica Ogg and Dan Frakes

The lightweight contour Nidra mask is a light barrier for most facial shapes, with a deep eye mask that allows the wearer to blink freely and feel refreshed.

When bright light hinders peaceful eye opening, we recommend using a light barrier that blocks the contours.

Sleeping mask. of

, Nidra blocks the maximum light on the most faces. Its silhouette rests on your face like a pair of soft goggles, and its fabric lenses are located around your eyes (rather than directly covering them). This design provides more flashing space for the eyes during REM sleep, thereby ensuring that the redness of the eyes is reduced when you fly through the red eye. Wearers of makeup will also appreciate that with Nidra's elevated eye mask, the possibility of application is less.

The design of Nidra is similar to our previous draft,

—All have foam core, black nylon exterior, adjustable elastic elastic band and lightweight structure. But Nidra's darker contoured eye bags and softer materials help make the mask lighter on the face. With Bedtime Bliss and

 The mask caused light to leak from the faces of certain testers. Nidra and Bedtime Bliss also have similar adjustable Velcro straps, which can be a problem for long-haired wearers, especially for those who toss and turn. We found that, due to the wider coverage of Nidra from temple to temple, Nibed's belt is much more tolerant than Bedtime Bliss on the big head. We would like to see Nidra with a suitcase and earplugs like Bedtime Bliss, but Nidra's fit makes it better overall.

If you cannot use the Nidra Deep Rest mask, or in rare cases it does not suit your face, REI will sell a high-quality mask.

(The kind you might learn from cartoons). Its internal cushion is close to your nose and cheeks, and helps it shape various face shapes when it is tightened. Even when you sleep on your side, the structured mask may sometimes fall off. Wearing it is like tying a plush pillow to your face. It is very soft, but may be uncomfortable on a hot night. It has a longer elastic strap and an adjustable sliding buckle mechanism, such as a backpack strap, and a convenient earplug storage pocket on the bridge of the nose (although we do not recommend that you use the included earplugs; they are almost useless to block sound) .

The structure of the REI mask is almost identical, it is 

. We found that the only significant difference between them is the color of the front ripstop fabric, the lack of earbud pockets and a slightly thinner inner pad. Lewis N. Clark is sold on Amazon in two packs, currently priced at $15; if the REI mask is sold out, we will pick up this backpack without hesitation. We also tested

, The silky silky sliding cover will not always keep the original shape or completely block the light. Before, we also tested


, But their belts left a deep impression on us. with

Too big to fly. Due to its wrap-around design, it emits more heat than any other mask we have tested, making it more uncomfortable to wear. -Mm

The Sea to Summit silk lining can absorb moisture without retaining the smell, and can be compressed into the size of an apple, even weighing less than one. It makes the linen of motels and hotels more bearable.


Silk sleeping bag linings are a great way to prevent you from scratching, cheap, poorly maintained linen in hotels or motels. In addition to the obvious sparkling charm of sleeping on silk, it is also the best-performing material. Foreign Journal

Explains: "Silk sleeping bag linings are the best because they are soft and compact, can add a little warmth to the sleeping bag or bed, and can be used as a standalone pajama in very warm climates. They can also absorb moisture and dry quickly. "This makes silk superior to cotton, and cotton becomes uncomfortable once it gets wet, while synthetic fibers are more likely to retain odor. Silk is also super strong and light weight means that the manufacturer can provide you with full body coverage in a compact package.

Our favorite is 

, This was purchased after we researched all the options three summers ago. Since then, it has maintained an excellent development, accompanying us on travels in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Japan and Hawaii, as well as camping trips up and down the west coast of the United States. It has a variety of sizes to choose from, including regular, long, and even double shared sizes. No matter which product you choose, it can be compressed to about the size and weight of a medium-sized apple. You don't need it anywhere you sleep, but you will be happy next time you encounter a set of scratched sandpaper in a cheap boarding house. (We also use it for sleep on long-haul airplanes, so it has been a huge success.) When it comes to 100% silk lining that is guaranteed by a real company, the cocoon is the only other option, but

. A length of 95 inches is enough for anyone, but for those who are not tall, it is a lot of extra material. —MZ

Accessing the Internet in an unfamiliar environment can be invaluable. Wirecutter publisher Chris Mascari flies about 70,000 miles a year, and he provides a good example of connecting where possible: "No matter where I am going, I always like a smartphone with a lot of data that I can use. In In a completely unknown place, the power of the Internet has opened up the world. This is so open.” The map alone is worth the price, not to mention the ability to visit countless recommended local attractions and routes with just a few swipes. Look at our

Best comment section




, And more.

For international travel, one of the most useful gadgets is an unlocked smartphone, which is compatible with cheap prepaid phone plans that you can register at your destination. Unless you are


In more than 210 countries/regions, but the call charge is 25 cents per minute), or

If you have a supported device (which can provide faster speeds and more flexible data options), please sign a contract with a major carrier to travel with the phone, which means you have to pay for your arms and legs for texting, calling, and data And pay high roaming fees. The ability to instantly access data-intensive applications such as Google Maps or Google Translate is worth unlocking the phone. Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp is a free and convenient way to communicate with people you meet on your journey and people at home. In addition, you can also check email, TripAdvisor, banks, social media, etc.

"Unlock" the phone means you can buy prepaid

In the countries/regions you visit, you can access their local networks for much lower money than the roaming charges incurred by your home operator. With a prepaid SIM card, your phone can actually become a new phone with a new (now local) phone number. You may not see "Verizon", "AT&T" or "Sprint" at the top of the phone, instead you will see "Vodafone", "Yes Optus", "M1" or whatever offer you choose in the country you visit Quotient. The first thing to check is whether your phone

where are you going. Two main technologies are required for communication between cell phones and cell towers:

. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA, while most other providers are GSM. Internationally, GSM is more widely used, although there are some notable exceptions (especially China). If you are using a newer high-end phone (iPhone, Google Pixel, etc.), you can use it on GSM

CDMA network. If you are not sure whether your phone can be used where you are going, please check the Wikipedia page of your phone or contact your provider.

Your phone will also require a removable SIM card (most newer phones have). Most countries/regions require a passport or other ID to purchase a prepaid SIM card without a contract, but switching SIM cards is easy. When you are there, most stores will do this for you. Depending on the country/provider, this process may take up to 10 minutes, but it is usually faster. The next question can easily become the most complicated one:

Are you unlocking the phone? Each operator has different rules and standards. Generally, if you have a brand new expensive phone, they may not let you unlock it (usually after the purchase date it waits for a period of time). However, if it is a bit old or you have paid it off, they may do so. The thing to remember is that the provider can reject the unlock request without giving a reason. However, you may be lucky. By default, certain phones on certain providers are unlocked. this is

, with

. Or, you can buy a pre-unlocked phone for travel only. For example, Amazon and Best Buy sell unlocked phones. If you think you might lose an expensive phone, and a cheap phone is enough, then this is also a good choice. Geoffrey Morrison

This converter pack allows you to plug in the device wherever there is a plug and hold the device tighter than other devices we have tested.

If you are traveling abroad and need an adapter to make the plug on the electronic device fit the local outlet, we recommend you

. Its fit makes it safer than other comparable price kits and all-in-one adapters, which tend to fall out of the socket. The price of the kit is low enough so that anyone with future travel plans can get all eight, and only need to pack those needed for a specific trip. If you are indeed looking for a specific adapter,

The price of these tools is only half of the eight-piece tool set.

Can help you find the shape you need before ordering.

The Bestek kit includes eight adapters that fit grounded sockets in dozens of countries and can accept almost any plug. Even though the adapter uses the same plastic case as the Ceptics adapter (our previous choice), Besteks still maintains a firm and secure connection, even when we try with a bulky power brick. It is also more compact (and smaller) than the all-in-one unit we tested. This is critical because when the plug sags and loses contact with the adapter, it may cause potentially dangerous situations such as sparks, fire, locusts and frogs. We opened the door of Besteks to see what makes them different from the looser adapters, and found that their metal brackets are slightly stiffer than Ceptics's.

We recommend using a grounded three-pin kit because it is the safest and most versatile option-they can accept two-pin plugs, but two-pin plugs cannot accept three-pin plugs. However, as in the United States, some older buildings may not be updated to accept a third pin, which makes the Bestek adapter useless. After reading other people’s experiences, if this seems very possible, please choose two points

. You can't use most devices with three-claw devices, but most cellphone and camera chargers will do.

Whether it is two-claw or three-claw, the adapter will only change the shape of your plug, but will not change the current on the wire. However, this is usually not a problem, because almost every power brick that comes with modern electronic equipment can accept the 110-volt standard used in the United States and the 240-volt standard commonly used abroad. If there is a power block on the power cord of your device, words like "100-240 V~50/60 Hz" may be displayed. As long as it does not exceed the range of the voltage converter, you can use it clearly.

. This includes most modern laptops and USB chargers. Products without some kind of power block or non-detachable power cord at the end (especially products with heating elements (such as hair dryers and curling tongs)) are more likely to require voltage converters. Providing 220 V through a 110 V device in the United States is like connecting a fire hose to a drinking fountain-you are likely to blow your face. But voltage converters are tricky devices, and most cheap converters have bad (or dishonest) reviews. Since hotels and hostels are usually equipped with hair dryers, and most new devices can withstand the full voltage, we strongly recommend that whenever possible, only carry items that work with simpler (and more reliable) adapters. Mark Smirniotis

You can fill it with cables, loose batteries, Kindles and other items, and rest assured that nothing will happen.

Now, each device has a battery, each battery has a charger, and each charger has a cable (if you are traveling abroad, please ignore the power plug adapter), which is only used to keep the gadget running The large number of accessories required may take up more space. More space than the device itself. Moreover, unless you sort them out, you can bet and you must blindly fish them out of the most inconvenient position at the bottom of the bag. In the past four years, we have loaded our technical essential content into another five attachment managers, a total of 10, we think

We recommend the best gadget organizer.

The zipper book design of Cable Stable DLX can maximize the book cover and spine. There are eight elastic loops on the right, which "float" between stitches, so a single elastic band becomes three independent loops. When you stretch an elastic ring, its neighbors will tighten accordingly. This can automatically distribute the elasticity to where it is most needed, so that thicker items can be securely fixed without over-stretching the strap. There are two elastic mesh pockets on the left side of the Cable Stable, as well as a large zippered pocket. This zippered pocket is very important to prevent small things such as SD cards from falling and losing during random playback. Some cheap models lack it. At the center binding, you will find an elastic ring that can hold up to six pens/stylus/ice sticks-most stapler-style organizers, such as

, Do not use this space at all. On the outside, there is a zippered pocket that can hold a small tablet or e-reader, and a handle on the binding edge, so you can carry it like a lunch box.

In addition to the excellent internal organization, the construction quality of Cable Stable easily surpassed all other aspects of our research. Compared with most other products we have tried (for example, the second-place BUBM Travel Gear Organizer), its hard shell provides better protection against drops. Moreover, it is not easy to produce obstacles, and a smooth YKK zipper is used throughout the process.

. For those who travel lightly,

Provides similar build quality and organization in a smaller package.

Our runner-up is

Because it provides comparable organizations at about two-thirds of the price. But it is not as strong as the Skooba cable stabilizer, and does not have much protective padding. BUBM’s two zippered mesh pockets, three thumb drive-sized mesh pockets and 12 elastic belts (not floating like our preferred belt) can hold the same number of cables as the cable stabilizer. It is worth mentioning that, compared with our first choice, the grid is thinner and less prone to jamming, and the weight of the organizer is much lighter. But overall, the smoother and more protective Skooba Cable Stable is a better choice. —JC

A USB battery pack (also called a power bank) allows you to keep small electronic devices (from phones, cameras, tablets, etc.) running during the journey. Although your travel time will determine how much juice you need o

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