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Mercedes-Benz has agreed to launch a TV ad for the "Drive Pilot" feature on its redesigned 2017 E-Class car, after safety advocates said the ad could mislead consumers and make the feature mistaken for fully automatic Driving system. Advocates also criticized the federal safety regulators for "going at full speed" to drive self-driving cars on the road without adequate protection. 

Optional driver assistance features include advanced adaptive cruise control and automatic steering functions, which enable the car to follow traffic and stay in the lane at a maximum speed of 130 mph.

Mercedes said on Thursday night that it would cancel the advertising and said it "does not want any potential chaos in the market, so as not to affect the huge improvement in the safety of the 2017 E-class car."

Mercedes’ decision was made in a letter from a safety advocate to Edith Ramirez, chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, stating that the car does not comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s full or partial Definition of self-driving cars.

Advocates say that E-class cars are "marketed in a way that consumers believe in a reasonable way," adding that commercial advertising may give the car "a false sense of safety" for its autonomous driving capabilities. Provided by Consumer Reports of the American Consumer Federation, officials of the Center for Auto Safety, and former director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Joan Claybrook (Joan Claybrook).

After a series of accidents are at least partly blamed on the autonomous driving system, the autonomous driving system has been subject to rigorous scrutiny in recent weeks. The most serious is that the driver of Tesla was killed on May 7 when a car driven by an autopilot crashed into the side of a tractor trailer.

Tesla now says it will stop using cameras made by Mobileye, which were used in the fatal Tesla accident. Both companies acknowledged the split and gave the impression of making a decision. Mobileye hinted that it has no investment in how Tesla uses the camera.

"I think that in a partnership, we need to work together on all aspects of how technology is used, not just provide technology and not control how it is used," Mobileye CTO Amnon Shashua said on the earnings call according to investment What the analyst says

The Wall Street Journal.

Car safety advocates also accused the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) Commissioner Mark Rosekind (Mark Rosekind)

, He said that he "inevitably...to go at full speed" to promote the application of autonomous driving robot technology, rather than setting appropriate safety standards. "This is essential to ensure that imperfect technology is not introduced into the vehicle before the technology matures."

This letter is about Rosekind's recent assertion that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cannot "stand by and wait for perfection" before deploying autonomous driving robotics.

The advocate wrote: "This is a wrong dichotomy." "The question is not whether automation technology must be perfect before it comes out, but whether safety regulators should allow deployment on American highways without minimum safety performance standards. Technology with obvious danger."

The letter alleges that Tesla’s autopilot “cannot tell the difference between a white truck and a bright sky, and between a large truck and an elevated road sign.” It said that Tesla “obviously knows this defect, but still Released the autopilot in beta mode and turned its customers into human guinea pigs."

Safety advocates accuse Rosekind and his colleagues at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of “have become fanatics of self-driving cars, not the sober safety regulators responsible for ensuring that the new system will not kill people. You don’t have it. Recalling Tesla’s flawed technology, but inevitably became an advocate of self-driving cars. Go ahead at full speed."

It’s no secret that children often develop habits that they observe in their parents. Whether it’s a certain way of talking, how they express their emotions or neat habits, you can usually draw some similarities between generations.

Now, a new study shows that habits are not the only thing young people can learn from their parents. Researchers have found that children living in households with easy access to drugs and alcohol are more likely to abuse these same substances later in life, regardless of whether their parents abused them or not.

Cliff Broman said: "Although there are many studies linking parental alcohol and drug use to young people's substance use, there is limited research on how alcohol and drug use in the family affects the way future generations use it. Research leader and professor of sociology at Michigan State University.

"These findings provide evidence that the availability of illegal drugs and alcohol at home during adulthood is a key factor in the subsequent use of the substance."

Broman came to his own conclusions after analyzing the data in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The report tracked approximately 15,000 teenagers over 13 years. During the study, data was collected in three different ways-the average age of the participants was 16, 22 and 29 years old.

The data showed that participants who were able to use drugs and alcohol when they were young started using the same drugs from an early age. For those who are the same, the rates of drug and alcohol abuse are also higher at the age of 22 and 29.

Data shows that if there are drugs and alcohol in adolescence, men are more likely to engage in drug abuse. As a result, more men than women engage in the same behavior at the age of 22 and 29.

The results of the study also show that race and ethnicity are a factor in the study. Compared with black, Hispanic, or Asian participants, whites were more likely to use drugs and alcohol, although the latter were generally more likely to use these substances during adolescence.


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Studies have shown that in male marriages without full-time jobs, whether due to dismissal or only part-time jobs, there is a 3.3% risk of divorce next year. After the husband got a full-time job, the risk of illness was reduced to 2.5%. 

Zipcar, one of the larger car-sharing member companies, has reached a settlement with New York State after consumers complained about its damage liability.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Before informing consumers or giving them a chance to raise an objection, they usually hit the member's credit card to cause minor damage. Schneiderman said such a policy violated New York law.

Schneiderman said: "When consumers see unexpected charges on their credit card statements, they should never know that they have been accused of damaging the rental car."

Schneiderman said that under the law, New Yorkers can challenge damages before assessing any fines.

Like any car rental business, Zipcar's membership contract stipulates that consumers are responsible for damages caused while owning the car. But unlike traditional car rental companies, Zipcar vehicles are not stored in a central location when not in use. In fact, they are parked in public places-streets or parking lots, and scratches and scratches appear when no one is using the vehicle.

Schneiderman accused Zipcar of failing to inform consumers about the damage to the car and the amount of liability before charging the credit card. Instead, he said that Zipcar conducted an investigation to determine which Zipcar member kept the car at the time of the damage. When it identified the members that it believed to be responsible, it deducted the fee from the consumer's credit card before it had the right to object.

The state said that investigations showed that 5,000 New Yorkers had received these unexpected allegations. In one case, Zipcar stated that before notifying consumers of the damage, Zipcar made a $750 scratch fee on a membership card.

In the settlement agreement reached with the Attorney General's Office, Zipcar has agreed to refund the damage fees of consumers who claim to be irresponsible. The company also agreed to change its policies to comply with New York State law.

The extra cost of minor scrapping is common in the car rental industry and provides an additional source of income for the company. As we pointed out in 2011, car rental companies have become more active in seeking damages.

They not only charge consumers for repairs, but also charge users for use losses during repairs.

To solve this problem, please take photos of all four sides when picking up the car and time stamp the photos. Then, pay the rent using a credit card that provides compensation for damage to the rental car. You can find which card has the highest coverage

Can you protect yourself when you travel abroad? The strength of the US dollar makes travel more attractive, but terrorist attacks abroad are terrifying. Are you staying at home for safety reasons or continue to implement your travel plan? This is a difficult choice, but it is yours alone.

The State Department provides guidelines for those who choose to travel abroad. The following are their suggestions:

When starting a vacation plan, please research visa requirements, local laws, customs, and healthcare for each country in your itinerary.

Allow enough time to apply for a new passport or renew an old passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months after you return to your country, and it must have two or more blank pages (otherwise, certain countries may not allow entry). Check the passports of all travel partners; adult passports are valid for ten years, while child passports are valid for only five years.

View the State Department's

, And the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate of the country/region you plan to visit to get the latest security risks/issues.

Use the link from the State Department

Lots of information about the countries in your itinerary, as well as all contact information that U.S. citizens may need help.

Print out the details of the nearest US embassy or US consulate in the country you plan to visit and bring it with you.

The State Department provides assistance (sometimes limited) in emergency situations overseas and in Washington 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444). If someone needs to find you in an emergency, please keep these phone numbers in a safe place at any time and pass them on to family and friends.

By visiting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites, learn about travel vaccine recommendations and health concerns/precautions.

Good at financial management. Remind your bank and credit card company of your travel plan and check the exchange rate in advance.  

Pack the medicine in its original prescription container. Bring a copy of your prescription, or ask your doctor to write a letter detailing the medications you are taking. Read the information about the destination, as some countries have strict laws regarding medicines (including over-the-counter medicines).  

In case of emergency, in case of loss or theft, please make copies of all travel documents. Send a set of documents to relatives or trusted friends at home, and then store another set of documents separately from the original documents.

Sign up for the State Council

(step). This is a free service that allows U.S. citizens to register for their travel. After registration, the embassy can convey information about safety issues, contact you in an emergency (natural disaster, civil strife or family), and help family and friends contact you in an emergency.

Check your U.S. health insurance to verify if you have overseas insurance. Social Security and Medicare do not provide insurance outside the United States. The State Department warned that foreign hospitals and doctors usually require cash payments, and that emergency medical evacuation costs can be as high as $100,000. If your U.S. healthcare plan does not cover overseas, consider purchasing supplementary insurance to cover medical expenses and emergency evacuation. You can learn more about

For some time, one of the main arguments behind the legalization of marijuana is that marijuana is not harmful to you, especially when compared to smoking. However, a new study questions this hypothesis.

Researchers working with the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association have found that in some ways, secondhand smoke from cannabis may actually be worse than secondhand smoke.

In a study involving mice, they found that blood vessels exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke took three times as long to restore function as blood vessels exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke.

The results of the study showed that this short-term exposure resulted in lower blood transport efficiency in the arteries for at least 90 minutes, compared with 30 minutes of smoking. Although these effects are only temporary, the researchers say that over time, it may have a negative impact on health.

Senior author Dr. Matthew Springer (Matthew Springer) said: "If exposure occurs frequently, these temporary problems may become long-term problems and may increase the chance of arteriosclerosis and blockage."

The researchers also ruled out that third-party substances, such as nicotine, THC or certain paper rolls, can cause loss of blood vessel function. After testing, the burning of hemp plant material is sufficient to cause this effect.

Researchers hope their work will help unify medical methods related to second-hand smoke, regardless of its source.

"It is generally believed that, unlike tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke is benign. Springer said: "For many years, we have been telling the public to avoid second-hand smoke in the public health field, but we did not tell them to avoid second-hand smoke. , Because so far, we have no evidence that it may be harmful. "

A class action lawsuit filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the owner of the Jeep Grand Cherokee model that killed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, as well as the Dodge Chargers and Chrysler made with the same gear shifting method. The owner of the 300 sedan offered compensation for Yelchin's death.

Investigators said that Yelchin got out of the car and checked his mailbox, apparently thinking that he had put it in the park. Instead, the jeep rolled forward and crashed the 27-year-old actor on a concrete pile, one of hundreds of accidents involving FCA US products with electronic shifting systems. 

The lawsuit states: "This case involves the simple task of driving a vehicle into the park."

. "FCA has adopted a traditionally simple process that is simple and clear, without confusion, and implemented a defective and dangerous transmission mechanism."

The complaint stated: "In short, FCA replaced the traditional gear lever with a joystick, but did not consider the impact on consumer safety."

FCA said in a statement that the lawsuit was unnecessary. 

"This lawsuit is inconclusive because FCA America has implemented the remedial measures it seeks. In addition, the vehicle involved in this action is one of the most valuable and sought-after vehicles on the road today. The value of its recall is due to the recall. The reduced allegations are gradually disappearing. There is no basis at all." FCA US said in an email to ConsumerAffairs.

Chrysler issued a recall notice on April 22, 2016, which involved the 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee, 2012-14 Chrysler 300s and Dodge Chargers to add a component to enhance Jeep's monostable gear selector.  

When Chrysler announced the recall, Chrysler wrote to the owners, promising to find a solution to the problem by the fourth quarter of 2016. However, it did not disclose when the fix was actually available.

"Given Chrysler's recent efforts to recall flammable Jeep vehicles, owners may have a long delay in seeking remedial measures," said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Automotive Safety. He called on Chrysler to provide free loans until the problem was resolved.

In a lawsuit filed in the Federal Court of Brooklyn, Grand Cherokee owners Janella Mack and Michael Cruz demanded that Chrysler order the owners to stop driving until the vehicle was secured, and demand compensation for the economic losses.

The lawsuit argues that when the car is turned off, the electronic shift system will never actually shift or lock it in gear, thereby exposing nearly one million drivers to the risk of property damage and personal injury.

Health officials said the local outbreak of Zika virus appeared to be caused by mosquitoes. If so, they will be the first case of mosquito-to-human transmission on the continental United States.

Health officials believe that the four people in Miami-Dade County and Broward County were most likely infected with the Zika virus after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. 

Investigators said that the three women and one man had not been to areas infected with Zika virus, nor had they had sex with people infected with Zika virus. Therefore, the bite of an infected mosquito seems to be the only possible explanation for the disease.

The Florida Department of Health believes that the active transmission of Zika virus occurred in a small area north of downtown Miami, covering an area of ​​about one square mile. Health officials said that although the mosquitoes in the area were not trapped and tested positive for Zika virus, they believed that the four patients were probably bitten here.

Health researchers are collecting urine samples from door to door in the area to determine if anyone has urine infection.

Blood donation work in Miami-Dade and Broward counties has ceased until the donation center can test each unit's blood donation for Zika. 

Health officials also recommend that counties near Miami-Dade and Broward do the same. In addition, blood donation centers outside of Florida are also required to not accept blood from residents of Miami-Dade or Broward County in the past month. 

Miami-Dade County includes the City of Miami. Broward (Broward) is located just north of Miami, including Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale and Po Sam Beach)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that Zika virus can cause microcephaly, a serious birth defect in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains.

Urge pregnant women and their partners to take steps to avoid Zika virus, which is transmitted both through mosquitoes and sexually.

CVS Health said it is working with Adapt Pharma to provide a special discounted opioid overdose antidote naloxone nasal spray for people without a prescription.

Entering August, the average price of gasoline that motorists will enjoy is about 55 cents per gallon cheaper than a year ago. It should make the trip to the beach cheaper.

Last week, the large amount of fuel supply in the central United States, coupled with the decline in crude oil prices, led to a sharp drop in the Midwest, leading to a drop in oil prices in 47 states last week. However, Patrick DeHaan, Senior Analyst at Gasbuddy

Today, prices in Ohio and Michigan appear to be rising.

Although the price of gasoline in California is still one of the most expensive in the United States, the price of gasoline per gallon for drivers there is one dollar less than a year ago.

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey, the national average price of self-service gasoline is $2.19 per gallon, a drop of 4 cents from a week ago. The national average price of diesel was $2.32 per gallon, down 2 cents from last week.

Now, Hawaii has discovered the most expensive gasoline, with an average statewide price of $2.78 per gallon. Next came California at $2.75, followed by Washington and Alaska at $2.63.

The cheapest gas station is in South Carolina, where the average oil price across the state has fallen to $1.84 per gallon. It’s $1.90 in Alabama and $1.92 in Tennessee.

According to AAA data, more than one-third of gas stations in the United States have gasoline prices of US$2 or less per gallon. At this time last month, only 7% of TV stations had reduced their prices to this level.

AAA analysis predicts that fuel prices will remain low throughout the remainder of the summer. In the fall, when refineries switch to winter grade gasoline, prices are usually lower. Nothing on the horizon can change this pattern.

Usually, the demand in summer will greatly increase. But U.S. crude oil inventories are at their highest level at this time of year in 86 years. U.S. oil production may decrease, but refineries have been busy converting surplus stocks into gasoline.

The American Petroleum Institute reported last week that fuel deliveries in June increased by 3% over 2015, reaching the highest level in 9 years.

Since the real estate bubble burst, fewer and fewer Americans have bought houses.

The first is because it is much more difficult to obtain a mortgage and many people are unemployed. That's because the number of houses to be sold has decreased.

right now

Home ownership in the United States is at its lowest level since 1965, when the median price of homes in the United States was $21,000.

The Census Bureau tracks percentages, not actual numbers. In the second quarter of this year, the shareholding ratio fell to 62.9%, the same ratio as the government began to keep records 51 years ago.

Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist of the real estate website Trulia

The continued decline in home ownership is mainly due to millennials who continue to rent houses through choice or inability to buy.

He told Business News Channel: “It’s true that low inventory and affordability don’t help them own their own houses, but moving out of their parents’ basement and moving into a rental unit is also a good sign for the real estate market.”

The census data also shows that the housing rental market is tightening due to people who cannot or do not want to buy a house, competing for apartments and rental properties. Over the past seven years, competition has intensified rent increases, making it more difficult for some tenants to save down payments.

In another report, the real estate market Zillow reported that the rents of the cheapest rental homes have risen the fastest. This is mainly due to the growing shortage of cheap housing, as developers are focusing more on luxury apartments with higher rents.

Zillow said it looked at the median rents in 15 metropolitan areas in the United States and found that the median rent for the cheapest one-third of apartments grew faster than the overall market. California is a good example. The rents of the cheapest rental properties in Sacramento have risen by 33% last year, while the national median rent has risen by 7%.

Dr. Svenja Gudell, Chief Economist of Zillow

The rental market in the United States.

Goodall said: "Demand in the low-end market is high, and high-end supply has increased. This imbalance will only exacerbate the affordability concerns of all renters," Goodall said. "We simply cannot build enough numbers at the bottom and middle of the rental market to meet demand."

All this has caused a housing problem. Not only is renting more and more expensive, but those who pay high rents find it difficult to save down payments. Even with a down payment, potential homeowners will still find fewer homes on the market, which means that the homeowner’s ownership rate may remain low in the next few years.

Preliminary observations of economic performance in the second quarter show that there has been an improvement in the first three months of this year, but the increase is not large.

The US Department of Commerce reported that from January to March, the annual growth rate of real gross domestic product (GDP) was 1.2%, while the growth rate from January to March last year was only 0.8%. This "advanced" reading is based on source data that is incomplete or awaiting further modification. The second estimate will be released in about a month.

The second-quarter growth of real GDP in the second quarter is the result of personal consumption expenditure (PCE) or consumer spending and export growth. They were offset by declines in private inventory investment, non-residential fixed investment, residential fixed investment, and state and local government spending. Imports (subtracted from the calculation of GDP) have fallen.

The reason for the acceleration of real GDP growth in the second quarter compared with the first quarter was PCE growth, export growth, and a smaller decline in non-resident fixed investment and federal government spending. The sharp decline in private inventory investment, as well as the decline in residential fixed investment and state and local government spending, offset this acceleration.

After a slight increase of 0.2% in the first three months of this year, the price index of gross domestic purchases rose by 2.0% in the second quarter. The PCE price index rose by 1.9%, while it rose by 0.3%. Excluding food and energy prices, the core PCE price index rose by 1.7%, compared with a 2.1% increase in the previous quarter.

Disposable personal income-residual income after taxes-increased by 3.1% in the second quarter and 0.6% from the first quarter. Real disposable personal income (after deducting inflation) increased by 1.2%.

The total personal savings in the second quarter was $763.1 billion, and the personal savings rate was 5.5%. Personal savings accounted for 5.5% of disposable personal income, compared with 6.1% in the first quarter.

It can be found on the website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Last week, the number of people applying for national unemployment benefits surged for the first time.

According to data from the US Department of Labor, in the week ending July 23, the initial number of initial jobless claims increased by 14,000 to 266,000 after seasonal adjustment. The level of the previous week was lowered by 1,000.

Even if it increased, the initial claim level was below 300,000 for the 73rd consecutive week, the longest increase in about 43 years.

The four-week change that lacks weekly adjustment volatility and is considered a more accurate measure of the labor market fell 1,000 points to 256,500.

It can be found on the DOL website.

Recall of 32,913 2016 Cruze vehicles produced between November 5, 2015 and May 26, 2016.

The headlight assembly is not marked with a three-digit identification code for correct alignment of the headlight. Therefore, these vehicles do not meet the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 108 "Lights, Reflective Devices and Auxiliary Equipment".

Without the identification code, the headlights may not be aligned correctly during maintenance, which reduces visibility at night and increases the risk of collisions.

GM will mail the owner's instructions and a sticker with the correct code to install it on the headlight assembly. The owner can also take the vehicle to the GM dealer for free for any assistance in labeling. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule.

The owner can call the Chevrolet Customer Service Department at 1-800-222-1020. GM's phone number for this recall is 50190.

(IFS) is expanding the scope of its previously recalled ready-to-eat sandwiches that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

There is no report of disease so far.

The scope of this recall is expanded to include products manufactured from May 18 to June 16, 2016. These products have been distributed to food service distributors and schools in California, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

The recall will not affect any retail products.

Any school district that believes that it may have recalled products in frozen storage should contact the IFS Recall Coordinator at (800) 560-9999 between 8 am and 5 pm (Pacific Time) from Monday to Friday, or through Email to Recall@integratedfoodservice.com.

Recall 39,395 Coccoro convertible child restraints, model 8220, manufactured from January 1, 2009 to June 29, 2016.

When the car seat is installed in a forward position and fixed only with the car's seat belt, if a collision occurs, excessive force may be transmitted to the occupant, thereby increasing the risk of injury. Therefore, these child seats do not meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213 "Child Restraint System".

In the event of a collision, the risk of injury to the occupants increases.

When the Coccoro child safety seat is installed in a rear-facing position, this recall will not affect its use.

Combi will notify the owners and provide them with a protective cover for the seat bottom cover for free. The recall is expected to begin in July 2016.

Vehicle owners can call 1-888-232-3294 or contact Combi customer service in the following ways.

. Combi's phone number for this recall is 610.  

In the United States, there are an estimated 6,000 debt collection agencies, which makes it a huge industry. According to statistics from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), this affects approximately 70 million consumers who have arrears.

Some of these debts are legal, and some are illegal. At present, the burden of proof is borne by consumers. under

, Many burdens will be transferred to the debt collection industry.

CFPB director Richard Cordray (Richard Cordray) said: "Today, we are considering a proposal to overhaul the debt collection market." "This is to bring better accuracy and a sense of responsibility to the much-needed market."

Under the proposed rules, debt collectors will be required to restrict their communications, clearly disclose the details of the debt, and make it easier for consumers to dispute the debt. When a consumer disputes a debt, if sufficient evidence is not provided to prove that the debt is true, the debt collector will not be able to continue the collection work.

If these recommendations are implemented, it may bring huge changes to the entire industry. When debt collectors buy old debt from banks or credit card companies, some of the biggest problems arise. Since the debt is old and has changed hands, the paper traces may be thin or missing.

However, in some cases, debt collectors lashed out at consumers for insisting on illegal debts and even dragged them to court. A typical example occurred in May 2015, when Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, one of the largest debt-writing buyers in the United States, tried to collect $1,000 in credit card debt from Maria Guadalupe Mejia, who insisted that the debt was not hers.

The jury ruled that the evidence that the debt was not her debt was so clear and overwhelming that it not only dismissed the case, but also awarded Mei Jia a verdict of $83 million.

CFPB stated that the number of debt collection complaints exceeds all other types it has received.

The agency stated: “Since 2011, we have handled about 250,000 debt collection complaints, and in 2015 alone, we have handled about 85,000.” “Since 2011, we have passed measures against illegal debt collection activities. Enforcement actions ordered creditors and debt collectors to refund hundreds of millions of dollars."

The CFPB stated that in complaints about debt collection, most people are worried about continuing to try to recover debts that consumers claim they have not owed. This may be because it is not their debt, or the bankruptcy protection has been repaid or released.

The CFPB said that consumers sometimes pay debts not just to get rid of debt collectors. Sometimes, consumers will spend time and money to dispute the debt. The proposed CFPB rule will shift the burden of proof from consumers to debt collectors.

At the same time, the CFPB stated that if you have trouble collecting debts, you can

Online or call (855) 411-CFPB (2372).

Not long ago, Chipotle was strongly opposed by consumers due to its connection with E. coli. The company even launched a reward program to win customers' repeat customers. Now, after months of recovery, the chain has announced that it will open a new chain of burger restaurants.

The first store of this chain is called "Tasty Made" and will open in Lancaster, Ohio in the fall. Steve Ells, founder and CEO of Chipotle, hopes that the new agency will revisit the original burger joints that are popular in the United States

“Early fast food burger restaurants usually provide key menus. We think this primitive fast food model has great advantages, so we hope to create a restaurant based on this. He said: “We only use very good ingredients to make burgers. , French fries and milkshakes, we think we can attract people’s eternal love for burgers, but in a way that is consistent with our long-term vision. "

Ells went on to say that the long-term vision is to bring high-quality ingredients back to the front desk. "Chipotle has always been committed to changing people’s long-term vision of how fast food is thought and how they eat. At its core is our commitment to quality ingredients and classic cooking techniques-these characteristics are essential for making the best tasting food and can be applied to A variety of cuisines." He said.

From an economic point of view, Chipotle’s new attempt to get involved in the Hamburg business may be an attempt to recover from the losses associated with the E. coli outbreak in 14 states. The company's stock price has fallen sharply last year. 

A class-action lawsuit alleges that United Airlines frequently transports luggage to passengers on other flights to make room to earn considerable last-minute express shipments. It claims that this practice puts passengers and crew at risk of terrorist explosions.

The lawsuit cited the example of the Pan Am 747 that crashed on Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, which is an example of how bombs in unaccompanied luggage caused the plane to fall.

The plaintiff, Kathleen Watson, said that when she and her husband arrived from Seattle and the luggage did not show up in Honolulu, she was aware of this practice.

. It turned out that the luggage was on another flight and arrived shortly after.

Watson said a baggage supervisor said that United Airlines has a policy of placing passenger baggage on the next available flight in order to leave room for air cargo. The flight of the Watsons travel bag was originally scheduled to take off before the Watsons flight, but it was postponed.

The Watsons said in the complaint that the supervisor insisted that this practice was not illegal, and gestured to the luggage conveyor belts in Delta and the U.S. (the conveyor belts where people were waiting for their luggage on the same delayed flight), saying: " Everyone does it." 

After the Lockerbie bombing, some restrictions were implemented to prevent the loading of unmanned luggage, but such restrictions do not apply to domestic flights.

The lawsuit stated that this practice showed that passenger safety "ignored Metrohm."

In this digital age, we are constantly constraining work. Due to the office in our office, actually leaving the office does not always require doing it mentally.

From an economic and medical point of view, having health insurance makes a lot of sense, but can it be used as a predictor of how much you smoke or drink? A new study conducted by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health shows that it can be done.

Researchers at the school found an association between tobacco and alcohol consumption trends and health insurance coverage of women of childbearing age. This study may be particularly important because it reveals serious effects on pregnant women.

“Prenatal substance use is a major public health concern and poses a major threat to maternal and child health. Health insurance, which is widely available through the Affordable Care Act, can be used as a universal preventive intervention to help reduce Prenatal drug abuse." Lead author Dr. Qiana L. Brown said.

The study analyzed nearly 100,000 women between the ages of 12 and 44 who participated in the National Survey of Drug Use and Health in the United States between 2010 and 2014. Among all participants, 3% were pregnant at the time of the survey.

After controlling for various factors, including race, age, income, and education, the researchers found that health insurance coverage usually predicts which drugs women tend to use. The survey results showed that among all participants with health insurance, 22% reported smoking in the past 30 days. For uninsured women, this number jumped to 33%.

In sharp contrast, the researchers found that 50% of insured women reported drinking in the past 39 days, but the number for uninsured women was slightly lower-47%.

When analyzing data on pregnant women, the results of the study showed more worrying trends. Researchers found that regardless of insurance status, alcohol and tobacco use were most common in the first trimester of pregnancy-19% and 22%, respectively.

Researchers pointed out that the abuse of these substances in the first trimester may have a serious impact on the development of the growing fetus. They believe that prenatal check-ups may be the best way to curb these unhealthy behaviors.

Dr. Deborah Hasin said: “Prenatal testing may provide a good opportunity to screen for tobacco and alcohol consumption in particular, with brief interventions,” “Especially for alcoholic beverages, there is evidence that screening and brief recommendations are correct Medical patients who drink more than the recommended level but do not rely on alcohol may be surprisingly effective."

And, like a study we recently reported, researchers said that pregnant women’s smoking habits are alarmingly high. "There is a need for health care workers to pay more attention to pregnant women's smoking. Our results indicate that the opportunity to prevent tobacco was missed during prenatal care," said Dr. Silvia Martins.

Has been published in the magazine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended screening for hepatitis C for all baby boomers in the United States.

Hepatitis C is an infectious liver disease. It may be a mild disease that lasts for several weeks, or it may be a disease that damages the liver for a lifetime.

The baby boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964, which is particularly worrying because its lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s may put it at risk. The disease is most related to drug use and can be transmitted sexually in some cases.

drug? gender? In many cases, you are describing the baby boom lifestyle because this generation has grown wild oats. According to the CDC, baby boomers are five times more likely to be exposed to hepatitis C virus (HCV) than other generations.

Although the recommendation for screening has been around for more than a year, doctors at the University of Michigan say that this is rarely part of the regular medical check-ups for baby boomers. These doctors said they have

Help other doctors make sure that HCV screening is part of their routine: electronic medical record alerts.

According to the plan, the doctor who treats patients in the target age group will get an automatic alert to remind him or her to order tests and provide patients with information about the risks associated with the virus.

About a year ago, doctors set up such an alert within the University of Michigan health system, and screenings increased significantly in the first six months.

Dr. Monica Conaman, a liver specialist at the University of Michigan, said: "A big part of success is figuring out how to cancel logistics. It doesn't just involve checking the patient's date of birth." Hepatitis damages their liver.

Health officials believe that a large number of baby boomers were infected 30 or 40 years ago and were unaware of this. Sometimes symptoms are difficult to detect. This is why they urge members of this generation to test now.

Doctors at the University of Michigan believe that automatic alert systems can work. They said that before the trial, HCV screening was mainly limited to men, Asian and African Americans, and Medicaid patients. After the alert went live, they said that screening for all demographic groups was increasing.

It is also worth noting that the new alert system did not find a large number of temporary workers with this virus. Of the 16,773 people screened, less than 1% were positive.

In theory, trains and cars will never collide. The signs of railway crossings are very clear. Almost all crossings in densely populated areas are equipped with flashing lights, bells and border crossings to warn drivers that the train is about to enter.

But this is not always possible. Federal Railways Commissioner Sarah Feinberg (Sarah Feinberg) is seeking help from railways, drivers, Congress, and high-tech companies that provide GPS and other real-time navigation information.

"In the past six weeks, there have been three major and tragic railroad crossing incidents. Everyone has taken the lives of parents and young children."

yesterday. "In San Leandro, California, a mother and a 3-year-old child were killed. In Colorado, a mother, a father, and three of their four children were killed on the way to church. This weekend, in Arkansas, a mother, her son and two other children were killed."

Feinberg said: "These heartbreaking incidents are in addition to the 87 deaths and 236 injuries that were caused at railroad crossings this year."

Google has promised to include audio and video alerts in its navigation program to alert drivers of upcoming border crossings. It did not say when the process was completed.

Feinberg said in June that she also discussed with Apple, TomTom and MapQuest about integrating warnings into navigation apps. 

"Google is the first to say that they will continue to integrate data. But we have a very good conversation with other companies," Feinberg said. "No one told us that they were not interested in it."

It is not expected that the navigation application will warn that the train is actually approaching, but only warn the driver that they are approaching an intersection.

In some accidents, the driver was trapped in the backup after driving onto the rails, and was trapped when the train was approaching. Experts say this annoying situation requires better driver education and may signal that more warnings will be issued when the train enters the train. area.

Liza McFadden, chairman of the Barbara Bush Foundation, said in a speech

Think the paleo diet can protect you from cancer? This may be the case, but South African researchers say they have discovered cancerous foot bones, which are about 1.7 million years old.

Although it is not possible to determine the exact species, scientists say that the bones are derived from anthropogenic human bipeds (presumably human bipeds). The diet may be described as a paleo diet consisting mainly of meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Otherwise, it may be chased or pulled out of the ground.

It is said that this discovery is the oldest evidence of cancer discovered so far, and pushes the oldest known event from modern times back to deep prehistoric times. The oldest possible pre-existing human glioma was found in the ribs of a Neanderthal, with a history dating back approximately 120,000 years.

Dr. Edward Odes (Edward Odes) said: "Modern medicine tends to think that human cancers and tumors are diseases caused by modern lifestyles and the environment. Our research shows that the origin of these diseases was before the existence of modern industrial society. Happened in millions of years of ancient relatives." Candidate of the Institute of Evolution of the University of Witwatersrand.

The cancer in the foot bone (a bone) is identified as osteosarcoma, which is an aggressive cancer that usually affects young individuals in modern humans. If left untreated, it usually leads to early death.

"Because of its preservation, we don't know whether a single cancerous foot bone belongs to an adult or a child, nor whether the cancer caused the person's death, but we can know that this will affect the person's ability to walk or walk.", Wits Said Dr. Bernhard Zipfel, a scientist, foot and activity expert of early human relatives. In short, it will be painful. "

Survey results

 In the South African Journal of Science.

Oil prices are not the only factor that has fallen. A kind


Finding fewer credit cards charge foreign transaction fees-for consumers traveling outside the United States, significant cost savings

Last year, 77 credit cards were charged, but this year only 61.

After adding up all the fees charged by 100 credit cards, the report says the total is 593, down from 613 a year ago.

Matt Schulz, a senior industry analyst at CreditCards.com, said: “Many card issuers are eliminating foreign transaction fees to win the favor of high-spending international travelers.”

A typical foreign transaction fee is 3%, with an increase of 3 USD for every 100 USD of handling fee. Schultz said that getting rid of charges was a smart move for credit card companies to become a pass card in travellers' wallets.

The report also looked at the credit cards with the most and least potential fees. In most categories, the first-class bank credit card and the first-class bank-guaranteed Mastercard both top the list, with 12 each.

It is followed by the Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa (Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa) and a credit platinum card Visa Visa (Platinum Card) with 11 cards each.

On the other hand, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union promised no fees for Visa cards, and only two of the seven cards. The report said that the average credit card has six different fees, the most common of which are late fees and cash advance fees.

Schultz said: "The trend of reducing credit card fees is a good thing for consumers." "This is such a crazy competitive period for the credit card business, and lower fees are just another way for Americans to profit from it. "

Although prepaid cards are not technically credit cards, they also charge a lot of fees. A kind

Discovering the wrong card may cost consumers more than US$300 per year.

In the report's survey results, the use price of prepaid cards provided by large national banks is often 82% cheaper than prepaid cards issued by small banks. The report also found that nearly half of prepaid cards lack the necessary features to make them suitable for ordinary consumers.

The author wrote: "Perhaps surprisingly, the fees charged by prepaid cards are far less than the checking accounts of their first-generation cousins."

The report found that the best prepaid card used to replace checking accounts is American Express, followed by Bluebird and Greenpoint Gold cards.

It's one thing to understand job vacancies. Knowing if you know anything about this is another matter.

Place of employment

Its job list has been adjusted to give job seekers an insight into how they compare with other job seekers. From now on, applicants will be able to see the qualifications of other applicants-experience, education and achievements.

It is called a job search contest snapshot and is now available for free to all job seekers. It is designed to help applicants understand why they may not have received a response to their application.

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, said: "Depending on how you stack up with other candidates, our job search snapshot provides greater transparency for the possibility of employers being called."

Ferguson said the tool can help job seekers determine whether they should apply for a particular job or focus their efforts on positions with greater opportunities. On the other hand, he said, this may also make some applicants feel that they have a better chance because they will withstand the competition.

The snapshot protects the privacy of all applicants, but aggregates the information they provide. When you apply for a position, you will be able to see:

If you determine that you have an opportunity after reviewing this information, you can get more in-depth insights from the recruitment status report called "Employment Insider."

The report will tell you how many applications have been reviewed so far, the number of applicants who currently have jobs, the applicant's top university major, the state they live in, and their current salary.

Ferguson said: "The information is automatically updated as other candidates apply, so job seekers can continuously evaluate the competitive situation in real time."

In its

, Competitive online employment site

He said that before submitting a job application, it is important to conduct research on the company.

It suggests: "Will you learn anything about the business in your cover letter and interview, so do your homework and find out what you can do."

It is also important to have a well-written and compelling resume related to the position offered. Nowadays, having a strong online business is very important because potential employers are looking for reasons to hire and pass on applicants.

Consumers are looking for driver assistance technologies such as blind spot monitoring and low-speed collision avoidance, but power, speed and sexual attractiveness still play a role. This may be why Porsche ranked first for the 12th consecutive year in the JD Power car performance released yesterday. Implementation and layout (APEAL) research.

Porsche ranked the highest overall with the 877 index. BMW ranked second with 859, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz tied for third with 852, while Land Rover, Lexus and Lincoln tied for fifth with 843. Volkswagen (809) ranks highest among non-premium brands, followed by MINI (808), Kia (807), Ford (803), Ram (803) and GMC (802).

Among car owners who have blind spot surveillance vehicles, 41% of car owners have an overall APEAL score higher than those who do not have this technology (821 and 787 respectively). Similarly, among car owners who have vehicle collision avoidance technology, 30% of car owners have higher APEAL scores than those who do not have vehicle collision avoidance technology (828 and 790, respectively).

Renee Stephens, JD Power’s vice president of automotive quality in the US, said: “Safety features that use technology help drivers feel more comfortable and confident when driving a car.” “These features are also a gateway to autonomous driving functions. Technology', so as the industry moves toward new levels of automation, the level of consumers' continued attention to them will become a key indicator of observation."

Stephens said: "The key to a successful model is to be highly attractive and limit the decline that often occurs in subsequent years." "As automakers continue to add more content to their vehicles, including advanced technologies, remain attractive. A key method of strength is to design technology that is easy to upgrade and intuitive. An intuitive design will never go out of style."

This industry benchmark study has entered its 21st year. It measures car owners’ emotional attachment and excitement in 77 attributes, from the power they feel when stepping on the accelerator to the comfort and luxury they feel when climbing up the driver. Sense, it's all about. seat.

Some fresh salad and sandwich products that may be contaminated with Salmonella are recalled.

The company says it has not reported any diseases

Recall the following Meijer salads and sandwich markets sold in Meijer stores from July 20 to 25, 2016:

The customer should stop using the product and discard the product or return it to the customer service desk of the Meijer store for a full refund.

Consumers in doubt can call Meijer at (800) 543-3704.

Two U.S. senators called on Honda to issue a "do not drive" order to owners of Ac models that have displayed Honda and Ac (Taura) airbags from 2001 to 2003.

Considering all the questions about customer service, the telecommunications industry has been reluctant to take any measures to deal with robot calls, which may be the most annoying modern annoyance.

However, after receiving support from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), AT&T agreed to use a technique to restrict calls that would use a "non-originating" list to identify suspicious calls originating outside the United States.

AT&T has been arguing that it has no legal authority to block robot calls, even though the FCC made it clear last year that the industry has been allowed to do so.

Last week, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (Tom Wheeler) decided to try again, writing to AT&T and other major operators urging them to "provide call blocking services to customers for free now."

A few days later, AT&T

 AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (Randall Stephenson) will lead an industry working group to “accelerate the development and adoption of new tools and solutions to reduce the proliferation of robotic phones, and report to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Provide advice on the role of the government in this battle."

In other words, don't look for anything to happen immediately. Wheeler thinks this is a sign that things may finally start to move.

"I appreciate AT&T's promise to provide customers with automated phone blocking technology, which I requested in a letter to the company last week," Wheeler

 He said he hopes to see the recommendations within 60 days.

"Because consumers are to have meaningful control over the calls and text messages they receive, collective action by the industry will be required. I am gratified that AT&T will lead the industry strike force to develop an action plan to provide consumers with A powerful solution to prevent robocall.... I strongly urge industry participants to work together and reach a conclusion within 60 days."

Wheeler also wrote to "intermediary operators", these companies link robocallers with consumers' telephone companies, reminding them of their responsibility to help promote the provision of blocking technology.

The agency pointed out that last summer, the FCC made it clear that there are no legal barriers for operators to provide consumers with automatic call blocking services, adding that some IP and mobile phone networks are already doing this. 

The Federal Communications Commission said: "The Commission is committed to doing everything it can to further enhance consumers' ability to control unnecessary calls and text messages."

In the past year, the cost of many prescription drugs has risen sharply, and companies such as Turing Pharmaceuticals have received many negative reports. Now, a new report shows that consumers may face higher prices in the near future.

Researchers at the University of Illinois said that the cost of prescription drugs will rise by 11% to 13% in 2016. They made this proposition based on current trends and data on prescription drug spending across the United States.

Lead author Glenn Schumock said: "These growth estimates are much higher than our past estimates, but in line with recent trends and other forecasts."

Researchers believe that in the hospital environment, costs have risen the most, and hospital prices have risen sharply in the past three years. The rising cost of generic drugs and specialty drugs is also considered a key factor. Last year, 8.4% of the $419 billion in prescription drug production was spent on drugs already on the market.

"The fastest-growing individual drugs in 2015 are specialty drugs and older generic drugs. These agents may continue to affect total spending this year," Schumerk said.

Researchers listed the special drugs with the highest income in 2015. They mentioned the rheumatoid arthritis drug adalimumab (revenue US$10.6 billion), insulin glargine for diabetes (revenue US$9.2 billion), the autoimmune drug etanercept (revenue US$6.5 billion), and the statin rosuvastatin can treat high Blood pressure ($6.5 billion in revenue).

Although the increase in drug costs this year may be a heavy blow to consumers, in the long run, the situation may get worse. Last year, the FDA approved 45 new specialty drugs, and if this trend continues, high prices will become commonplace.

However, the researchers say there is a way to keep prices down. They suggest that the use of "biosimilars" (drugs that are almost the same as expensive, brand-name drugs) can enable consumers to obtain the drugs they need at a lower cost.

Schumock said: "Only when there are sufficient quantities of these products on the market to cause competition and drive down prices, will the cost of medicines be reduced."

The couple looked at five houses for sale and liked one of them very much. But they told the real estate agent that they wanted to keep looking.

The agent suggested: "If there is a house you really like, you should quote immediately." "Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity."

Agents are not just blowing smoke. In today’s real estate market, the low inventory of available houses makes it a seller’s market, and ideal houses are rapidly being sold.

"Days on sale" may be a powerful indicator of the real estate market, and when this number drops, it will prompt a balance, which is beneficial to the seller. Real estate market this month

Since 2010, the average time to sell houses has been 5 months, and the time to market has been steadily declining since then. From listing to completion, the national average is now 78 days.

The market has recovered the fastest among the large subway markets. In Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Charlotte, North Carolina, the average sales time has been reduced by at least two weeks.

Dr. Svenja Gudell, chief economist at Zillow, said: “As the home shopping season reaches its peak, homes are being sold faster than ever.” “If you are looking for a home, please be prepared to move quickly.”

There is no doubt that the low inventory of available houses has increased the rapidly growing market. And the situation does not seem to improve. New home construction is still low historically, and potential buyers do not sell their homes because they are not sure they can find what they like.

Zillow reported that during the worst period of the housing market recession, the inventory of available homes fell by nearly 5% from a year ago and 38% from 2011. This means that someone who wants to buy a house needs to be able to make a quick decision.

In order to gain a foothold in today's market, Zillow said that even before the inspection, buyers should meet with the lender and obtain pre-approval for the loan. Pre-approval will tell you how much mortgage you can get and help narrow the price range of the houses in the search.

Buyers should also strongly consider working with a real estate agent, preferably a real estate agent familiar with the area.

Under normal circumstances, the offer is submitted casually for home inspection. Zillow recommends asking for an inspection before quoting. If you decide not to buy a house, you may lose about $400, but if you can make an offer without surprises, you will have a better chance of acquiring a house in case there is a competitive offer.

If you are buying goods in a highly competitive market, please do not expect to have a lot of room for maneuver in the negotiation. Tight inventories and strong demand together led to price increases. If this is the house you really want, you may need to meet the asking price – in a highly competitive bidding situation, the asking price is higher than the asking price.

Retirement is a huge adjustment in life, but surveys show that many Americans are entering their life stages with heavy debts.

Retirement planners usually focus on the money someone saves for retirement, while some aging experts are more worried about how much debt retirees have accumulated

Those consumers who retire their mortgage debt constitute a time bomb. The proportion of the population who retire their mortgage debt has risen from 22% in 2001 to 30% in 2011.

But the data shows that retirees also bear other types of debt, especially credit card debt. National Council on Aging (NCOA)

The aging Internet professionals were affected by the debts of their clients, and 72 professionals participated in the survey.

According to the survey, the clients most frequently encountered by these professionals are those who have difficulty managing medical, credit card, mortgage, and utility debt or payment omissions. More than half of the people said that medical debt is the biggest obstacle to financial security.

The author of the report wrote: “In the past few decades, household borrowing in the United States has doubled, while actual salaries have stagnated.” Senior families have not been immune to this shocking trend. "

Government statistics show that the proportion of senior households with any debt has increased from 44.4% in 1989 to 61.3% in 2013.

Compared with the past, the credit card debt borne by senior families is increasing. The NCOA report shows that the balance has been increasing since 1981. Before the Great Recession began, the median credit card balance of households headed by people 60 years of age or older reached $3,000 in 2007.

Now, credit card debt has become the second largest financial concern of the elderly, second only to medical bills and second only to utility bills.

, Those who are about to retire should give priority to paying off credit card debts before stopping work. It even suggests using savings to repay debts, on the grounds that the interest on debts far exceeds any money that can be earned from savings.

The fastest way to repay credit card debt may be to transfer the high-interest balance to a card with a longer introduction period that offers 0% interest. We recently reviewed two great options-Citi Simplicity and Citi Diamond Preferred.

This is not an unusual story-your flight landed at the final destination, but your luggage did not catch the connecting flight in time. This is a great frustration for frequent-flying passengers, who have paid a lot of money to ensure that their items arrive in time.

In order to solve this problem (at least partially), a new law was passed this month that requires airlines to refund baggage fees in the event of baggage delays.

Report to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The law aims to make it easier for consumers to get refunds, otherwise consumers may need to switch jobs to get paid.

US Senator John Thune said: "When the airline does not deliver the flight, passengers will not have to spend a lot of time tracking refunds."

Considering the amount of money they spend on baggage inspection, consumers should be particularly satisfied with this law. In the first quarter of 2016, American Airlines’ baggage fees dropped by a total of US$900 million; American Airlines ranked first with US$262.5 million in luggage fees, and Delta Air Lines ranked second with US$197.7 million.

The new regulations stipulate that airlines “if they fail to arrive within 12 hours of the original scheduled arrival time, they will “immediately refund any additional fees paid by passengers for checked luggage”. International flights will have more in 15 hours. Room for maneuver.

Passengers who wish to take advantage of the new regulations only need to notify the airline of their lost or delayed baggage, which is different from the online rebate form that only provides

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