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Claressa Shields makes history in second undisputed feat, claims P4P #1

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The women’s superstar further claimed to be the “GWOAT” of boxing on Friday night, and through a unilateral match against Marie-Eve Dicaire of St-Eustache 10 rounds of unanimous decision, thus became the WBC, WBO, IBF and WBA super middleweight world champion. Quebec, Canada, in the 10th round of the historic all-women "Super Women: SHIELD VS Ten-Year-Old Women". The DICAIRE event held in the Dortmund Financial Center was broadcast live on a pay-per-view basis in Shields' hometown of Flint, Michigan.

Shields (11-0, 2 KOs) was also the first boxer in the four-belt era. She defeated the former champion Dicaire (Dicaire, 17- 1).

Uniquely, the 25-year-old Shields turned to counterattack at the beginning of the battle to counteract Dicaire's attempts to bounce into and out of range. Shields relied on her reaction to punish Dicaire for any aggressive attempts, so she shut down the Canadian, and then returned to her usual forward aggression during the round.

Dicaire left the high-quality southward paw in Shields in the fourth round. This may be her only blow to the battle, and Shields canceled it without any effect.

I can't be angry for my performance. "She just kept bending over and pressed me tightly.

"I tried the knockout, but I did it almost twice, but we had two minutes, and the referee didn't take it apart when she held me and bends over to me.

"I'm very happy, but I still want the knockouts. I don't have enough time. After all, I am a new 154-year-old champion and the first undisputed boxer twice."

Shields said that even when the pandemic meant fewer attendees, she was happy to get her latest history in front of Flint's family and friends.

"Using Covid, we can’t have a full capacity. There are 300 here, which is the capacity for a day, so we have a full house. We can’t have a full capacity, but I know if we can, we will have it here. 6000 people.

"I am very happy to be able to do this here (Flint). I have been boxing at Berston Fieldhouse since I was 11 years old.

"I never thought of paying per view for millions of years and competing for the undisputed title, and becoming one of the biggest stars in boxing.

"I just want to win an Olympic gold medal. God gave me two Olympic medals. I now have 12 championship belts. It is untrue to say that twice."

Dicaire continued to maintain her benevolence during the post-battle questioning and promised not to let loss frustrate her future.

"I think Claressa Shields did a great job tonight," Dekal said. "Tonight, she is the best. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will learn. Tonight, I learned. I think it will only make me stronger.

"But I will not box in order to protect my record, nor will I keep my record at zero loss. I beat the championship. Tonight, I have a chance to fight the real champion.

"She won the game this time, but she has to rely on me to return to the gym, work hard, and once again make sure that she is the world champion."

Shields said that her high-profile MMA debut is likely to be held in Las Vegas in June. She threw 409 punches in the battle and landed 128 punches, including 34.9%. Power punch. Dicaire threw 263 punches, but landed only 31.

"Flint Michigan got the worst boxer in the world!" Shields told fans. "We had no dispute twice. Who is Pacquiao? Who is Carneiro? When others do what I do, please tell me."

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