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Tree sales, spring 2019

The red cashew cornas planted 5 years ago are seedlings purchased from Osceola-Lake CD

NRCS uses tree management to plant trees

Throughout Michigan, the reserve is busy accepting tree orders for its spring tree and shrub sales. For decades, the sale of trees in protected areas has been a tradition. In fact, Michigan’s reserve will help landowners plant millions of trees this spring. Please check your local reserve web page to support your local CD spring tree and bush sales. The deadline for ordering trees and shrubs is early April. The quantity is limited, so please order early.

protected area

The state, Wexford County, and Osceola Lake Conservation Area work together to write these weekly articles, which is a valuable resource for the owners. It is an honor to represent all regions to promote conservation and provide services to the residents of Michigan. If you are not sure where to start planting trees and shrubs, please contact your local reserve resource professional.

The best part of spring tree sales is that each region has its own unique sales list. All regions provide a large number of native trees and shrubs. Some areas provide small seedlings, while other areas provide larger transplants. This allows regions to tailor sales to local communities. The best news is that the sale of trees and shrubs helps districts fund other conservation efforts locally.

Native trees and shrubs

The focus of the reserve is the sale of native trees and shrubs. Native plants are the cornerstone of the local ecosystem. They help clean the air, filter water, keep the soil intact and provide habitat for wildlife. Pollinators of native species have also evolved native species, providing food and shelter for many beneficial insects. Native species are very suitable for the local climate, thereby increasing the survival rate. Native species also protect biodiversity and management of nature. Native species will not function in an invasive manner and will not over-compete with other native plants. Native trees and shrubs are very suitable for various soil types and uses.

Benefits of planting in spring

Spring is a good time to plant trees and shrubs. Usually, a large number of trees and shrub species are sold in spring. The soil temperature starts to warm in spring, which promotes root growth. Rainfall in spring and summer helps to provide the water needed to promote the normal growth and growth of roots. Like when planting in the fall, frost heave is not important for heavier clays. However, for most people, the biggest advantage of planting in spring is that they can enter the outdoors after a long winter. Remember that weeding in spring is still important, and weed mats or mulches should be considered. The number one cause of seedling death is the competition between grass and weeds.

Always pay attention to the diversity of trees

Tree diversity is an important consideration for forest protection. Forests with less diversity are more susceptible to pests and diseases. One of the latest examples of the need for diversity is the death of the ash tree. Emerald Ash Borer was first discovered in Michigan in 2002. In Michigan, millions of ash trees have been killed, and some forecasts predict the death of billions of ash trees in North America. Today, it can still be seen in the forest and yard. The ash tree clearly reminds people of the challenges facing the forest.

There are many other reasons that can promote the diversity of trees. Everyone can admire the autumn leaves that Central Michigan must provide, and the diversity of trees contributes to the brilliant autumn colors. The same diversity principle applies to the spring flowering period.

The diversity of trees also benefits the ecosystem. Everything from soil health to wildlife populations is affected by the diversity of trees. From bacteria and mycorrhizas in the soil to birds and insects, the diversity of trees benefits most life forms.

Mark your calendar

Please indicate the date on the calendar. The deadline for ordering in Osceola-Lake Conservation District is Wednesday, April 7, 2021, at 2 pm. Temporary pickup dates are April 23, Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, and April 24, Saturday, 8 am to noon at the Paris Park Fish Hatchery. If you have any questions, please call (231)-465-8012 to contact Osceola-Lake Conservation District or email


Mark Sweppenheiser is the district manager of the Osceola-Lake Reserve. For more information, please contact him at 231.465.8012,

, Or stop at Osceola-Lake Conservation District Office at 138 W. Upton, Suite 2, Suite.

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