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Innovative Nanofiber Membranes Boost Cloth Masks to Block Up to 99% of COVID-19 Virus Particles

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Stretching the liquid polymer to produce nanofibers for improving the efficiency of cloth face masks. Image source: BYU Photo

Nowadays, cloth masks that many people are exercising provide some protection

. However, they are usually much less than the professional N95 masks used by medical staff.

This may change soon. Recently, students from BYU School of Engineering and

Developed a nanofiber membrane that can be sandwiched between cloth pieces in a homemade mask.

Although today's typical cloth masks may block less than 50% of virus particles, this kind of membrane (which can be made of simple and inexpensive materials) will be able to block 90% to 99% of particles, thereby maintaining breathability while maintaining air permeability. Improve effectiveness.

The membrane is made by a process called "electrospinning," which involves dissolving a polymer plastic in a solution and then using an electric current to move the polymer droplets down through a needle. As the droplet accelerates, it stretches into very thin fibers and retains an electrostatic charge.

"These nanofibers will randomly fall on the collector to create a non-woven web," said Katie Varela, senior head of mechanical engineering at BYU on the project team.

She explained that the remaining charge in the fiber is beneficial because virus particles also carry an electrostatic charge. "When they are close to your mask, they are attracted to the mask by static electricity and cannot pass through, so you can prevent you from inhaling the virus."

In addition to the significant increase in efficacy, another major advantage of nanofiber masks is that, unlike traditional N95 masks, the masks are known for being hot and stuffy, and they allow air (water) and (filtered) heat to circulate.

Take a closer look at some of the nanofibers that were recently spun and put on a disk for testing. Image source: BYU Photo

Will Vahle, Director of Nanos Foundation, said: “Not only is it difficult to find N95 masks nowadays, but if you don’t wear the best masks, it’s useless.” “The breathability of our nanofiber membranes is the sixth of the existing N95 masks Times, making them cooler, drier and more comfortable."

The group plans to develop instructions for creating open source membranes. They hope that non-profit organizations will follow the instructions to set up places in the local area where people can wear masks to install films. They also hope that other engineers will use their work as a springboard to produce more effective filters.

"We have our own proprietary nanofiber production process," said Waller, who originated the project, "but we realized, hey, we have some expertise in this area-why don't we combine these and publish any A version that anyone can do?"

Vahle said that when Vahle and his colleagues worked with BYU on the project, BYU “seized the opportunity”. In addition to providing funding and facilities, the university also associates the company with “excellent students who have indeed demonstrated an incredible work ethic and motivation to help those in need.”

The use of cutting-edge science to have an immediate positive impact is also very valuable to BYU students.

"This experience makes things very real," Varela said. "I am very happy to be able to help myself in the fight against COVID-19 to help people around the world and in my community."

Hope for a healthy supply... Are you kidding me?

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Nanofiber membrane: Please let me know when and where I can buy it.

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