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Burnt hamburgers, all the fixtures, cold beer under a beach umbrella, toast with eggs grilled by a campfire – summer food tastes better. Whether you want to set up a dial-style picnic setting for the park, better tableware for camping or high-quality barbecue tools for picnics, investing in some carefully selected items will make the roughing and dining style different.

Since 2016, we have spent more than 85 hours researching and testing new picnic products, and collected our favorite tools, equipment and purely fun gadgets from past guides to help you carry out your own picnic Or a picnic. Our friends at Elysian Park and Rincon Beach in Los Angeles (south of Santa Barbara, California) had a few picnic lunches and tested our selection of food.

The cooler is light, strong and easy to pack. With enough ice, it can keep the contents at a low temperature for more than 24 hours without leaking or sweating. Details such as its stitching and high-quality insulating foam make it stand out from the competition.

*At the time of publication, the price was



Keeping food fresh and cool is one of the most important factors for successful outdoor dining. Whether you want to store potato salad for family recipes or 24 packets of your favorite soda,

Both portability and functionality are your best choice. During the testing of our cooler guide, it can freeze 9 pounds of ice cubes for 24 hours, and can hold the most jars of all the 24-pack coolers we have tested (24 cans and 6 pounds of ice can be easily packed), And easy to load and unload. However, when fully loaded, the radiator weighs 24 to 26 pounds.

The heat insulation effect is better, and the price is cheaper than the competition. It can store ice for a week, and its well-designed drain holes make the cooler easier to clean.


If you want to stay in the high temperature for many days without worrying too much about mobility, then

It is the best hard cooler we have found. Although the score is five days,

Shows that it keeps the ice frozen to some extent throughout the week. It is much cheaper than other coolers of similar performance, and its grooved drainage device makes the heavy task of tilting and emptying it easy and easy.

Rubbermaid blue ice cubes seem to remain frozen forever and are cheap enough to store the entire cooler.

In order to keep food cool without the chaos of melting ice, we recommend using reusable pharmacy-paperback paper

. When tested in a small cooler, it made the ice freeze even longer than we even planned to test. In fact, when we came back to check in the next morning, the ice stored with the block was still only 50% melted. They are cheap enough to stock, so you can use several beers in a larger cooler to keep a lot of beer or soda (or an entire picnic) cool.

Fit&Fresh Cool Cooler is light and thin enough to fit into a lunch box. However, for large coolers, the service life is not so long.


For personal lunch, we also like it

, A pack of four packs. They are much lighter than Rubbermaid, each with an area of ​​4¾ inches square and a thickness of ¼ inch. Although they do not melt like rubber fish, they weigh less than half of the rubber girl, but they can be slid into an insulated lunch bag without taking up too much space.

We call

 But they were not tested in the end-it was just that the process of getting them ready to enter the freezer was laborious. You must soak them in the water for 5 to 10 minutes before you are ready to immerse them in the water. If you are going to use the whole paper, they will take up a lot of space in the refrigerator. Even if they are particularly easy to use, we still get troubled: many user reports on Amazon complain that the gel is leaking, which is definitely not the food you want.

Baggu can be folded into a compact pouch for easy storage, and can store most groceries without being difficult to carry.

A reusable grocery bag makes it easy to pick up snacks for an impromptu picnic, or to drag empty recyclables home at the end of a park party. we suggest

. It can hold the most food (no more than 50 pounds), is not easy to carry, and can be folded into a 5 by 5 inch compact pouch. We have been recommending this bag since 2016, and we will continue to fall in love with all of its contents-except for the fact that the sundries bag is separate, so it is easy to lose. If you do put the grocery bag in the wrong place, you can always follow a reader’s suggestion and use a small zipper bag. It is also worthwhile to store some extra items: given that these bags are so cheap, it will never hurt to pick up a few bags, so you can put them in your desk or glove box at work.

Compared with other picnic baskets and backpacks we have tried, the picnic of the Ascot foldable and insulated picnic basket is more spacious and has better insulation. Its location setting is also relatively sturdy.

For many years, we have been looking for picnic baskets that are easy to store, but unfortunately, none of them can really meet our expectations. After thinking about it a few times, we think

Is the best choice. Its aluminum frame and reinforced sides keep the basket upright even when empty, making it easier to fill. It folds down compactly (18½ inches wide by 11½ inches deep by 5 inches high) and is easier to store than other options we've seen.

The basket contains plastic plates, acrylic glasses, stainless steel cutlery with plastic handles and four cotton napkins (you can also buy

(If you wish). The service software feels sturdy and we like that the acrylic glass will not break like glass. It has moderate insulation, can refrigerate foods such as salads and grapes for several hours, and is large enough to hold two people for a decent picnic, or four for a small picnic. If you need a product with greater cooling capacity, we recommend that you buy one

And use it to bring food, drinks and plates to the park.

The Vanity Fair Impression Exhibition is our favorite paper plate. It is much tougher than competitors and has moisture-resistant properties, making it very suitable for wet side dishes.

We tested several popular designs


Paper plates have become our favorite paper plates because they are tougher than the nearest competitor. They are thick and resistant to moisture, so they are very suitable for wet side dishes such as kale and peppers. Of course, paper plates are not like eco-friendly paper

, But if you have a large-scale picnic with many guests, the cost may increase rapidly-washing 20 plates covered with barbecue sauce and cheese and cheese residues is meaningless.

Costco's Kirkland transparent tableware are the best disposable tableware we have found-our tests have shown that they do not break easily and have true proportions.

We found the best disposable tableware for us

And found that Costco

Best (you can order even if you are not a member). Unless you dine with the Hulk, they will not spoil your meal, and they come in large quantities at a cheap price, so the package plan should keep you attending several dinner parties, baking and picnics. The actual ratio of this 360-piece set is 180 forks, 120 spoons and 60 knives. In testing, we found that they are consistently stronger than other top disposable tableware.

Bounty Quit Napkins are tough and can absorb 13 times more water than their own weight-they are almost twice as effective as the second napkin we tested.

It is the best choice for outdoor gatherings. We initially tested our napkins

To find a reasonably elegant napkin, but in the process we came across the perfect picnic napkin. During our testing, we were very impressed with the absorptive capacity and absolute toughness of Bounty napkins, we just need to recommend them in this guide. Their texture can grab all the last seasonings from your fingers, and can absorb 13.6 times their own weight of water-making them almost twice as effective as the Vanity Fair napkins we tested, which can absorb their own weight 8.2 times. In the end, we recommend Vanity Fair napkins for parties, because they look more classic in indoor environments, but when dining outdoors, appearance is more important than performance.

4 N 1 is a complete cutlery set, which can be easily put away and takes up minimal space. It will also open the bottle. Each set is about US$5, which is particularly affordable if you want some picnic or camping facilities.

The retractable tableware that can be stored together is the main force of any night camping adventure. These knife, fork and spoon sets are usually made of stainless steel with rivets, holes, and sometimes hinges to help them snap or fold together for neat storage. If you often dine outdoors, they are very suitable to own, do not like to waste disposable plastic tableware, and do not want to not destroy your high-quality tableware every time you go out.

We tested the four highest-rated game episodes, and we think

Provide the best quality products at the best price. When assembled, the parts are strong and compact, and the knife is sharp enough to cut through the meat. The episode should last a long time.

We also tested

Sturdy but larger than we like, it’s hard to pack up after use, and

, Although good, but the price is higher, but still not as strong as our first choice.

GSI Outdoors makes beautiful and reasonably priced enamelware that can throw away paper or plastic bowls, plates and cups during a picnic, making you more environmentally friendly.

Enamelware has the lightness and durability of plastic and attractive beauty, so it is very suitable for outdoor dining. For a cheap set that is enough to replace disposable plates, bowls and cups, check out GSI Outdoors enamelware. After testing seven sets, we don’t think

Provides the absolute best quality, but we believe its quality is much better than other cheap suits, and it can be used for picnics or camping perfectly.

The 10-inch tablet is the highlight of the device, with a large usable area. The size of the bowl is moderate, but the bottom is narrow, which makes us somewhat worried about the stability of the bowl. However, the cup is a weak link because the handle is too small. This design prevents them from being used with hot liquids because the thin metal conducts heat directly to the knuckles and may burn you.

Sometimes, GSI sells the same set of enamelware under different names. After monitoring the Amazon page for a period of time, we determined

It seems to be the cheapest and most stable inventory. Sometimes, other GSI enamel kits, such as

, The price is lower; in this case, please feel free to buy cheap options, because it is actually the same thing.

Our favorite paring knife comes from Victorinox. In our test, its performance is five times that of the latter. It's cheap enough, if you lose it, you won't cry.

Seven dollars

Using a sharp knife is very important for thinly sliced ​​cheese or cooked food and unpacking. And in the knife

Many things can be cut, and you need another knife to share food. This

Very suitable for the bill. We found

Its performance is almost five times that of expensive models, but its price is cheap enough that you won't miss it even if you lose it. We also like that it comes with a small plastic sleeve, making it safe and easy to transport.

The 3½ gallon Buddeez unbreakable beverage dispenser keeps your beverages refrigerated but not diluted, and is almost unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

Jugs and corks can be dressed up as a dining table, but with a large dispenser, you don’t have to worry about adding water much more convenient. It’s hard for us to find many reliable professional reviews on beverage dispensers, but after sifting through hundreds of shopkeeper reviews, we found highly rated ones

. The internal ice cone of this water dispenser not only allows your drink to cool down (and undiluted) happily for several hours, but it is also made of durable Tritan plastic that can be used in dishwashers and has a non-slip base design (when you use Would appreciate it) You will tilt your thing to take out the last drop of drink in hot weather), the back is the liquid measurement of the mixed drink.

As for other options, initially we also considered stainless steel or glass distributors. But stainless, for example

 (Originally referring to olive oil), but the price is too expensive (you can buy five of our picks for the price of a similar-sized fusti). The glass looks good, but it is too heavy; safety is also an issue, especially when children are involved.

This 6-ounce Kaufmann commercial flask does not impart flavor to your wine like a stainless steel tank, and because of its thicker walls, it is stronger than steel.

If you don’t like drinking alcohol or beer, then a flask filled with your favorite spirits is an ideal way to promote a picnic. We like 6 ounces

. The company has had some inventory problems in the past, but the quality of the flasks is undeniable. In addition, it has a lid attached to the flask. Therefore, even if you use the flask outdoors, you cannot drop its hat in the grass.

Of course you can pick up cheap stainless steel thermos, but

This material brings an unfortunate metallic taste to the wine (although we have not found conclusive evidence that stainless steel actually affects the taste of whiskey). Tin does not absorb any fashionable taste, and unlike stainless steel, it does not rust because it is mainly made of tin (92%). Moreover, since tin alloy is a softer alloy, manufacturers need to make thicker walls to prevent it from sinking. As a result, the flask is stronger and stronger-with a longer lifespan, so you can pass on your love of secret drinking to your grandchildren.

It won't win any fashion competitions, but in our test, the "wine lovers" two-bottle neoprene wine tote bag was the most effective way to keep the wine cool.


It looks clumsy-like something you can take home from a winemaker's trade show-but it's great. We directly compared it to popular music

Tote bag, in our test, it keeps white wine cooler longer. Just as good-looking as built-in tote bags, they simply cannot compete with Wine Enthusiast tote bags. Both bags are made of neoprene, but the built-in bag has only a thin layer, which intersects in the middle to form two independent wine rooms. The structure of the Wine Enthusiast tote bag is for each bottle (Or a bottle and some glasses) part, and a zipper. The top cherry: It also includes two gel packs that can be frozen to ensure that your white wine has a much longer shelf life after refrigeration than the Builded guarantees.

But even without a gel bag, this tote bag can still stand out from the competition. When we tested the thermal insulation of both at the same time, the Wine Enthusiast bag allowed two bottles of chilled white wine to heat an average of 11.5°F in two hours. The built-in bag heats the wine to an average of 15°F. That's not a big difference, but it is definitely worth noting.

Truetap is our first choice for corkscrews because it is easy to use and "works well". Our picnic testers like to use it.

A good corkscrew should always be in your basket so that you don’t ruin the picnic by forgetting it. In test 

,we discover

 Provides a tried-and-tested design, which is very appreciated by our picnic guests. (In a pinch, the foil cutter can use it as a knife.) Attendees at the picnic used it to open a bottle of wine and were speechless in a good way: "The best design is to watch missing."

For making fresh lemonade or summer citrus cocktails, we recommend our favorite citrus juicer, Proctor Silex Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer. Its performance is comparable to the price we tested (10 times the price).

If you plan to make enough fresh lemonade to hydrate the group gathering, please invest in

. we

It corresponds to 11 other electric and manual models, and it performs well, and it is priced at $130

. It is not the prettiest or the quietest, but it can do the job cheaply and efficiently. $1 in the income of each unit

Of course it won't hurt.

If you want to use a manual press to make cocktails, we recommend you 

. It comes with recommendations from several top bartenders and outperforms other popular and highly rated models

Weber’s 22-inch Original Kettle Premium has decades of long-standing design and has won the love of chefs and backyard barbecue enthusiasts. It has all the products we previously recommended for One-Touch Gold.

For many years, we have been choosing Weber as our favorite charcoal grill. Weber's kettle grills have won praise from professional chefs, barbecue champions, and many backyard barbecue enthusiasts, so they have received widespread praise. Now we will get

. It has all the features we like, including a one-button ash removal system and ash collector, high-quality hinged steel grating, sturdy enameled steel stove and dome, and one of the best warranties in the industry.

It is an unparalleled combination of performance, usability, versatility, durability and value, and is the best grill for most people.


, Weber relies on

. This three-burner gas grill is very compact and can be installed on almost any terrace or deck, but its grilling surface is large enough to cook a complete meal (meat, fish and several sets of vegetables) for a family, or Provide twelve burger parties for one burger. With a thick, rust-proof cast aluminum combustion chamber, it will last for several years.

Weber Q 1200 is an affordable gas grill with portability. It has a large cooking surface with a calorie of up to 8,500 Btu.


Barbecuing doesn't always happen in the backyard. Although you can go on a picnic, camp or spend every day on the beach along a full-size charcoal or gas grill, it’s actually a pain to do so. What you want is a compact grill, which is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, but large enough to cook the right amount of food for yourself, your family and your friends. Although we have both gasoline and charcoal, it makes more sense to use gasoline in this case because a single 16.4 ounce can can last two to two and a half hours and is only the size of a gasoline can. Nalgene bottle; you need a whole bag of charcoal to get the same cooking time as several jars.

It is a gas grill with a single stainless steel burner that can output 8,500 Btu of cooking power. It may not sound like a lot, but when paired with Q 1200 carefully designed cast aluminum shrapnel, fire box and porcelain-coated cast iron stove pair, it is enough to cook and grill chicken breasts, skirts or flank steaks, burgers, hot dogs or sausages fine. The 189-square-inch cooking surface of the grill provides enough space to cook enough hamburgers for 6 people at a time, while still leaving enough space between the meat or vegetable patties for convection. However, if you are feeding a smaller crowd, or prefer a gas grill that heats up faster, we will add other options to other products.

The 18-inch Weber Jumbo Joe is a great small portable charcoal grill. Just like its full-size version, it is easy to use and works well.

If you want to cook

,we suggest

. It weighs 22 pounds and is a portable 18-inch iteration of our favorite full-size charcoal grill.

. Jumbo Joe has porcelain enamel stainless steel stove and dome, rust-proof aluminum damper, a dust remover and a 240 square inch stainless steel cooking grate. The simple kettle design makes Weber's charcoal grill so simple. It has been popular among amateur chefs and professional chefs for decades.

Royal Oak coal block burns evenly, does not change the smell, and does not produce a lot of ash. Buying this charcoal online is expensive, so we recommend buying it at a local grocery store or other retailer.


If you want to cook with charcoal, we recommend that you use

. The almost ubiquitous Royal Oak Classic Briquets (sometimes called Royal Oak Ridge Briquets) in the store make it our choice. For ordinary outdoor picnic barbecues, the Royal Oak Coal Block gives you enough time for you to have at least two rounds of hamburgers out of the oven, so as not to lose heat from the coal. Our testers reported that the food cooked with this charcoal did not have any bad taste. Royal Oak charcoal is expensive

It's related to transportation, so we recommend paying attention to this at your local grocery store or other retailer.

No matter what size or type of grill you choose to use, having some simple, high-quality tools can make open flame cooking safer and more enjoyable. We have a

, But that’s what you need to do.

These 16-inch stainless steel tongs are more affordable and precise than the competition, and when cooking under an open flame, comfort and dexterity reach the best balance.

A good pliers is a versatile person. You can use them to transfer raw chicken from the plate to the grill and turn it into delicate vegetables, or put a spare rib after it's cooked to perfection. For cooking on a hot grill, we like 16 inches

, Because they are comfortable, easy to use and sturdy-and long enough to keep your hands away from flames. They are also the most affordable pliers of all models

. The Winco clamp has a comfortable "unfolded" state when opened, and the spring provides enough resistance, so your hands will not be fatigued when grilling for a crowd. Many other pliers are too stiff and will tire your hands very quickly. In the pliers we tested, whether it is to grab thin asparagus spears or dipping chicken, the narrow angle of the fan-shaped head of the Winco model provides the greatest control. In contrast, the angled heads of many competitors will not let you pick up small things. Winco's heavy-duty stainless steel tongs are strong enough to hold large pieces of meat firmly and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

This blade has fine edges, stable blades and tapered shape, which represents the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

The burger and fish were not well pressed by the tongs. That's where a good shovel comes in handy. Our favorite is

. It is sturdy and maneuverable, and has a wide super heat-resistant plastic handle, which is comfortable to hold. According to the manufacturer's representative, the polypropylene handle can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it is very flexible, Hell's Hand is still strong enough to help transfer the whole chicken from the grill to the cutting board. The tapered shape of the spatula allows us to successfully work on a complete grill, easily sliding between burgers to get a clean flip. Over the years, we have found that Turner fish shovel is the most versatile shovel, as is this large shovel. In our tests, "Hell's Handle" proved to be a scraper that the testers kept reaching for. Hand of Hell also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Our favorite digital kitchen thermometer has an easy-to-read backlit display, perfect for a picnic day or night. It can be soaked in sauces or marinades, and it can be easily clipped in an apron or pocket when not in use.

To ensure safe and accurate cooking of barbecue meals, you will need an instant-reading probe thermometer.


. It requires fast and accurate readings, and is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The large backlit display makes it easy to grill at night, and the numbers on the screen can be rotated with the push of a button, so you can check the temperature from any angle. The button on the plastic cover means that ThermoPop can withstand splashes of marinade, splattered beer or even light rain (though not waterproof). The clip-on probe cover means you can easily slide the thermometer into an apron or pocket to avoid losing it. So far, this model is the best standard digital thermometer we have found for less than $100.

Point probe thermometers can quickly respond to temperature changes with unparalleled accuracy. It is reasonably priced, easy to use, and equipped with sturdy magnets that can be firmly fixed to the side of the grill.

If you grill or smoke regularly and don’t want to check the temperature of the meat frequently, we recommend that you choose

, Our favorite

. A probe thermometer is kept in the meat, so you can monitor the temperature while cooking the meat without opening the grill lid. The temperature range of ThermoWorks Dot is -58 to 572°F, and the heat-resistant temperature of the cable is 700°F, which is much higher than the 400°F resistance provided by other models. Since it can withstand higher temperatures, Dot can also monitor the ambient temperature of the grill and smokers

In our probe thermometer test, the point is the fastest and most accurate in reading temperature. Its simple design and intuitive controls make it easier to use than the competition. In addition, we like the strong magnet on the back of the device, which can be firmly fixed to the side of the grill.

The 14-inch OXO Good Grips large silicone cleaning brush is more hygienic than traditional hair or mop-type cleaning brushes. It has thick silicone bristles that can hold the sauce better than other brushes and has an angled handle that can be reached Your barbecue is easier.

If you want to dip a little meat to taste or add some marinade to add some moisture to the vegetable patties, we recommend you to use

. In our tests, its thick three-layer, 2¼ x 1.25-inch silicone brush head was sucked dry and spread more sauce on a larger area than other competitors. Its silicone bristles are dishwasher safe and more hygienic than traditional horsehair or cotton pickled mops.

If you must keep your hands close to the flame when grilling, US Forge welding gloves are a cheap way to protect yourself when you need to add charcoal or beat potatoes (literally).

You need to protect your hands from the heat of the grill from time to time. These are cheap, washable and as tough as nails

That's it. After putting on the company’s 400 series lined leather welding gloves, you can pick up potatoes directly from the grill and safely add charcoal to the grill stove when the chef is half cooking, or even take it away Hot grill g—this is something that silicone oven gloves cannot do.

The beveled edge of the wooden grill blade has a grill pattern, which becomes a customized scraper that can hold the stove tightly.

If you are dissatisfied with "no wire brush",

It is our favorite wireless grate cleaning option. This hardwood paddle has a straight tapered edge that can be imprinted to imitate the pattern of the onion when the grill is hot. We used Woody shovel on both Weber Spirit E-310 and Weber Genesis II E-310 (because they have the same grille) and did a great job of removing sticky cooked sauces and burnt crumbs Great.

The advantage of using a Woody shovel instead of a wire brush is that there will be a pleasant smell of burnt hardwood every time you use it. If you only have one grill, Woody's shovel is a good choice because the grooves form a specific grate shape; multiple grills each require a dedicated Great Scrape tool and are expensive.

If you are going to use the charcoal route, Weber's Rapidfire chimney starter can make your coals heat up faster, rather than just waiting for them to heat up in the grill.

Oh, if you have a charcoal grill, you will want to consider picking up a charcoal chimney, for example

. Just fill the chimney with charcoal, put a flame on its base, and watch your cooking fuel ignite and immediately heat up. After preparing the coal, all you need to do is to carefully pour the hot items from the chimney into the stove of the grill and start cooking. magic!

For scammers who quickly ignite charcoal, we like Weber Firestarters. They are easier to carry to parks or beaches than chimney starters, will not overflow or leak like lighters, and will still immediately make you get up and barbecue.

If you don’t want to drag the chimney starter to the park, we recommend

. These odorless and non-toxic cubes will not illuminate your charcoal pile evenly like a chimney, but they are easier to carry, and their performance is enough to start a standard barbecue. Before choosing to test the Weber cube, we reviewed and fired three other launchers that were too expensive.

In our tests, once cooked, they did not leave any residual odor or residue. Waiting for our charcoal pile to burn takes a little longer than it takes in the chimney, but it does not take much time. We recommend one or two cubes for every 70 to 100 briquettes (or roughly equal to the value of the Weber chimney), enough to accommodate one of the public barbecue grills in the amusement park. For a micro Weber that uses about half the number of briquettes, one Weber Firestarter is sufficient.

We directly asked Weber to confirm what these cubes were made of, and the company did not respond. This

The chemical name from Home Depot is N-alkane (C10-C13), which is the general name of Firestarters mixed hydrocarbons and all oil compounds. Lowe's said the cubes are made of paraffin.

A large number of barbecue lovers 

 Swear to Weber’s Cube and even use them to start a stack of chimneys at home.

Landmann City Lights Memphis are easy to assemble, have a fire pit-like atmosphere, and can hold a lot of wood (very suitable for long marshmallow baking in the backyard).

May be out of stock

Barbecuing is essential for actual cooking, but when it comes to atmosphere (and roasting marshmallows), you need an outdoor stove. You will find all kinds of pits, all of which have different vibrations (even look like one

). For a more general aesthetic, our choice is 

. Its appearance will appeal to almost everyone. It is sturdy and durable, can hold large amounts of wood, and is easy to assemble.

We like the exposed side of Landmann. This design serves two purposes: it allows air to circulate around the stove, and no matter how small the flame is, people can sit or stand and enjoy the flame. Solid wall model, for example

, Unless you are standing next to the flame, please block the sight of the small flame.

Because Landman is deep, it offers great flexibility in shooting size. A large bowl (approximately 2 feet wide) can also reduce stress-you don't have to worry about fire transfer and wood falling like shallower models.

Landmann comes with a cooking grill, so you can keep the party rhythm while the kids make some hot dogs by themselves (although for actual grilling, we recommend using charcoal or propane and an actual grill instead of hard-to-control firewood) . It also has a screen that can catch willful sparks and a built-in safety ring, so the clumsy Uncle Billy won't burn his legs when he stumbles over.

If the weave pattern of "City Lights" Memphis is too monotonous to satisfy your taste, then Landmann has many similar styles with different bowl-shaped cuts, including the popular


Barbecue forks are perfect for hot dogs and marshmallows, while Rolla Roaster is long enough to ensure your safety, while being retractable for easy carrying.


A good baking spit needs to provide enough control to keep your hot dog or marshmallow at a comfortable distance away from the fire. The sharpened sticks you find at the campsite can do exactly this, but with our favorite baking spit, you will be more successful. We considered five models and found

 Become the best so far. It adds a rotating barbecue mechanism in the handle, allowing you to rotate the fork around the handle with only your thumb. This design allows you to continuously rotate the food with minimal effort, resulting in more uniform browning and less burning. Finally, although it expanded to a full 42 inches, it managed to retract to only 12 inches to improve portability and ease of storage.

For less than $10, you can get a frisbee that fits most people's hands and is easy to hold and maintain balance. In addition, it is the first choice of MLU Frisbee player Nathan Hurst.

For a picnic, there is no better game than Frisbee. Rather than making a promotional discs or 7-11 discs, it’s better to make images

. We invite the editor of "Make" magazine (formerly the editor of "Wired and Outside") and the ultimate frisbee players of Major League Baseball

Help us choose. He is

And tried all the discs on the market. (Note: Wham-O has a trademark on the name of the Frisbee, so these things are usually called "Frisbees".)

"AUDL (one of the two extreme frisbee leagues) uses the traditionally most popular frisbee, Discraft Ultra-Star, which continues to be used in most other non-MLU games, from kids to colleges to amateurs to Hearst said. Ultra-Star is very suitable for most people's hands, easier to hold and maintain balance-


For the weight, you can add 200 grams, which should be the best choice for playing in the wind, but Hirst told us "this is just a mm head". We adhere to the standard 175 grams. For children or beginners, Hirst likes

. It weighs only 150 grams and is 9½ inches wide, while the conventional Ultra-Star has a diameter of 10¾ inches.

Wonderboom 2 has natural sound and cool design, and can resist almost all adventures.


Listen to hundreds

Since we started testing it in 2016, we think

Is the best all-round choice. It is compact, durable and affordable, and it sounds great. Wonderboom 2 is about the same size and weight as a big apple, so it is easy to carry. It also has many useful features, including outdoor Boost mode to make it louder (at the cost of lower bass), ultra-rugged design, stereo/mono pairing, long Bluetooth range, and a top button that allows you to pause And restart the music, and skip to the next track.

These binoculars are inexpensive and have amazing optical performance comparable to many models that cost thousands of dollars.

$ 212

Even if you are not looking at the birds (or people) in nature, using binoculars is a fun way to pass the time between two dishes, or to help find the lost kite in the trees. This

This lens pair is very durable and equipped with expensive advanced optics, and has a focus dial that can be adjusted reliably and smoothly in various depth ranges. During our testing, these binoculars withstood the humid, dusty and hostile environment of the Mexican rainforest and the harsh sunlight of the California desert, so we are sure they are also suitable for any picnic environment.

If you are looking for a more affordable and compact product, please check

. This pair is ideal for one-day hiking or air travel, in which case you need high-quality optical components in a small package.

The lantern depicted when you hear the word "lantern", this model is stronger, stronger and brighter than any other model we have tested.


As long as you are ready to overcome the darkness with a little artificial light, you don't have to stop for a good time outdoors. We have tested

It is the best tabletop lantern we have found. It is the brightest and most powerful lantern, with a rated power of 1200 lumens. It is easy to carry or hang, and the internal battery weighs a total of 3.7 pounds.

Our favorite picnic blanket has a soft flannel top, padding and waterproof lining to keep you dry and comfortable even on damp grass. With the included flap and elastic band, it can also roll easily and compactly.

Use promotional code

Unless it rains, there is no way to kill a picnic faster than wandering on a damp blanket. After testing seven blankets (and considering 38)

, We think two people

Provide the best combination of waterproof, comfortable, durable and compact.

Victory is made of flannel top and padded waterproof polyurethane lining, thick enough to lie on it without you feeling all the branches and twigs underneath. The top can withstand the danger of people walking, rolling and jumping from time to time. It can also be neatly folded into a compact paper roll due to the folded plate with two stitched elastic bands. According to your needs, you can choose



This hard, splash-proof blanket is not the laziest, but it is the easiest way we have found to keep it clean.

$ 0

If spills are a particular concern, or if you think toughness and durability are better than comfort, then

It is the easiest cleaning method we have found. Its polyester fiber texture is similar to what you see on outdoor lawn furniture or tablecloths. It is not completely soft and does not feel like a traditional picnic blanket, but it will definitely last. The MIU has a Velcro strip instead of an elastic band, which can be completely wrapped. This design means that you need to be more precise than Victory when scrolling. But for basic durability, water repellency and water resistance, MIU cannot be beaten.

Although not a product we absolutely love, Purell is a decent hand sanitizer that is easy to find. It will leave some residue, but it is more effective and better than non-alcoholic formulas.

In an ideal world, we can use a sink filled with warm water and soap

. In fact, it has almost never been like this. Carry hand sanitizer like this

Can fill the gap between two visits.

We have also studied alcohol-free disinfectants, but CDC does not recommend them, nor can we. This

In some cases, it has been shown to trigger antibiotic resistance, that is, drugs cannot kill bacteria. kes. For other disinfectants based on thyme and other essential oils,

, It’s hard to find information about how effective it compares to alcoholic beverages. It is best to stick to the methods you know.

Even if you can't take off your shirt, these disposable wipes are convenient and effective. In our tests, they are the only stain removers that can really remove red lipstick.

Picnics and barbecues can become messy. We pitted three instant spot stain removers for some DIY methods, our favorite is 

. We smashed a silk shirt with wine, coffee, lipstick and mustard and immediately treated the fresh stains. In our test, the performance of Shout wipes easily surpassed Tide To Go pens. They are the only stain remover that removes almost all traces of lipstick on the collar.

A small disposable towel means that you will not redeposit old stains on another piece of clothing. They also did an excellent job of spilling wine and coffee, leaving only the smallest ring with stains spread on the silk.

The best heavy-duty garbage bags are Husky's 24-gallon contractor cleaning bags-they are thicker than regular kitchen bags, so they are more durable when used outdoors.

Good cooking utensils need good garbage bags to clean up. We studied

And found

Is what you want. A typical kitchen bag has a thickness of about ½ to 1 mil (1 million = 1/1000 inch), while a similar contractor bag has a thickness of 3 mils. What makes Husky's breed stand out and has won numerous reviews

, There are almost flawless marks everywhere 

, And the price is reasonable: if you buy 32 packs on Amazon, each price is less than $1, if you buy 50 packs at Home Depot, each price is only 51 cents.


Kit Dillon and Dorie Chevlen

After laying on 13 of the most acclaimed picnic blankets, we found

Provides the best combination of comfort, durability and easy cleaning.

From the tools we use to our favorite recipes, this is how the Wirecutter team used to be creative on fireside cooking when we were doing car camping.

Irene English

For wheelchair users, camping is a daunting challenge, but with the right equipment and information, anyone can spend a good night outdoors with confidence.

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You may spend the summer (most of the time) at home or around, but that doesn't mean you will be tired.

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