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Reno Fire giving away free rakes, offering vegetation disposal

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Reno, Nevada (KOLO)-The first day of spring is March 20, Saturday, and the Reno Fire Department will help you during your spring cleaning.

The department is providing trash bins to discard any vegetation around the house that may cause a fire hazard.

Trash cans can be found at the following Reno Fire Department:

The Reno Fire Department will also send out 120 free rakes at Fire Station 3 on March 20 (Saturday). Rakes will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and each person can only use one rake. You don’t have to be a participant in the litter box program, but the purpose is to allow residents to clean their yard or assist neighbors in cleaning up their yard as part of their spring cleaning program.

The goal of the Reno Home Wildland Fuel Reduction Program is to help communities create defensible spaces to reduce the threat and impact of wildfires.

Starting every weekend from April 2 to September 26, the City of Reno will provide garbage bins for the required residential areas to create a defensible space. If you are located in the Reno neighbourhood that borders the wilderness city, you may be eligible for a nearby trash can to carry dead vegetation and overgrown plants. If so, you can reserve a litter box for free.

The 30-yard bins are shipped every Thursday and picked up every Monday.

The garbage bins of the program are only used to dispose of "plant waste" or "yard debris/garbage" (plants growing on the property). Furniture, electrical appliances, building materials, hazardous materials and chemicals are prohibited in the trash can.

To check the availability of trash bins, please call the head office of RFD at 775-334-2300 or

. Priority will be given to communities bordering the Wildland Urban Interface.

The fire safety goal of landscaping and maintenance is very simple: reduce the amount of fuel around the house. This does not mean that your property must be barren. Some plants have higher fire resistance than others. One of the most important things a homeowner can do is to use space and fire-resistant planting to create a safety zone or fire zone around the house.

You can reduce your chances of becoming a wildfire victim by doing the following:

0 feet to 5 feet from home:

5 to 30 feet from home:

From 30 feet to 100 feet from your home:

For more information, please contact the RFD fire department at 775-334-2300.

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