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A free-spirited, eclectic, bohemian space can be as creative as you want. There are really no rules for boho design, but one thing is for sure: to really get the look, colorful and interesting area rugs (or two pieces) will really help. American carpets currently have

, Which made us reconsider all our design choices at home. Some are downright psychedelic drugs, some are more restrained, but any of them will give your space a gift of whimsy and global inspiration. This is our favorite check out!

It definitely falls on the fashionable side of the spectrum. The deep accumulation of shag and the carnival of colors make the room feel like a fun party mat from the 70s. Paired with some Moroccan floor poufs or rattan chairs (one or two), this rug can indeed make the space look old-fashioned, but it can also be used as a colorful alternative to more modern and minimalist furniture.

To bring some serious texture to the room

, The pattern of the pattern is actually carved in the pile of thick pile to show the layered appearance of pile. The carpet is always filled with bright pink and saffron colors, and is a great choice for establishing an eclectic palette in the room.

This 100% cotton

It is very suitable for high traffic areas where high color is required. if you want

(Strongly recommended for use in any bohemian space), the colorful geometric design of this product makes it an excellent choice for layering on more neutral carpets.

Sometimes, in a bohemian space, people need a softer carpet. After all, Bohemia does not always mean minimalist!

It will look great in a room that has been decorated in many colors and patterns, and its nasty weaving and rustic tassels bring some natural materials and textures.

Design like a southwestern style

It is an excellent choice for a bohemian style space. Bright, bold color palettes and geometric patterns will bring a lot of fresh personality to the most neutral rooms.

Tim Minerd


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