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Florence Aldridge McNeil (Florence Aldridge McNeil) made a feed bag quilt for her son.

A quilt pattern in Effie Brown's square quilt series, named "Little Giant".

Elvis signature by Brenda Bobbitt.

Original windmill design by Ada Marie Harris Agee (1931-2004).

The crazy quilt of the Zora Weeks family in 1906.

To commemorate the National Quilt Day on March 20 and pay tribute to the women's community during the "National Women's Month", the Old Church Gallery posted daily quilt photos for the entire March on its Facebook page. This virtual exhibition includes photos of vintage and modern quilts, as well as background stories and historical details. It was written by Kathleen Ingoldsby, a local historical archivist and co-director of the OCG Floyd Story Center Oral History Project. Some quilts also have quilt photos attached.

The OCG day display showcases the artistry and originality of quilts. The first is "Grandmother's Garden" by Mary McNeil Epperly (1915-1996), which was handcrafted in 1931. Sewn. The Florentine farmhouse quilt Aldridge McNeil (1878-1967) in the early 1900s shows the wit of the times. “Florence has made dozens of these little quilts out of any available fabric (mostly worn-out clothes); the headline reads: “They keep the children warm all winter. Both Epperly and McNeil were born and raised in the Locust Grove area of ​​Floyd County.

Other quilts made by Florence Aldridge McNeil, produced throughout the 1930s and 1940s, record the arrival of color-printed feed bag materials, which bring "thrifty New design inspiration for quilts". The "Triple Irish Chain" quilt sewn and labeled with the label of the young child Johnny is made entirely of feed bags. "The big yellow center and the green lining are pure white feed bags that she dyed."

Zora Weeks produced the vintage "Crazy Quilt 1906", which was donated to OCG by her family. The text of the exhibition reads: “Zola’s family moved to the west in the early 1900s to find economic opportunities. However, she comes from a deeply rooted German-American family in Topco and Freud, including Wicks and Wade. , Smith and Short. This quilt seems to be made for friendship, because many of the 42 squares are embroidered with acronyms. One block says "Good Night 1906" and the other says "Good Morning 1907" , Even "Floyd Press" was spliced ​​into one block."

The quilt made by Poly Ann Hurt Mannon (1880-1966) was made by the granddaughter in the home of her daughter Elsie Graham (Elsie Graham). Found in time. "World Endless" is the "friendship quilt" of the signature block, contributed by neighbors after Rachel M. Vest lost almost everything in a fire. Her granddaughter Clara Martin (Clara Martin) finally finished the quilt in 2000. On the occasion of R. Gamble See's birthday on August 8, about 40 female parishioners of Harvestwood Church in Pizarro sewed another "fan" friendship quilt by hand. May 15, 1922. "

The original windmill design of Ada Marie Harris Agee (1931-2004) was made of wool blanket material, machine-sewn, and then glued to a multi-knit fabric. It was recorded by the Virginia Quilt Consortium F-24 in 2014. India’s Christie Earles Dickerson (1901-1990) completely reversible "Roman Stripe" quilt (made around 1960) was also organized and recorded by the Virginia Quilt Documentation Project. The Violin Consortium filed. Dickerson, from the residential area of ​​Beaver Creek, "has a skilled position as a sleeve installer in the freezer shirt factory (founded in 1938) in the town (now Dogtown)."

These quilts look beautiful, but they can also illustrate the history of the county, just like the entry on March 7: On March 7, Sunday, the quilt dates back to 1913, by Arlie Harman Tobler (1900-2000) Sew. Arlie is the eldest of 11 children born to Martin and Cordelia Weddle Harman in the Burks Fork area near Mount Buffalo. She created this bright yellow quilt when she was 12 years old. In an interview in our 1999 "Floyd County Tradition-Mount Buffalo, Local Oral History Collection", she pointed out her father (known at the time as a blacksmith, veterinarian, carpenter and coffin maker)" Can do anything". Arlie learned to sew by helping his mother sew and installing linings for the coffin that his father covered. Harman taught in a one-room joint school when he was young, and after marrying Sherman Tobler, Arlie Harman added the country custodian to her list of achievements. "

According to a post published on March 13, which introduced the sample of the quilt square pattern collected by Effie King Brown. Brown is a lifelong educator (lasting 100 years). She loves history and Sew. She has studied needlework for many centuries and shared her passion through interviews, exhibitions and speeches.

Brown is a charter member of the Quilters Guild of the Old Church Gallery and the Freud County Historical Society, and created a series of quilt patterns for the 1976 American Centennial Biennale. The collection includes the background story of her research and was given to the gallery of the old church for permanent display. The themes of her 32 quilt squares were set during the colonial period during the Civil War; some have biblical themes and even reflect border dances. Brown's research includes familiar patterns such as "Chalet", "Nine Patches" and "Dash Dash", as well as many patterns that are not common in our region.

The post on March 12 showed a quilt made by the retired Freud County High School Biology teacher Brenda Bobbitt, who was previously featured in OCG’s 2019 Feed Bag Exhibition "Sweet and Ecstasy" Inspired. "Brenda used printed feed bag materials and 1930s cotton replicas and named them hexagons, triangles and stars." The post went on to explain that Bobbitt has been in quilt since she was seven years old. Sewn, her first quilt was a doll. Twenty-five years ago, in memory of her daughter's cat friend Callie, Bobbitt began to put Elvis in each quilt.

 It even showed a "corona quilt", which was recently created by Loretta Bedia (daughter of Mary McNeill Epeli and youngest granddaughter of Florence Aldrich McNeill), which is a " "Stay at home" epidemic project, it shows the image of red and white spheres screened by the CDC to show the appearance of the virus under the microscope. 

The daily comments on the quilt’s virtual Facebook screen include comments from the offspring of the quilt and neighbors, and enrich the rich historical record of OCG’s efforts. OCG is a cultural and art museum that preserves and presents handmade local arts, handicrafts, folklore, and stories. Songs and oral history. The OCG is located at 110 Floyd Wilson Street and is currently closed to the public, but will open later this year.

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