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‘Litterally’ disgusting: How to keep kitty litter from getting everywhere | Pets | theleadernews.com

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I have a cat and would love to know some tips to prevent littering! The whole house is littered with rubbish, which is great!

Cats are such wonderful pets...low maintenance, warm, cute and graceful. Perhaps this is why it is difficult to catch one of the most unpleasant parts of cat owners: cat litter.

As you may know, there are all kinds of kitten litter on the market. There are clay, silica gel, pine trees, wheat, grass, and even walnut shell garbage, but clay is the easiest to obtain and a favorite thing for cat owners. One disadvantage of clay is that it is everywhere. Your cat might use it out of the box and track the entire house with its feet. Therefore, cat owners everywhere are accustomed to sweeping the floor and vacuuming the clutter every day, but even that is not always feasible.

So, what options do you have to make spam tracking a thing of the past?

Users of silica gel, wheat, corn and other all-natural wastes like the fact that this type of waste is large in size, so it will not produce dust and trash traces like clay waste. However, the price of these cat litter is usually higher, and you need to gradually introduce a new type of cat litter to the cat to ensure that the cat will not fall into the litter box together.

If you have a range hood on your litter box, try turning the litter box so that the opening faces the wall (obviously, there is enough space for your cat to get in and out). This small rearrangement of the boxes may prevent some randomly placed garbage from being scattered too far.

Get cheap mats on the outside of the bin, which will help to collect the clutter before it gets too cluttered.

If your cat is not very old or very young, consider using an overhead litter box. This work is really excellent, you can put the garbage in the box, and even do a decent job, you can collect the garbage that the kitten puts on the feet before the kitten jumps out of the box.

If all other methods fail, you may quit your job and live a little bit of wayward kitty litter like most cat fans. However, the key here is to make sure that the trash can is located away from places where you absolutely don't want trash, such as the kitchen or bedroom!

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