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DIY Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

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It can be used to prevent broken glass and other road debris, but if you can use old bicycle tires, brake cables, and tape measure, you can make cheap DIY armor to protect your tires.

Guide the user

Point out that cutting the bead off the older bicycle tire and installing the bead inside the regular tire between the tire and the inner tube can protect you from 80% of punctures, which is a cheap and easy solution . If 80% of the quality is not good enough, he recommends using a retractable tape measure to cut the lining with a metal tape to avoid damage to the inner tube. The metal belt will act as an armor barrier between the outer tube and the inner tube. The author recommends using the thin thread on the bicycle brake cable to sew the tape measure to the cut tire, because using ordinary thread or dental floss may cause the tape measure to cut those materials. I'm curious to see how the tape holds up.

If you want to avoid a bicycle tire blowout and Kevlar tires are not within your budget, you can consider this method. Any protection method you try will increase the weight and reduce the bicycle's response speed to a certain extent. Please note that the photo above is the tape on a cut bicycle tire, which is tied inside your actual bicycle tire.

| Guidance

There needs to be a guide as to whether something is worth "DIY". In my opinion, DIY is only meaningful when: a) you can make it much cheaper than buying, and the time it takes is less than or equal to the price you can make money to buy, b) the product is not available from the market Or c) The quality of the DIY version is much better than the purchased quality. Okay, maybe there is another reason (the DIY process is very interesting, it will make you lie down by some chicks who dig DIYers,

! )

Without some kind of guidelines, where will it end? DIY toilet paper? -First cut down a big tree and smash it into pulp. then....

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