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McLaren 765LT: MSO Options Trio delivered to Poland

MSO is the abbreviation of McLaren Special Operations. It meets the special requirements and customization options of the new McLaren sports car ordered by customers around the world. We found an amazing trio. They have been sold out and have now been delivered to them in Poland. The owner of the McLaren 765LT, all with MSO options, when these customers placed orders shortly after the global launch last year, their basic suggested retail price was greatly increased by 402,500 euros to ensure that they could be before the 2021 summer track day Early delivery.

These three McLaren 765LT MSOs have some really impressive shades, namely Volcano Yellow, Volcano Orange and Paris Blue. The blue car adds multiple MSO options, including the MSO Clubsport Pro Pack (made of ultra-lightweight Class carbon fiber racing seats, track brake upgrades), and satin carbon fiber vents defined by MSO). Paris Blue 765LT is also the only product of the trio that is matched with the MSO Black Pack (the front splitter, rear bumper, rear diffuser, air intake, side skirts and rearview mirror frames are all made in black). The best choice in appearance may be the transparent carbon fiber front hood and rear wings.

Bastian Luehmann, Marketing Director, Central Europe

Compared with the already lightweight 720, the McLaren 765LT is 80 kg lighter, thanks to the special carbon fiber aerodynamics produced by the McLaren Composites Technology Center in Sheffield. This is McLaren’s first initiative, allowing Let’s not forget the position of “LT” stands for: “Long Tail”. The 765LT has an active tail. This 1,229 kg car can reach 100 km/h in less than three seconds... With 765PS and 800 Nm, It can reach 200 km/h in 7 seconds.

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