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Host club royalty Roland demonstrates his night-time routine, claims it’s not dissimilar to yours | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

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Today brings you yesterday’s news from Japan and Asia.

Not many men like it

. He made millions of yen just by entertaining those who were willing to pay his money.

His gentle conversation, sultry eye contact and flawless sense of style.

In fact, the so-called almighty king has achieved such a successful life in his career that

Held in the museum, you can find

It costs nearly $500. But what happens when Roland returns home after winning and dining for a whole day? The latest episode of his YouTube series,

, Which prevented his audience from participating in his night activities.

It was Roland's way of starting to play the video. Roland returned home at about 11 pm and removed his charming accessories, and then placed them in an original display case, which looks more like a museum exhibit than a display case. On the hanger.

Then, we followed Roland to where he was lying on a leather chair, gazing at the gorgeous night view of the city. He always spends ten minutes here to unzip and reflect on his daily work. If the temperature in this room does not meet his liking, he can take the air conditioner remote control out of its sleek little black box to adjust it.

▼Roland stared at the city skyline.

Then it's time for coffee. Roland's kitchen was stuffed with shiny little objects, as well as a pile of Dean and Deluca coffee bags. When asked if it was his favorite flavor, Roland was disgusted.

He admitted. "I'm a big fan of Gray." The interviewer asked him if it was a good idea to drink coffee late at night. Roland assured the interviewer that he would stay for a while, so it was good.

He drank coffee from the cup of the Roland monogram. He liked to watch the fire. Then he decided to spend a hard day at work. It was worth a meal. It was time to go upstairs with a bottle of champagne and a water glass. He showers


Accompanied by his bottle of champagne, a Bluetooth speaker and a flashing lantern frame.

▼What, isn't this your night?

After a soothing soak, Roland carefully dried the golden locks, and then cleverly locked them under the wool hat so that he would not ruin his hairstyle while sleeping. Now began his final liquidation period; after twenty minutes of stretching exercises in his mirror-filled private studio, he sat at his desk to learn English.

Roland's English homework tonight is to translate Bruno Mars's speech into Japanese, and then discuss his views with his American friend-mentor who was introduced to him by his sister. He must also practice reading aloud to achieve natural pronunciation. More difficult is

Therefore, he must manually find all the content and give full play to the function of his brain.

Roland is dismissive of his English proficiency and compares himself with the second grade elementary school students, but he insists on making progress so that he can participate in the English field.

He clarified.

Because his homework is settled, the clock is usually 2 am or 3 am, which is Roland's bedtime. He still refuses to look at the phone, and then he puts himself in the blanket and then indulges in sleep.

▼Good night, Roland.

If you want to compare other routines with the standard life of Roland (Roland), which is completely normal and not at all a celebrity, please check our article about him

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