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Morris JE electric retro van is ready to roll

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It may look like a classic from the 1950s, but Morris Commercial JE is a brand new electric truck packaging technology.

This new commercial vehicle is in the style of the Morris J, has a modular chassis (the passenger car and pickup versions will follow), and has a lightweight carbon fiber body and lithium-ion battery that can provide 200 miles of cruising range. JE has a fast charging function and is configured for power exchange from the vehicle to the grid. Morris also said that if permitted by law, it will be able to use autonomous driving.

JE is completely traditional on the outside, simple inside, classic design, but modern in function. The JE has a payload capacity of 2,200 pounds and is accessible through sliding doors on the side and double rear doors. In addition to minibuses and pickups, Morris also offers dining truck designs, taxis and an ice cream truck (our favorite) on its website. A lot of fun

You can customize the appearance both internally and externally to prepare for the artisan organic honey delivery service scheduled to start next year.

Designed and built in Worcestershire, not far from the original building

The cost of the JE plant is estimated to be 60,000 pounds (80,000 US dollars), and the company is currently accepting pre-orders for delivery by the end of 2021.


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