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Sick of Doing All the Chores? New Products Help Spread the Pain - WSJ

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More time at home means

. It also focuses more attention on who does it.

"Mom is too exhausted, and she is still bubbling oily fumes." said Catherine Winch, CEO of the Mom Complex. Mom Complex is a strategic consulting company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to mothers' innovation.

A survey conducted by Procter & Gamble of 1,578 adults in December showed that about 63% of women said they were mainly responsible for housework, compared with 31% of men. Procter & Gamble also found a conceptual gap: Although 31% of men said they did most of the chores, only 2% of women agreed to let their spouses take on most of the work.

Some companies are investing in products to attract more family members to participate. Procter & Gamble’s Dawn dish soap and Swiffer dust collector launched a campaign last month urging consumers to “be clean to eliminate trivial matters.”

The original purpose of the Dawn Powerwash was to spray soapy water from the nozzle to adapt to consumers' habit of washing dishes with soapy water and rinsing liquid. Procter & Gamble says that since it launched it about a year ago, it has learned that the novelty of soap is particularly attractive to men.

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