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Remembering the lives lost to COVID-19: Kathy Ann Weldon, 63, of Salem, Mo.

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Kathy Ann Weldon, 63, of Salem, Michigan, died on January 24, 2021 from COVID-19. she is at

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of last year, they have died of the disease.

Her 28-year-old husband Randy Weldon told Yahoo News that his wife is a caring mother and grandmother, the love of his life.

One of his senior advisers told Fox News on Sunday that former President Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and plans to launch his platform within two to three months.

Julia La Roche of Yahoo Finance broke down the details of Leon Black's resignation as CEO of Apollo after Epstein's investigation.

Despite the controversy in recent years, there are "ambitious" plans for India's role.

"Look, he is there. This is an organized election, and it is an election I will never admit.

In the dead of night, a double shock was announced. President Tayyip Erdogan fired the governor of Turkey's central bank and withdrew from a treaty protecting women, financial markets and Western allies. As he showed in the polls, compared with the response of a Conservative voter, the international alert may not be so important for Turkey's longest current leader. The support of Conservative voters has been the foundation of his administration for nearly two decades-but it has been slowly declining. Opinion polls show that his support for the Islamic-based AK Party (AKP) and nationalist MHP allies is well below 50%, which makes him work hard to win votes before the 2023 election.

Democrats say border patrol stations are terrible conditions for children

"Lauren, open the news"

"It works in a large percentage of people, but not everyone works. This is an important message."

"Biden can never get close to them now!"

Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to the White House, joined the "Sunday Morning Futures."

The child's mother said: "He just said'Wow,' and I lowered my head. About a four-foot-long gray shark was about to swim away."

Richard Hall wrote that the Democrat Holly McCormack is facing an uphill battle to win in a very conservative area in northwestern Georgia

The Canadian police were not racially sensitive when they informed the mother of the indigenous man of his death.

Every confirmed Biden official has at least bipartisan support

The Circuit Court of Appeals removed concerns about the jury selection process in 2020

To date, the Ministry of Justice has not filed any charges of sedition against any of the 400 suspects.

The government refused to confirm whether the president had received a doctor's examination

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A mission will soon be launched to demonstrate the commercial technology needed to clean up low-Earth orbit.

After Larson led more than 260 laps, Blaney had a late game.

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