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Ridder introduces transparent RES 10 R FR wall screen - Greenhouse Canada

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Ridder has introduced its new type of transparent energy-saving screen, which is specially developed for vertical roller screen systems.

It is said that the RES 10 R FR sieve is the clearest energy-saving sieve in its class, and its structure is very stable and flame retardant. This means it can save energy while minimizing light loss.

All-season wall-mounted screen.

When growing crops that require a lot of heating, the use of energy-saving roller screen systems along the side walls has become an important standard. In the past, many growers placed polycarbonate along the side walls to prevent the loss of valuable heat during colder periods.

Today, in many new construction and renovation projects, the use of polycarbonate has been replaced by a movable vertical roller screen system with energy-saving screens along the side walls. The use of a vertical roller blind system can also create multiple (temporary) compartments in the greenhouse. Ridder's new transparent RES 10 R FR roll screen system is particularly suitable for these two applications.

Compared with the traditional horizontal screen system, rolling the wall-mounted screen upwards will cause different types of stress on the screen fabric. This will affect the properties of the screen. Thanks to the flexible but stable structure of the new transparent RES 10 R FR wall screen, the screen characteristics of the energy-saving fabric remain consistent and reliable. The flexible structure also makes the screen easier to install.

The new RES 10 R FR energy-saving screen is also very suitable for baffle screens to prevent excessive air circulation and cold out above the screens. This reduces the temperature difference in the greenhouse, resulting in a more uniform climate, fewer opportunities for mold and more uniform growth. It is said that the baffle screen made of highly transparent RES 10 R FR fabric can minimize the solar radiation loss during the day and prevent unnecessary cold wind from appearing above the screen.

According to the NEN 2675 standard, the new RES 10 R FR wall screen roll is said to have the highest transparency and the lowest horizontal spacing in its class.

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