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Death of mother, son in Boonton pond ruled accidental

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The deaths of a mother and her young son in a pond in Boonton Park were ruled to be accidental.

On February 23, when the 35-year-old Warda Syed's 6-year-old son was found crying for his mother in her parked car, the police tracked down the footprints along the Rockaway River. They found the bodies of Said and her son Uzair Ahmed (11) in the water in the upper pond area of ​​Lord Grace Park.

Acting Morris County Attorney Robert Carroll said that the method of death was determined by the Morris County Medical Attorney, was accidental and did not involve criminal activities. Carrol did not provide detailed information on how they entangled in the water.

Carol said: "Out of respect and consideration for the family of the deceased, no further comments will be made on the circumstances of the incident."

On Friday, the mother and son rested in peace at an outdoor funeral at the Jam-e-Masjid Islamic Center. Community members sit on prayer mats in the middle of JMC Madison Street,

The scope of the funeral.

According to Superintendent Robert Presuto (Robert Presuto), Syed is a substitute teacher and an after-school staff member, while her son Uzair is a Boton John Hill School ( John Hill School) fourth grader.

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