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Residents experience fear, frustration during outages | Community | theleadernews.com

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The temperature of Allison Newport's Shady Acres house reached 25.5 degrees, causing icicles from freezing solid dog bowls and dripping faucets. (Photo provided)

The first social media posts about the power outage in the area were posted early on Monday morning. Homes in Candlelight Place, Shady Acres and Forest Pines reported power outages late at night, and residents of Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and other communities reported power outages in the morning.

At the time, they didn't know that there was no light for so long.

In a game where no one wants to win, those of Shady Acres seem to have lost power for the longest time.

Stephanie Parker said: "(Monday) I left at 1:30 am and arrived at 2:30 pm on Wednesday. "Not sure how long it will last. "

The Arctic explosion in the Houston area on Sunday night-bringing constant freezing temperatures, snow and ice-caused power outages throughout Wednesday. The Electric Reliability Commission of Texas (ERCOT) is responsible for managing energy flows in most parts of the state. Insufficient power grid supply and mechanical failures caused by extreme weather, local power suppliers implemented rotating power outages. This has brought a painful experience for the residents of the area, who are scrambling to keep their houses warm, while also dealing with water supply problems and icy pipe breaks.

Allison Newport (Allison Newport) lived in a bungalow in Shady Acres in 1940. “There is a little isolation in the attic, but no isolation below” because she said it is not safe to stay , So evacuated.

She said: "The lowest temperature I measured in the house was 25.5 degrees. I have a cold indoor faucet and a solid dog bowl." "I believe we are the lowest threshold for indoor temperature near us."

Laura Sartwelle, who lives on West 24th Street between Beall Street and Durham Drive, said that the power supply was turned off for the first time at 8 am on Monday. She didn't get it back until 2:15 on Wednesday afternoon. What frustrated her was the apparent randomness of who has power and who has no power.

Sutterville said: "The three houses near Durham have never been powered off during the entire process, and all the lights of all businesses that are closed between Durham and Shepard on 24th Street are on. No one lights up the sign," Satweiler said. "We have a neighbor who uses a ventilator at night. He is very sick because there is no electricity. Our house has dropped to 45 degrees. As citizens, what can we do to prevent this from happening in the future?"

Vanessa Smith in the second section of "Garden Oak" has a similar ability to get close to her neighbors. In her home, the power source flashes at 1 AM on Monday and goes out completely at 5:30 AM

It recovered briefly at 10:30 the next night and has been running intermittently ever since.

Smith said: "Although the coldest temperature is 48, when the power is turned back on, the thermostat shows a temperature of 55." "We have never evacuated, and firmly believe that the power will be restored at any time. 40 hours is not the case.

Smith said that among the many lessons, what did she and her family learn for the future? Don't forget to fill the bathtub with water.

Kimberly Spaeth in Forest Pines went out of power at approximately 2 am on Monday and resumed initial service 25 hours later, with sporadic power supply on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The house has reached 43 degrees," Speth said. "Because the hotel has also lost power, we stay at home."

Megan Taverna, who lives in Woodland Heights, said their house dropped to 39 degrees.

Taverna said: "We did not evacuate, we have no family in the town, and other people we know have no power." "We feel that someone needs to accompany our dog here and pay close attention to the pipeline."

At 10:15 on Wednesday night, the power supply returned to their house.

Taverna said: "It has been like this ever since," "Our water pressure is also very low, but there is a gas stove to boil the water."

With little or no water pressure, residents of the area will pay close attention to the pipeline and test the faucet. Many people post hopes about washing clothes or washing dishes or bathing online.

Sierra Gray of Garden Oaks said: "I will never take a hot bath for granted." "Make tap water."


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