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Camping season begins April 12 at Recharge Lake, NRD sites | Latest News | yorknewstimes.com

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New York-The official start of the camping season is Monday, April 12, in the recreation area managed by the Upper Blue Giant Natural Resources District announced by the organization.

NRD manages five recreation areas and provides outdoor activities to improve the quality of life of all residents. These multi-purpose features also provide a series of protection advantages, including groundwater replenishment, wildlife habitat and soil erosion prevention, and are also used for water quality and water volume, weather monitoring and flood prevention research.

The specific activities and facilities in the recreation area vary by location. Some recreational areas have been least developed to allow more wildlife to be used, while others have been improved to increase recreational uses.

There are RV hooks in the Bruce L. Anderson Recreation Area (York's Supply Lake) and Pioneer Trail Recreation Area (Aurora). RV camping is $15 per night, and tent camping is $5 per night. During normal working hours, payment can be made on-site in the park by cash or cheque, or by card at the NRD office headquarters (York East 25, York). Campgrounds are first come first served. No reservations. All NRD campsites can stay up to 14 days in any 30 days of RV and tent camping.

Before the spring camping season, NRD plans to conduct controlled burning of 6 acres of land in the Pioneer Trails Recreation Area near Aurora. Controlled burning is a natural way to manage aggressive plant species and improve wildlife habitats, because it mimics the grassland fires that once commonly occurred in the landscape during summer lightning strikes.

Kyle Yrkoski, a local forester, is coordinating the control of the burn. He explained: “Fire is a very good management tool, much better than mowing because it can break the deep brograss mulch.” Pineapple is a non-native grass that can be unbearable if not managed properly. Heavy burden, because it grows on a thick mat, which can shelter other grasses. After the burning, NRD staff will use five local grassland grass seeds to re-seed the disaster-stricken areas.

Yrkoski said that early spring is the ideal time for controlled burning because it can remove dead plants from last year and has enough time for the plants to rebound before the summer heat arrives. Yrkoski promised that the earth will turn black and scorch for several weeks, but the result will be lush, abundant growth. This is particularly beneficial for pollinators, as some burns can affect the pollinator patch on the Pioneer Trail. Burns will remove invasive species and allow the increase of short branches (flowering non-grass species such as clover, wildflowers and milkweed) that birds (cordyceps, butterflies and butterflies) prefer.

NRD staff also removed several cedar trees from the area before the burn. Cedar is a native species of Nebraska and grows very well here. They are a good part of windbreaks for many reasons, but in the pasture environment, they must be managed, otherwise they will reduce the stocking rate over time. "Yrkoski said. On the Pioneer Trail, volunteers’ cedar blocked a part of the way to the lake along the coast, and suddenly appeared along the fence line. Yrkoski suggested that it should be checked every three to five years. Control burning pastures for management. “This is a great opportunity for us to model this conservation practice for landowners in areas that may also need to manage pastures. "

In the future, NRD may perform controlled burns in a recreation area every year and spin around the area. Upper Big Blue NRD is cooperating with Lite Em Up Custom Burning Inc and Central Platte NRD in Seward.

Due to the weather, the exact date of when the controlled burn will be performed cannot be determined. Before the incident, NRD will communicate with local officials to ensure that the landowners in the area know when the burn will occur. During the burning process, the entertainment area will be open to all guests to ensure safety.

For more information on the five entertainment districts managed by NRD, please visit


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