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I Bought the Pixel 5 Latercase and Kind of Like It

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When the Pixel 5 first arrived, there was a moment for me, I thought I should try to find a suitable case for it, because it knew that this would be a phone that I have been using frequently for some time. A quick glance at the shops of typical watch case manufacturers makes me unsatisfied, and it seems that they have completely abandoned Google's Pixel series. So I decided to try something new – I bought a freak


For those who are not familiar with Latercase, as far as I know, Lew comes from

Owning this company, they only filed a lawsuit within a short period of time. Latercase is by no means one of the large case manufacturers like Spigen. It produces dozens of cheap plastic cases with different protection levels for every phone imaginable, but its focus is much narrower.

There is no doubt that the price of these protective cases is between 39 and 45 US dollars, and their carbon fiber design is incredible and can be used on most of the most popular mobile phones such as Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Apple and Google. Of course, I decided to dive into the world of Latercase, because they are one of the few early to provide Pixel 5 protective cover, even in the case of pre-order, I have to wait more than a month to see. get it.

To be clear, I did buy this. This is not a comment sample or sponsored post, nor is it something similar. I placed the order on October 30th, probably late at night after a few IPA, and received the order on December 7th. I spent 39 dollars on this.

Here is what I can tell you about Pixel 5 Latercase:


That being said, this case is exactly what I was looking for on that lonely October case shopping night. The Pixel 5 Latercase was there to provide me with a sense of protection without constantly reminding me that I just covered the phone with bad plastic. Do this by adding grip and a style that I'm not sure I like or hate, but I do know that I can touch this texture and never tire of it.

Should you pay $40 for such a thin protective case? Hey, how about you. Like I said earlier, I really like this situation, so if you have $40 to spend on a thin Kevlar board, I think you will like it. If you need to protect your Pixel 5 protective case, then maybe you can find another brand.

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