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(DCS) has recently commissioned a new centralized dust removal system for Distinction Doors (the leading supplier of GRP composite doors in the UK). 

Distinction Doors is located in South Yorkshire, at junction 36 of the M1 highway, and is the only trade supplier in the UK door manufacturing industry. Since the company's chairman Drew Wright first introduced composite doors to the UK in 1999, the company's success has experienced rapid growth. Since then, more than three million Distinction doors have been installed in the UK, and the company has more than 60,000 door blanks in its 86,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Today, Distinction Doors provides British manufacturers with GRP composite door panels in a wide range of length and breadth, but in addition to providing products to manufacturers, the company also has its own large-scale production area and is committed to processing door panels according to commercial customers’ customized specifications-each Doors, window holes, letterbox slots, locks and hinges of various sizes are all processed to meet specific requirements.

With the continuous increase in orders and the factory working uninterrupted 24 hours a day, five days a week, Distinction's management team decided to increase production capacity by investing in another CNC machining center. 

An order was signed with SCM for the new Accord 30 FX, but before arrival, a complete re-planning of the production area was required. The company's four CNC machines now occupy a spacious area dedicated to the warehouse-this requires the installation of a new dust removal system, including the installation of a modular filter unit on the outside, to replace the DCS dust removal equipment installed nearly 9 years ago. .

The dust control system has been a long-term supplier of Distinction Doors, and the replaced filter was originally installed by DCS when the company moved to its current location in 2008. 

Over the years, the old filter has solved the installation problems of several other machines, but the new CNC filter is just a bridge, and Andy Copeland, the production manager of Distinction Doors, invited his eponymous DCS sales manager Andy Hives to evaluate it. The extraction requirements have been changed. 

"The main consideration for DCS is that the installation of the new extraction equipment must be carried out at the same time as the delivery and commissioning of the new Accord," Andy Copeland said. "But then, all existing machines must be moved one at a time and extended for a full year. To meet our production schedule." 

The DCS installation team completed the construction of the modular filter unit and installed new pipes throughout the production area in early July 2016. After the new CNC machine tools were put into use, the DCS engineers moved back to the site several times, moved the individual equipment and performed the final installation. Commissioning and installation were completed in December.

The core of the system is the most advanced Schuko Ecovar Valdius filter unit-a modular galvanized steel unit designed for negative pressure operation, and its power is provided by an integrated cascade fan unit. 

The flow-optimized configuration of the four 22kW fans can provide excellent energy efficiency, and the clean side operation can avoid dust pollution from the wear debris generated by the fan processing GRP composite door blank, thereby minimizing fan maintenance and ensuring durability.

The system installed by DCS has an air extraction capacity of 46,850m3/hr, which can not only meet current requirements, but also meet Distinction's plan to upgrade existing machinery – an order has been placed for a second Accord 30 FX to replace one of them. The company's older CNC machine.

The dust-laden air drawn from the factory is sucked in through the anti-static polyester needle-punched tubular filter bag, and the clean air is dispersed into the atmosphere.

The regenerative cleaning system continuously removes waste dust from the filter medium-four 4kW cleaning fans move across the filter bag to generate a reverse airflow, forcing the dust to separate from the filter medium, and perform a pneumatic mechanical shaking system to release all The remaining deposit. 

All waste falls to the hopper, where the chain conveyor distributes the waste to prevent clogging and keep the flow to the rotary valve constant to discharge the waste without pressure.

From here, the waste is transferred to the collection bag via a series of three screw conveyors. Processing the door blank with a molded glass fiber shell and a polyurethane insulation core will generate extremely fine dust, but because the material loading is relatively low, the garbage can be safely and conveniently collected in two large bags. The liquid level sensor ensures that the bulk bag will never be filled. The sliding door above each filling station is operated alternately to safely take out the filled bag.

The new dust removal equipment also provides air extraction equipment for the two edge banding machines, the beam saw and the sander. However, although the production plan for Distinction Doors is 24 hours, it is not common for all machines to be used at the same time.

Andy Hives (Andy Hives) explained: "Continuous full capacity extraction will be wasteful; in order to maximize energy efficiency, our design includes the installation of the Ecogate on-demand extraction system, which continuously monitors the use of individual machines Situation. When the machine starts or goes offline, the Ecogate damper installed in the main duct will automatically open or close, and the fan speed will be continuously adjusted to adapt to changing exhaust requirements." 

Installing the Ecogate system can save a lot of energy. DCS conservatively predicts that the reduction in electricity consumption of Distinction Doors will cover the cost of Ecogate installation in less than 18 months.

"DCS's outstanding customer service and technical knowledge once again proved to be a successful combination," Andy Copeland concluded. "From the initial discussion with Andy Hives to the final commissioning, DCS provided comprehensive and professional services."

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