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Tannus tyre company launches anti-puncture insert - Cycling Weekly

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Tanus armor insert is located between the tire and the inner tube

Riding on uneven surfaces with inner tubes often results in time-consuming flat ground, usually at inconvenient times, when the weather becomes cold, dark, or both.

Now, the Korean brand Tannus is committed to producing "airless" solid tires to provide novel solutions, aiming to


Drivers and long-suffering people


Tannus inserts (called Armour) use softer, lighter Aither closed-cell foam as the material

, But located inside the traditional tire and tube assembly. It can prevent puncture and can also make the tube run under lower pressure without causing irritation.

The profile provides an extra thickness of approximately 15mm at its apex. Twisted with the tire tread, a puncture-proof pad of about 20mm can be provided on the circumference.

The side wall protective layer extends the bead to the bead, and the thickness is about 2 mm, thus increasing the protection against damage to the interlayer and side walls. Tannus thinks

Can be reduced to 20psi. If you really want to lay down, the armor plug-in can also lay down at a lower speed, allowing you to go home.

Armor inserts have a wheel size of 700c and can be installed in tires with a width of 35mm to 40mm. There are also 29-inch and 27.5-inch MTB versions.

Technology has become more and more common. It relies on forming an airtight seal between the rim and the tire bead. Not all tires and rims are tubeless compatible, and even if they are compatible, not all combinations work effectively (although with the development of technology, this combination has become less and less common).

Sometimes, the placement of tires can be a real thing, the sealant is messy, needs to be refilled regularly, and usually cannot effectively seal larger punctures. Therefore, the tube option with additional puncture protection is a good choice.

In the UK, Tannus armor inserts will be disturbed by Moore Large. The price has not yet been announced.

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