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EROmasta jute mat controls erosion and evaporation along Schofields Road | Architecture & Design

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Designated for the Schofields road upgrade project to control erosion and evaporation at the edges of new plantings along the carriageway.

The second phase of the Schofields Road project involves the approximately 3.6 km upgrade and expansion of Schofields Road between Tallawong Road and Veron Road in Western Sydney. The project is located in Schofields, a suburb of western Sydney, a semi-rural area about 40 kilometers northwest of Sydney's central business district.

The existing two-lane road will be widened to four-lane separate lanes, and the wider median will allow the future to be widened to six lanes. The project also includes bridge engineering, which involves construction underneath the existing railway bridge superstructure near Schofields Railway Station; a dual 40-meter-long prestressed concrete slab bridge on First Ponds Creek; and a 55-meter-long prestressed bridge on Unnamed Creek Stressed concrete double-slab bridge; a 54m-long prestressed concrete super T-beam bridge on Schofields Road.

A detailed and complex traffic management strategy has been planned for the route, which can accommodate approximately 12,000 vehicles per day. The project manager of OHL York, who was responsible for the delivery of this project, sought an environmentally friendly erosion and evaporation control solution to protect the edges of the newly planted.

OHL York chose EROmasta jute mat as its preferred soil erosion control measure. Jute mats are easy to install, cost-effective, and ensure a large inventory guarantee and fast delivery at any time.

EROmasta jute mat is an organic product that can help control weeds and erosion in an eco-friendly way. In addition to protecting young trees and shrubs by preventing the growth of competing weeds, EROmasta also reduces the need to use irritating herbicides, and at the same time, the three-dimensional structure of the fabric allows air and water to pass through. The jute mat creates a moist and breathable environment for plants and supports their growth.

EROmasta jute mats are ideal for coastal areas and slopes.

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