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Sunny is close to 70F. The speed is 15-25 miles per hour. There may be higher gusts

Mostly clear. Low 42F. Reach N at 10-15 mph.

Use high-quality edging between flower beds and lawn grass (especially Bermuda grass). Wood, metal, stone, concrete or hard rubber edges will work, as long as they are deep enough to prevent Bermuda grass roots from growing under them. Hemming also helps to keep the covering in place.

Working in the garden can become troublesome. Here are some quick and easy ways that gardeners can save time, energy and money when gardening.

The first is to understand your website. Is it sunny, shaded, well-drained or damp, with sand, loam or clay? What is the nutrient content in the soil? A sunny place usually receives 6 hours or more of sunlight, while a shaded place usually receives less than 6 hours of sunlight.

After the rain, check your site to see if water is running off or condensing here and forming puddles. Take the sample to the county extension office and they can send it to the laboratory, which will tell you what nutrients are missing.

Since the soil in Oklahoma is usually shallow, gardeners may need to bring the soil into the garden to meet the basic needs of the plants to be planted. Plants growing in shallow soil will require more frequent watering and foraging because of their limited soil reserves.

Use mulch on all your flower beds and keep mulch rings around trees and bushes. The mulch prevents weeds from entering the soil and prevents soil erosion, allows roots to breathe and keeps the soil dry fast. The mulch can be decorative tree mulch or grass pruning. In summer, rocks and stones become so hot that nearby plants cannot grow.

Avoid using high-maintenance plants in the garden. These trees may have dropped bark, stems, seeds, and other debris that needs to be cleaned up. Use plant types that are suitable for the area. Do not plant trees or shrubs with known problems, whether the problems are insects, diseases, or bad growing habits. Try to use shrubs that do not have to be pruned once a month to look neat.

In problem areas (such as shade, slopes, and narrow areas between houses), use ground cover instead of turf. Bermuda grass does not perform well in shaded areas, while cool grass needs more maintenance. By using ground cover plants, there is no mowing.

Plan the seasonal long colors in the landscape. Before planting anything, make a "four seasons" plan that will grow something in its early stages, or give it the color of flowers, berries, bark, or evergreen leaves. With a little planning, gardeners can find trees, shrubs, perennial and annual plants that will provide color in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Raking leaves in autumn can be troublesome. What to do with the slanted leaves once they are tilted into a pile. For gardeners and soil, a better solution is to use a lawn mower to grind them up and leave them on the grass.

Use the best quality tools to get the job done. There is no bargaining for cheap tools. Spend some extra money to buy the right tools for this job. Also keep all tools in good working condition and sharpen them when needed. It is easier on plants to make them recover faster.

Take advantage of the best irrigation system you can afford. When it is an automatic system, gardeners can set a timer without worrying about turning the timer on or off. The plant received the required water without excessive runoff. In addition, there is the advantage of not having to drag hoses between different locations. If this is not possible, buy at least the best sprinklers and hoses you can buy. They will do better and last longer.

Jim Coe lives in Lawton.

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