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City to resume yard waste, landscape-pickup program Monday

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City officials remind residents that the city’s landscape bag delivery is scheduled to start on Monday, March 15. 

The lawn bag will be picked up every Monday (except holidays) until December 6. It should be released on Sunday night. There will be no pick-up service for a few weeks during holidays. 

Landscape materials must be placed in biodegradable paper bags, and each paper bag must be affixed with a Kewanee extra paper bag label. As long as each luggage has a tag, there is no limit to the number of luggage that residents can release.

The maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds, the width of the sticks must not exceed 1.5 inches, and the maximum length must not exceed 1.5 feet. 

Items contained in the bag include grass and weed scraps; flowers; garden vegetables and fruits; tomatoes and bean vines; leaves and twigs; corn husks and cobs; turf/dirt; and walnuts and acorns. 

Items that should not be placed in the bag include landscape fabrics and wood, plastic materials or bags; rocks, metal wires and any metal objects; various bottles and cans; paper and cardboard; and dead animals or animal feces. 

The residents are also reminded that the burning days will not start until April. Spring burn months are Wednesday and Saturday in April, May and June. 

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