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Hoka One One Evo Mafate — Trail Running Shoes

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The sturdy Kevlar upper and Vibram MegaGrip outsole make this burly shoe the most durable pair you will wear.


10.4 ounces (M), 9.1 ounces (W)


Durability on rough trails.

This pair of shoes is just a lightweight tank, designed to handle any terrain you are crazy enough to handle. Of course, Mafate is very soft

Clifton, Bondi and other thick bottoms

, But what sets Mafate apart is its lightness, thanks to some key modifications.

The tongue is very thin, so you can really feel the laces on your feet, but we did not notice any discomfort. There is also less cushioning in the front row, but the shoes retain the midsole cushioning material that many Hoka fans desire. The upper is also made of a lightweight, durable material that needs to be inserted into the shoe-when the shoe is bent when the toe is removed, it will scratch the top of the toe, and the foot can remain stable even if the sole is large.

These all make the shoes lighter on the technical route to increase speed, even if some functions are sacrificed, you still remember that this pair of shoes is a tank. Our testing team found that this shoe is sturdy and durable, can grip almost any wet or dry ground, and can withstand all the adventures of trail running.

Hoka knows that its fans like the enough cushioning provided by the brand's platform soles, and even if they design this kind of lightweight shoes, they know they must produce this kind of shoes. However, the shoe uses its R-Bound material to push most of the cushioning effect to the midsole, which provides a responsive ride and some energy feedback-every time you step on it, you will have a sense of elasticity.

The forefoot cushioning is less than you would expect, although it is much softer than your normal off-road shoes. The thick soles provide you with enough protection from rocks and debris on the trails.

Another feature that shocked the testers was the wide toe box. Even though the forefoot area was so spacious, testers reported that their feet remained in place and did not slip due to the stiffness of the upper. This fabric is made of strategically placed Kevlar stabilizer, a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber that can be used in bicycle tires and bulletproof vests. The shoe upper cannot block bullets or be used on bicycle tires, but it can keep the feet in place to avoid blisters. "My feet are tightly gripped on the heels and midfoot, and the feet do not slide in the shoes," a tester said. "I think the front feet of these shoes are wide enough to open my feet."

No matter what kind of shoes you wear, it can bear it. The design is suitable for almost any conditions. If you experience rain on rocky trails or icy weather, the 5mm Vibram MegaGrip lugs at the outsole bite will enter almost any surface you run on. Not only that, our testers also praised the internal and external drainage capabilities of the shoes. RW Video Producer Derek Call said: "The Vibram outsole provides firm adhesion on a smooth surface." "The mud seems to have slipped off the upper. Looking at my pair, you don't even know it is more than 50 miles long. Wet, muddy and sandy conditions. The water from the shoes quickly ran down, causing the dry trails to flow down."

We have carried out actual use and a series of mechanical tests on each shoe in the laboratory to provide you with objective and exclusive data. In addition to the weight of the shoe, we also measure the thickness of the sole (all the thickness between the foot and the road), the degree of cushioning of the stride by the foam, and the flexibility of the forefoot. We have considered all of this in our reviews of each pair of shoes.

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