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The book fair in Central Park may have been postponed to July, but as the book fair in the new town near the Biswa Bangla Gate Exhibition Center is underway, residents of the new town began to browse.

There are 73 book files, including Deb Sahitya Kutir, Dey's Publishing and Penguin. There are 77 stalls of other kinds, selling ready-to-wear, decorations and food.

The Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle signs at the entrance of the book reader attracted attention. Although the price of each title is 50 rupees, but only the English version, so ACK is rich in content. Kartik Chandra Manna said: "Our collections of myths, legends and leaders are doing well." Pointing to the multi-purpose box marked with multiple themes, the price is 6,600 rupees (plus 20% discount) and 850 rupees (plus 15 %the discount of).

In towns where most of the residents are new immigrants, people ask about names with or without design, various fonts and sizes. "I have received nearly 3,000 orders," said Sankar Karmakar on the 3rd day. He is a frequent visitor to Hastashilpa Mela, but he participated in a private trade fair for the first time. Letters that require ready-made letters to be pasted on site are being prepared on site, while letters that require engraving will be provided the next day. Depending on the design and size, the cost ranges from 250 rupees to 6,000 rupees.

: A one-liter bottle made of clay is expected to keep drinking water naturally cool like a pitcher. Zarina Chitrakar has sold most of the shares at 250 rupees per share, but promised to get more income from the Midnapore house before the weekend. She said: "The bottle cap used to be made of clay, but for convenience, we replaced it with a plastic cap."

Monideepa Roy is selling the chocolate made in her Sukhobrishti home. Large single pieces come in different shapes, such as crayons, palettes, needlework drafts and chess boards, and the price ranges from 160 rupees to 185 rupees. "We can make them with white and dark chocolate, or we can add names to them," she said. The smaller pieces have interesting flavors, such as rasmalai, rabri, amsattwa and rajbhog. She said: "We even have some products full of Gur gum." These are sold in four packs at a price of 80 rupees.

Denim trousers are hung outside the booth, and there are bright hand-painted patterns near the waist, which are eye-catching from a distance. The charge for painting is 600-700 rupees, and the charge for trousers is 600 rupees. If you need branded trousers, you can also paint on them. "A year ago, we started to study jeans. We can write slogans or custom paintings as required.

The jute rope has been made into necklaces with large box-shaped small box pendants made of various materials that are eye-catching. The ones found were masks wearing tribal masks on bamboo mats, or wooden elephants or colorful jute balls. "During Deepavali, we launched a clay made of clay," said Sanchita Biswas of Sristi Designer Studio.

Satyajit Ray and Hollywood classics are the main content of the booth selling framed movie posters. Abhishek Sarkar of Craftique confirmed: “These are not printed, but hand-painted.” They are priced at 450 rupees each.

Images of birds have been used on coffee cups, magnets and coasters, many of which were clicked in Xinzhen’s own ecological park. If the black sea io and flamingo cups cost 180 rupees, the four-piece owl-themed coaster set includes Buffy fish owl and short-eared owl at 80 rupees. The price of the magnet is 100 rupees. The Natural Environment and Wildlife Association offers to make these projects together with other pictures in the album.

Under the hands of the old artist, the small sculpture on the table in front of the Montmartre booth is gradually taking shape. Founder Debashis Mullick Chowdhury said: "We plan to hold a free drawing workshop for children on Saturday."

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