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Filtration Solutions for Coal-Fired Power Generation

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Filtration solutions for coal-fired power generation

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SOLAFT filtration solutions produce and design custom-engineered special filtration solutions for the coal-fired power generation industry.

We are one of the most respected suppliers of high-performance filter products in the global industry.

As a vertically integrated filter manufacturer, we have complete control over all stages of the process, so that we can develop new and innovative filter products that meet customer requirements. We provide a series of high-quality custom engineered filter bags to ensure that the filter best suits the customer's dust chamber requirements.

We focus on providing our customers with the best advice and providing them with the best advice. We provide a series of services, including operating settings, improving gas flow, extending filter bag life, reducing emissions, reducing power consumption, improving operating capabilities through extended surface bags (ESB), and custom filter bag design and supply.

SOLAFT Filtration Solutions produces fabric filters for bag filters of various types and manufacturers, including pulse jet, reverse air and mechanical vibrating screen units. The company uses a variety of fibers to produce woven and non-woven bags, including polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), acrylic homopolymer, P84 and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE).

We have also developed low-emission and high-temperature bags to adapt to all operating conditions and meet regulatory requirements. SOLAFT also supports a series of professional post-processing, including PrimaCell™ for capturing fine particles at lower temperatures, PrimaShield™ and ePTFE membranes for acid and moisture resistance.

The SOLAFT filtration solution provides overall system evaluation by inspecting the upstream and downstream of the bag filter and discovering how different components of the system affect the overall performance. We work with customers to understand their goals, diagnose problems and determine the most suitable solution to optimize the fabric filter unit.

The solutions provided by SOLAFT range from the development of innovative new filter fabrics to changes and enhancements to bag designs. We also provide advice on optimizing the operation process of the bag filter. SOLAFT works closely with partners and expert alliances to provide customers with the support they need to succeed.

SOLAFT filtration solutions have a strong tradition of innovation and continue to this day, and have been committed to developing products that can help customers achieve their goals.

The company is a global leader in ESB and has invented and obtained the patent of StarBags™, which has become the default solution for improving the performance of dust collection chambers.

Due to the innovative pleated design of StarBag, compared with traditional filter bags, it can provide more than twice the usable fabric than existing filter bags, thereby increasing the workload of the dust chamber. It is also designed to easily replace traditional filter bags without major changes to the existing cleaning system.

Coal-fired generators are increasingly using StarBags, where the dust chamber size is too small, the particulate emissions are high, or the pressure drop is higher than expected and the flow and load are restricted. StarBags reduces the ratio of air to clothes, reduces the pulse frequency, reduces emissions, improves flow/pressure drop and washing efficiency, and extends the service life of the packaging bag.

Our product development and technical teams are constantly designing different fabric and fiber structures, weaving patterns, and finishing and chemical treatment methods to provide innovative industrial filtration solutions that will perform best in power facilities.

The products of SOLAFT filtration solutions have been installed in coal-fired power stations all over the world.

We have developed technically innovative fabrics for a variety of operating conditions and fuel sources, so customers can directly benefit from our experience. We acquire expertise from all over the world to provide our customers with the most effective filtration solutions, thus expanding our local knowledge.

SOLAFT provides custom engineered nonwoven filter solutions for all fabric filter bag filters including shakers, reverse air and pulse jets.

Despite the challenges, SOLAFT has successfully completed the refitting project of Australia's CS Energy Company.

In 1972, SOLAFT developed high-temperature filter bags for the coal-fired power generation industry, and we continue to develop new fabrics to meet customer needs and operating conditions.

SOLAFT filtration solutions have been designing and delivering standard cages and StarCages™ to achieve the best fit with our high-performance filter bags.

Since 1966, SOLAFT has manufactured more than 20 million filter bags worldwide.

Today, StarBags™ is recognized as the best solution to the operational constraints faced by many dust chambers.

SOLAFT filtration solutions work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to develop specific low-emission filter media to meet the needs of reducing particulate emissions (including PM10 and PM2.5 emissions).

SOLAFT provides custom engineered nonwoven filter solutions for all fabric filter bag filters including shakers, reverse air and pulse jets.

A 720MW coal-fired power plant in Arkansas, USA is experiencing premature failure of filter bags, which not only caused emissions problems, but also had a financial impact on filter bag replacement, downtime and maintenance costs.

Despite the challenges, SOLAFT has successfully completed the replacement of Australia's CS Energy – Callide C4 bag filter.

The Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) held an annual industry awards night to recognize the community's achievements in innovation, excellence, and collaboration in the supply chain of competitive industries.

In March, SOLAFT signed a contract to replace the filter bag for NRG, which was originally scheduled to close in Queensland, Australia in June.

SOLAFT is the leading expert in Extended Service Bag (ESB).

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