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SVS PB2000 Professional Edition

Although SVS offers a variety of audio products, they are well-known for their core business of subwoofers. They have five different subwoofer series with prices ranging from $500 to $2,500. Since the introduction of the top dog 16-Ultra series, by combining the technology developed for 16-Ultras, they have gradually reduced the number of submarines every year. Since the introduction of the subwoofer, we have commented on at least one of the updates.



, Now with the release of the SVS 2000 Pro subwoofer, we have updated the 2000 series. In today's review, we have PB-2000 Pro. PB-2000 Pro is not just PB-2000 with some new features; it is a complete redesign. It has almost nothing in common with the previous PB-2000, and has a new driver, a new amplifier, a new housing, and a new price with a price increase of $100. In today's review, the question we want to ask is how the PB-2000 Pro has improved compared to the PB-2000: Is it better? $100 is better? Or are there major improvements in all areas? Let's dive into...

From the appearance point of view, there are not many changes from PB-2000 to PB-2000 Pro. Almost the only visual change is that there are two ports on the front baffle instead of one, and the Pro uses a fabric grille instead of a sheet metal grille. The PB-2000 Pro is a fairly basic subwoofer shell, and SVS tried to make it more attractive by using black gray wood veneer on it and rounding the side edges. This does make it look more classic or more interesting than the classic black box. Aesthetically speaking, the transition from metal grille to fabric grille is an improvement. The metal grille of the pre-2000 model has more weight and has done more to provide protection for the front bezel, but this also makes the overall appearance look more industrial and less attractive. The fabric grille simply hides the drivers and ports. 

PB-2000 Pro is not a big kid, but it is not a kid either (at least according to Audioholics' standards). If other family members are not satisfied with the furniture and interior design, they may not have a place in the elegant living room. It is not an offensive thing, and it should be ok according to more relaxed interior design standards. Since the PB-2000 Pro is at a medium level in terms of size and appearance, it will be very subjective on an individual basis. The PB-2000 Pro's subwoofer doesn't look bad, but it's not very beautiful either. Its appearance fits its product category very well. looks great.

The design of the PB-2000 Pro is very similar to the smaller version of the PB-3000. It has the same cabinet and amplifier design (albeit with lower power consumption), the same operating mode and the same user interface. The most obvious difference seems to be the driver. The PB-3000 seems to have a more powerful driver, which is not surprising in more expensive subwoofers. To understand the basics, the PB-2000 Pro is a ventilated subwoofer with front ports and drivers. It is a subwoofer with port itself, but with port plug and DSP settings, it can also be used as a sealed subwoofer. The PB-2000 Pro uses a 550-watt RMS amplifier to power the 12-inch driver and uses two ports to enhance bass. For a more detailed look, let's talk about the driver at the beginning, because it seems to be the most novel component here.

The driver used by the previous 2000 series submarines is based on the Peerless XXLS platform, but the 2000 Pro series seems to be moving in a new direction. The aluminum cone looks similar to a double-stacked 3/4 inch thick magnet, but the top plate looks slightly different, and SVS now uses a stamped steel basket instead of cast aluminum. Although stamping steel is generally considered to be inferior to cast aluminum, the thickness of 2000 Pro steel is very large, so it is likely that SVS can reduce the cost of cast aluminum as a basket material without reducing the cost of cast aluminum. Regarding the cone, aluminum is not only a light-weight and high-rigidity material but also beneficial as a cone material, but can also act as a heat sink to increase the temperature of the voice coil. The cone is fixed to the fixing part of the drive with a Nomex spider web and a large rubber foam surround. The motor uses an aluminum short-circuit ring to reduce inductance and improve linearity. Before reaching the mechanical limit, the back plate can be protruded to obtain a higher offset.  

Class D amplifiers now use discrete 25-amp 600-volt MOSFETs and the same 50 MHz ADI DSP with 56-bit filtering used in the SVS high-end subsystem. Compared with the previous 2000 series submarines, its power is reduced by 50 watts. PB-2000 Pro has right/left and LFE RCA input and RCA output, in case you need to daisy chain the signal to other devices. It also has a USB input, which can provide power to the SVS wireless audio adapter for people who want to surf the Internet wirelessly. Like SVS's high-end devices, you can use the SVS Bass Control App on iOS, Andriod and Amazon Fire devices to control the PB-2000 Pro. With the help of SVS's Subwoofer Control App, users can control the volume within a dB accuracy range, the performance of the low-pass filter ranges from 30 Hz to 200 Hz, up to the frequency accuracy of a single Hz, and the slopes of 6, 12, 18 can be selected . And 24 dB/octave, the phase control from 0° to 180° can select a single angle downward (or you can flip the polarity from positive to negative), the room gain compensation response curve can be from 25 Hz, 31 Hz Or choose from 40 Hz with a slope of 12 or 6 dB/octave (this is very convenient for those who get a lot of room gain to tame low-end tones) and port tuning configuration. One of the subtleties of the SVS application that is particularly easy to use is the 3-band parametric equalizer, which users can use to adjust the bass response to suit their tastes. It can also help alleviate tame peaks in the response generated by room acoustics. The onboard control of PB-2000 Pro is the same as the "intelligent control interface" used in the 3000 series. It is quite stylish and intuitive.

The cabinet of PB-2000 Pro uses ¾ inch MDF for side panels and supports, and has a 1½ inch thick front baffle. There are two window brackets in the cabinet: one supports the drive motor and the other supports the ports. Each port is 3 inches in diameter and extends far back in the cabinet, with both ends flared outward. The interior of the submarine is lined with a thick layer of foam damping material. The feet are some wide plastic cones, and if there is no protection, it may not be a good idea to place them on a hardwood floor. The grille is adhered to the front baffle through some rubber-coated grille guides. It is difficult for me to reattach the grille to the submarine, because the rubber grille guides always hold the plastic grille bolt tightly. SVS may consider switching to plastic grille rails and metal studs to make grille installation easier and more durable.  

Although the PB-2000 Pro is a redesign of the 2000 subwoofer series, it is not fundamentally different from anything that SVS has done recently. It is mainly redesigned and draws engineering clues from SVS's high-end submarines. This is not surprising or unexpected, but reassuring, because as we have seen in the reviews of the new generation of SVS subwoofers, these have proven to be good techniques for making subwoofers. Let us listen to PB-2000 Pro and see how this design formula works in practice.

For the best placement of a single subwoofer in my room, for a single subwoofer without an equalizer, my response is relatively flat, the window range from 25 Hz to 100 Hz is +/- 4 dB, and there is no wide range in the important range. decline. This location trades low-end room revenue in exchange for a relatively smooth response, which is a trade worthy of my taste. The receiver used is Pioneer Elite SC-55, and the crossover is mainly used at 80 Hz. The music comes from Qobuz. As always, I will point out here that because room acoustics has a great impact on low frequencies, the way these subwoofers sound in my room at my listening position may not necessarily be the way to sound anywhere else, so readers will Please keep this in mind, this applies not only to the subwoofer in this review, but also to any subwoofer in any review.

The famous child prodigy organist Felix Hell (this is his German birth name, not stage name) can always count on a lively organ performance, and for recordings that actually use subwoofer frequencies, I chose one of his The album "Hero Ratio: Selected Works of Organs". This album is a mix of old and new works by composers from the United States and parts of Europe. I’m not sure what unified these choices, or what criteria were chosen, but Hell is shown with his unique dexterity and passion, so anyone who wants to perform well on the Bach BWV 552 or Barber’s Adagio organ performer should give it to This album has a look. The recording was performed on the organ of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The organ is a large organ with 14,470 pipes and 238 levels.  

Some pipe organ recordings focus on the minor key, while others use a balanced approach or make it easier on deep bass. The "hero ratio" brings deep bass, and the PB-2000 Pro proved to be a good match for the lower registers recorded here. The bass did not rise to dominance, and the PB-2000 Pro managed to provide a solid foundation without overwhelming higher frequency content. Now, of course, it has a lot to do with system calibration and recording, but the subwoofer itself is an essential part of the formula because it should respond evenly to all low-frequency content. PB-2000 Pro does this, making "hero ratio" a pleasure of listening. A good submarine that has been properly calibrated can make the organ record such a huge sound, as if the audience's room is much larger than the actual space, and the PB-2000 Pro is very capable in this regard. It turned my normal-sized living room into the nave of a cathedral, which is of course the intention. This kind of recording does require a powerful subwoofer or serious full-range speakers to achieve its full potential, and my experience on the PB-2000 Pro tells me that it does do this.

There are not many instruments that can penetrate the field of subwoofers like a powerful pipe organ, but when the focus is on the bass, the bass guitar can, and a set of low-frequency power cannot be ignored. The instruments are Bele Fleck and Flecktones. They also use a musical instrument called "drumsticks", which is an electronic percussion instrument that acts like a drum pad except for the use of fingers instead of drumsticks and is worn on the shoulder strap like a guitar. The drummer also makes full use of the deep bass, so in addition to the bass guitar, it also makes Flecktones' albums more suitable for practicing subwoofers in sound systems. That's what I plan to do when I choose the 1992 album "UFO Tofu" on PB-2000 Pro, which is very similar to their other works: jazz music has a lot of funk and vegetation.   

"UFO Tofu" (by the way, an anagram) is a great album that can be used to evaluate the rapid changes of the subwoofer in the bass guitar performance, thereby evaluating the musical flexibility of the subwoofer. The performance of bass guitar is very aggressive and attenuating, and sometimes it may be a whirlwind of melody. Albums often allow it to become the main instrument. PB-2000 Pro can easily track this sound. Every flick and slide is presented vividly, and the subwoofer performs these transients well. Sometimes, bass performance can be very cumbersome, and I think that some of these tracks can be listened to well with just a subwoofer, even though it may have a higher low-pass filter than the standard 80 Hz. In view of the symbol range of the bass in "UFO Tofu", and are usually in the same track, a subwoofer with poor response will be overly prominent on a few notes and ignore other notes, so the linearity is very impressive for albums like this. Happily, the PB-2000 Pro is just a note. The low frequencies of bass guitar and percussion are seamlessly integrated with the rest of the system. The woofer definitely exists because very few speakers have low frequency capabilities, but I can't be sure where the main speaker ends and where the subwoofer starts. Similarly, this integration is a calibration problem, but the subwoofer must have the ability to seamlessly integrate, and on the "UFO Tofu", the PB-2000 Pro has been proven to have super capabilities.

Dark ambient music can usually make full use of deep bass, although it is usually used in a low-key manner, so it is not the "face" of many electronic dance music. It is often used to convey the scale of certain soundscapes and other environmental noises. This is the case with NERATERRÆ's "Perceptual Matter", which was released on the Cyclic Law label in 2019. The tracks in this album are different collaborations between the new NERATERRÆ and other well-known dark environment artists whose names include "The Rising Throne", "Black Mo Xerox" and "Flowers for the Body Catcher", Anyone outside of these niche types may be unfamiliar. As you can imagine from the title of the track, the music here is depressing: "music that should not be witnessed", "become a nightmare" and "evil pulse of conscience". This sounds like music from a horror movie, taking place in some haunted villages or desolate alien planets. It is a drone and a reverberating atmosphere, there are few things like lead instruments.

Bass is almost constant in the "essence of perception", but it is not a separate or separate element from the rest of the sound. It is part of the whole. In order for this mixing effect to work, the subwoofer must blend naturally and have a uniform tone. PB-2000 Pro can provide it to me. The low frequencies here are manifested as distant rumblings, reverberating sounds and slowly undulating drones. They are an integral part of the entire sound environment, and PB-2000 Pro provides this vital frequency spectrum of sound without attracting people's attention. It provides a solid foundation for these components, but in a balanced way, and in the case where deep bass can have a texture, it gives these low-frequency sounds a "sense of shock" rather than just a vague rumble sound. In my listening, PB-2000 Pro helped transform these creepy sound environments into visceral environments, which would not have been so effective without this skilled low-frequency function. I think most listeners of this kind of music will use headphones, but the bass in the speaker sound system has a tactile effect, and the use of headphones will lack this tactility, making this music richer and more vivid. PB-2000 Pro not only has excellent auditory performance, but also provides excellent physical feeling.  

For music where the use of bass is almost subtle, I found an unusual album in HKE's "Into Your Heart", which uses a lot of low frequencies. HKE is one of David Russo's many stage names. David Russo is a prolific artist in the fields of Vaporwave, Fantasy Punk and other experimental electronic music. "Into your heart" is at the harder end of the scope of this music field. I say "field" instead of "genre" because anything that happens here is beyond the scope of the word "genre". The sound in this album is like experimental slow-down music with deep bass, as if someone is fusing the surrounding room music with dubstep. If this doesn't make any sense to you, consider some minimal electronic music with bass. I decided to use this album to evaluate the PB-2000 Pro, because the bass here is too high, so that playing this album loudly will definitely increase the limit of the bass, so that I have an understanding of its sound. limit. 

I can happily report that the goods delivered by PB-2000 Pro are used for raw output and strict control of the results. When those kick drums beat, I felt it shake my sofa. For a medium-sized 12-inch model, it has surprising muscle mass. I expect to behave in the following way

Back in 2016, but I don’t remember how hard it was hit, it’s not that the PC-2000 performed poorly. This is the heavy bass in the chest. The electronic bass line produced by the PB-2000 Pro is so thick that you can cut it open with a knife. The possible bass weight of the subwoofer does not seem to fit its size. I checked if another subwoofer was accidentally placed on the woofer. I don't have a bass and I can reach it, just like the footsteps of Thunder Dragon. It's fun to hear the sound of "In the Heart" in such a powerful subwoofer, and I think anyone who likes bass-heavy electronic music will like what the PB-2000 Pro can do.


, I used "Guardians of Galaxy" as a movie to evaluate the subwoofer under review. To ensure the continuity of these reviews, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but maybe not only to maintain continuity, but also because I have not watched it yet, but want to know what will happen next. Most (if not all) readers will know this movie and why the interstellar space adventure, which is the basis of the comics, will serve as an excellent subwoofer feed. The deep bass is plentiful, and the submarine is truly lifelike. The scene is when our hero’s spaceship crashes on the forest planet. This is a far cry from the first explosion that the PB-2000 Pro used to shock the room. The climax battle is also a huge bass event that can make any subwoofer difficult to exercise, but I feel that the PB-2000 Pro is very suitable for this task. All the explosions, laser guns, rocket boosters and various science fiction sounds have been given the necessary underground bass, including deep bass and powerful mid-bass for mixing. In addition to all these, there are Taylor Bates's orchestral scores, as well as the famous mixtapes in the film, including pop, rock and funk music from the 70s. PB-2000 Pro provides a clear reproduction effect, making music bass and effect sound completely different, so there will be no confusion or turbidity between various low-frequency elements. Just like the first "Guardians of the Galaxy", I like the sequel, and vivid mixes like this really benefit from a good guy like PB-2000 Pro.  

For something that has a more solid mixing effect but still guarantees low-frequency components, I shot the new WW1 movie "1917" with a Blu-ray disc. I haven't watched "1917", but a large Hollywood war movie is destined to have a lot of bass, and when watching this movie, it did very well. For the first half of the film, most of the low-frequency content is attributed to Thomas Newman's music score, which uses a synthesizer to generate deep bass drones to give orchestral elements an atmospheric effect. Music effectively creates tension, and when the action occurs instantaneously, they are sudden and shocking, and they demonstrate the dynamic range and transient behavior of the PB-2000 Pro well. Especially the plane crash that occurred in the middle of the movie gave the subwoofer a chance to flex its muscles, and the PB-2000 Pro did not disappoint. When the plane hit the ground, it produced a satisfying low-end crunch and was heard by people. Other notable bass scenes include fire engulfing the cathedral, producing a deep ominous rumbling, and culminating in the hail of shelling. In each case, PB-2000 Pro can convincingly reproduce these epic scenes. "1917" attempts to create a sense of immersion by protecting the film from any editing damage, so it seems to be filmed over a long period of time. The key element to create this immersive ability is the realism of sound mixing, and the key element is competent, realistic low-frequency reproduction, which is an area that many home theaters cannot satisfy. However, I can report that there is no need to worry about systems using PB-2000 Pro. It has sound quality and volume, and can handle large-scale movements in augmented realism, as discovered in 1917.

James Larson is Audioholics' main speaker and subwoofer reviewer because he has a deep understanding of the function and performance of speakers and is passionate about promoting the development of audio science.

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