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Coco coir processing plant to open in Leyte | Philippine News Agency

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A new 48 million coconut shell processing plant in Light Havel.

-The 48 million pesos coconut shredded coconut processing plant will provide additional income for thousands of farmers in Leyte Province and will soon be operated in Javier Township.

Joel Pilapier, the regional manager of the Philippine Coconut Authority, said on Friday that the 12 million pesos building will house 36 million pesos worth of tufting machines and will be put into use before the end of this year.

In an interview with a mobile phone, Pilapier said: "Indian machinery and equipment are already available and will soon be assembled to produce mats and carpets made of coconut skin."

Located in the village of Inayupan in Javier, the factory is capable of processing 60,000 coconut shells into cushions for local users and shipping carpets abroad. After being removed from the harvested nuts, the husk is regarded as waste by many farmers.

According to Pilapier, the town has the capacity to supply the 20,000 pieces required for each production cycle. The remaining 40,000 rice husks will come from nearby towns.

He added: “The trend of industrialized countries to use more environmentally friendly products has led to a growing demand for natural fibers such as coconut shells.”

Coir fiber (coir fiber) is used as ropes and yarns, aquarium filters, car seat covers, flower pots, sound insulation, plant growth coverings, heat insulation materials, brushes, bristles, mattresses, door mats and mats , Carpet, carpet.

The project cooperates with Javier's local government department, which is led by the mayor Leonardo Javier, owner of Andok's Corp., who has been negotiating with foreign buyers.

Javier, a four-rate agricultural town, is 73 kilometers away. The southern part of Tacloban City is famous for coconut, rice, abaca and ginger.


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